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Making Real Friends In The Post Covid Era

“How do you form deep friendships in your later years? You don’t have time on your side, and it can be difficult to meet people. Let me know when you find the answer, Elsa.” – Margaret on Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust I said I’d follow up on this. I waited to see if […]


What Planet Dictates The Beauty Standard?

Belen writes: “Super shallow topic, but I just read an article on how millennials in their 30/40s look younger than the next generation (because of fillers, heavy makeup etc). So – I hear Venus rules personal beauty but what about beauty standards at a given time? Thinking about the difference of growing up with 90s


Problems on the site?

Two people on the Ask Questions thread said the contact form malfunctioned. I need to fix this, right away. I tried to use the form, myself and it went right through. I’m at a loss as to what’s wrong. If someone could offer further information, it would help me, greatly. I was also told an

Émile Friant

Invitation To Send Questions About Astrology & Life!

I’m sick of site migration. It takes me out of the creative realm.  I want to get back in the other frame of mind so if you have a juicy question – now’s the time to ask! I invite you to send questions on any topic. Astrology questions, philosophical questions, questions about personal problems, curiosities…whatever you’ve

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Adapting To The Gig Economy

I credit the Jupiter Uranus conjunction with expanding my confidence as well as my worldview, to the point where I could go on Fiverr and communicate my needs technical people on the other side of the world. I set up three jobs with two sellers. The results have been magnificent and I learned a lot


Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust

I value communication more than most. With a packed 8th house, I’ve always had an inner circle. These are people I can talk to about anything. Literally, anything. The planets have aligned in such a way; my entire inner circle is ill, if not gravely ill. Two of them have already passed. I’ve heard of this

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