Has anyone every really, really, really let you down?

My son just did some maneuver online and it came to me like a bolt from the sky… if he were to find out something bad about me, find out his mother was a liar or had some kind of secret life, he would really be devastated. There are people you just don’t think will do certain things and when (if) they do them, it must boggle the mind.

My husband told me once, he’d be really shocked if I cheated on him. He said he’d be devastated and in disbelief because he’d just not think I’d be capable of betraying a person like that, any person.

Like everyone else, I have been betrayed but I have never blindsided and I hope I never am.

Has anyone ever really, really, really let you down without warning. Do you remember the transit?

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  1. Yeah, this weekend. A friend turned on me when I really, really didn’t expect him to – after years of friendship.

  2. I’ve been really, really let down when I didn’t see the warning, but if I’m truly honest with myself the warning was there.

  3. Yes four years ago this month. t. pluto was conj my sun, merc midpoint. Stellium of t sun, venus, mercury, saturn(about to go into virgo) conj my natal pluto. Transiting stellium was trine transiting pluto.

    My husband. I had to take a full accounting of what was and was not working in my life and decided what to keep, what had to go, what could be rebuilt.

  4. Still to this day I’m shocked that my dad started drinking (later alcoholic) and cheated on my mom with a girlfriend that went on for years.

    It started about the time Saturn was conjunct my Virgo Moon & his Sun. Transiting Neptune conjunct my descendant. Transiting Uranus conjunct my Neptune.

    When Saturn entered Sagittarius it ended.

    Virgo should have been the twins. Two different lives.

  5. Yes by my husband, first over his affair with a very young woman and then by trying to cheat me out of the money I was due and which he had promised on the sale of our property: he lied to me about absolutely everything of importance.

    All this was from early summer to later in the year of 1986:

    Uranus passing over my IC, T-Neptune conjunct my Merc/Ceres squaring my natal Neptune; T-Mars conjunct my Sun, squaring my Jupiter/Juno/Chiron, and opposing my Cancer Saturn/Mars which are both Rx – and also opposing T-Merc, so the T-Marx/Merc oppo setting off all my natal T-squares….

    Fascinating! I’d never looked at that summer’s transits before……

  6. Yes, my ex, his mother came onto me sexually and when the son ask that i confront his mother about she lied about it; and he did not talk to me for over a month. When he came back around, he told me he felt like he violated his mother. I was shocked!!! Never once considered the torment I had to endure.

    Also, a friend of forty years betrayed me in May and had the nerve to call me today with a phony apology. I tried to accept his apology but he was not sincerely. We almost had an argument but I hung up the phone. He crossed the boundaries.

    I’m not sure what transits were taking place at that time but I do know Pluto is squaring my Sun, Saturn, Chiron & AC and opposing my MC right now..

  7. My ex leaving me out of the blue. Knew about his extracurricular activities for years; never thought he’d actually leave, though. Happened when Neptune rolled over my IC, also when Saturn and Pluto began pulling together for the grand cross and started aspecting my Venua, thus commencing my year of divorce hell. Still waiting for the last act of that to fully unwind, but it feels like it’ll be done soon.

  8. So he let you down or it just dawned on you while it was happening?

    I have been let down, but like satori said, if I am truly honest with myself, looking back, there was a sign.

  9. Yes. I saw my husband through testicular cancer, was a mother to his daughter… etc etc. But he belongs to his mother, still does. A next ex called me to vent. In my case, t-Saturn was on Juno and t-Juno was on my vertex. T-ceres was on nessus, t-nessus, t-neptune, t-chiron, t-neptune and the north node were all in my 7th. I don’t know. I could go on. Oh. And Venus was on my MC. Seems to be the whole thing was doomed to shit.

  10. @Satori- I hear ya sistah! The first couple things that came to my mind… I had to toss out, thinking the same thing- ‘Ya, if I had only been paying attention…’

    Sure, there’s been a few shockers, but like Satori said, if I had been looking, the signs were there already.

  11. On Father’s Day weekend of 1995, the Former Husband ditched our kids to go have sex with (or seduce, take your pick) his lover because he found out her husband was out of town. (I don’t know when he started to betray me, but I was aghast at his betrayal of his own children. I had thought his behavior was out of character, but it really wasn’t.)

    His natal Venus was in the 12th house, and Venus was conjunct his natal Venus at that time. Jupiter (6th house) was in opposition to his Gemini Sun in the 1st house and opposite Venus, too. Mars in the 4th house was square his Sun.

    Our son had Saturn square his Uranus at that time. He was deeply affected by his father’s betrayal.

  12. Whatever was going on in the sky Jan-Feb 2011, I was blindsided by two different people. In both cases, they were avoiding accountability but I was holding them to it. So that’s ok with me. But damn, it still really hurt and impacted my life both times.

  13. Yes, but I don’t know the transits. First, when I was a teenager, I found out my father, who was Mr. Morality and very strict and judgmental, had been having a long-term affair. He abandoned our family. I was in complete shock and disbelief. It seemed like everything I thought was true about him and our family was a lie.

    Not sure of this applies, but another time, during my Saturn return which involves my t-square of sun/mercury/Saturn, Jupiter/ascendant, and Uranus, I completely shocked myself and let myself down. I felt, said, and did things that were completely out of character at the tme and that I would have sworn I would never feel, say, or do. I let others down, too 🙁

  14. Since 10 years old… specially by my middle brother after the oldest died.

    “I don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.” ~Maya Angelou

  15. My best friend of 18 yrs. blew up during a conversation, called me ugly names, and hung up the phone.

    Me: Saturn opp. Sun and Pluto square Sun
    Her: Pluto opp. Sun and Saturn square Sun

    Guess that was the end of that…

  16. Pffff…the story of my life. One instance I had Saturn Jupiter Taurus plus Venus Sun Mars Gemini all in the 4th. Saturn Jupiter opposing Neptune Scorpio 9th. Venus, Sun, Mars opposing Chiron Pluto Sagittarius 10th.

    My foundations were already irreperably destroyed when my grandmother died two months before (she was my rock). So on a family vacation at the beach, my Aunt told a lie about me to my cousins so I could be pushed out of the picture and she could have full reign with my grandfather’s pocketbook. She also tried to have my mother cut out of the will. I have not spoken to the greedy bitch since May of 2000.

  17. Reminds me of “Pretty Woman.”

    Edward: It’s just that, uh, very few people surprise me.

    Vivian: Yeah, well, you’re lucky. Most of ’em shock the hell outta me.

  18. oh sure. family has really, really let me down. I was raised in a very unwholesome environment *ahem*, and they had no faith in me.

  19. I am continually blindsided, but I really shouldn’t be by now. Like Satori said, the signs were there if I had paid attention. *smiles*

    For all my “mistrust,” I honestly do believe and act like everyone is an honest, upstanding person (until they prove otherwise). Unfortunately, that’s not true and it makes me a good mark at times.

    Last major blindside was in 2009. I had a long-time (nearly 20 years) friend trample over me in her quest to replace me as HBIC in the power vacuum.

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