123 thoughts on “Virgo: Dogged and Disrespected But Just Try To Get By Without Them”

  1. ArizonaSue… that does explain with no earth signs..my sag asc is thinking that is a fun way to go.. up up & away.. hahaha..

  2. Yeah and with Merc conjunct Uranus in the first…it’s all outta the box…if it weren’t for astrology and Virgos, I’da gone mad years ago…

  3. I can’t see the video. I’m also a Virgo fan. I have Virgo rising with Mars and Venus there, so I think attract them somehow.
    For years I did really, really boring, tedious and never-ending office work. The good thing was that there was always a Virgo there to help out if they had the time. No big words, they would just do it as if it were nothing.

  4. I love Virgos and have venus, mercury and saturn in Virgo. Although, I have a Leo sun and an Aries rising, I sometimes feel that the Virgo in me takes over. My 1st love was a Virgo. My Virgo brother loves to fix my laptop when I’m having problems. Whenever we speak, he asks if there is anything he can do for me. My best friend was one of the funniest and driest Virgos I have ever known. They are loyal and hard working. Will say hi to the trash pick up people or the Queen of England. They are sincere, helpful, honest, reliable and usually quite attractive. I will watch any movie that has Colin Firth in it 🙂 They are not cold. They are level headed, rational and are capable of making decisions unfettered by emotion when they are facing adversity or need to be practical. Their moral compass will kick in if they see a friend or loved one stepping out of line. Yes,they worry and it is usually about others and not themselves.Their favorite song should be “God Bless the Child” The females are fiercely independent and like to have their own money. I just can’t say enough good things about them, even the few slutty Virgos I know are hysterically funny and like a man will have no qualms about having a good healthy romp!

  5. With Pluto at 2″ Virgo on my Desc. you know early Virgos give me aggravation. It’s like War of the Roses or Mr and Mrs. Smith. A beautiful relationship that ends up in a fight to the finish. Being a very late Gem Sun doesn’t seem to help but some late Virgos have become friends! Go figure. My Pisces Asc probably doesn’t help even if I’m a meticulous accountant and excellent at personal hygiene, diet and exercise. They will always find the flaws.

  6. My Leo/Virgo rules my 7H and hosts Uranus, Pluto, Pallas Athene, Juno, and Venus. In the past, I tended to “invade” my BF’s homes and reorganize it. I see now that action was grossly overstepping personal boundaries and I don’t do it now. However, if my partner asks for help, I’ll all in!

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