Can Astrology Tell Me Who I Will Marry?

planets zodiac“Dear Elsa, I had an astrology reading sometime last year, and the astrologer was very specific in terms of my relationship outlook (she even mentioned that the person I would end up marrying would be British). Now, can astrology determine something like this? I would think that a person would have some choice in terms of who they would marry, and astrology wouldn’t give something so exact like this. Just wondering what your thoughts on something like this are, and whether someone giving advice is beneficial or harmful…”

No I don’t think astrology can tell you the nationality of who you will marry.  It is possible to see a person’s interest in cultures outside their own but as to which culture would attract a person, I don’t think this can be seen in a chart.

I agree with you. A person has free will and they ultimately they direct their own life. I think an astrologer can lay odds on things. They might be able to a divorce on the horizon, or state with some confidence, that an obvious commitment-phobic is likely to fly the coop. But even then, we’re not going to be 100% correct.

Astrologers who make statements like this, absolutely  harm. They infects a person like poisoning a well.

I have worked with people who lost YEARS thanks to bad astrology. However it is not the astrology at fault. It is the practitioner at fault, which is why you should also choose someone you know or who has a reputation you can verify.

I am sorry this happened to you. This is my reputation.

Anyone else have an experience like this?

13 thoughts on “Can Astrology Tell Me Who I Will Marry?”

  1. Yes – thank you for asking this question! And Elsa, thank you for answering!!!

    Would rather keep the story to myself, but this happened to me before, embarassing to say – I got this “information” when I was young and at a rather vulnerable juncture …

    Do I blame myself for being so gullible that some “prediction” would follow me for so long? Yes and no, glad I came to my senses!

  2. GC= galactic center?
    A big black hole can be a density virgo
    …hmm yes can be god
    (don’t shoot i’m a mexican)

  3. Dang I thought it was my purse, things go in and never come back out. Nothing about my purse is even closely related to Virgo.

  4. Jul, I don’t think anyone can be called gulible for believing in something an astrologer said. If a person goes to an astrologer in the first place, it automatically means that she is willing to listen carefully to what she/he is being told.
    In a way, I see astrologers like doctors. Most of the time you go to them if you have a problem, and you’re gonna share with them your most intimate life details and then you are standing in front of them open, vulnerable and you are going to pray to God that they help and not hurt.
    Because if they say or do even the slightest wrong gesture, the open wound will just hurt even more. And after that, yeah, it could take years to heal.

  5. Most people live their lives by accident. Reaching ones astrological destiny is an accomplishment unto itself. It is possible to overide the forces in control of the universe. However, such instances of “free will” are not grandfathered into everyones lives. The first step in being able “to do” is the realization that we are all completely unable to do anything. The term Free Will implies that we are born with a complete understanding of the mysteries of the universe and that we have the slightlest inkling of what to do. For example, the CEO of BP just wants to go sailing. It is amazing just how many DEAD people like this there are in seemingly important positions of authority, imagined or otherwise.

  6. I have heard of a couple of cases where a bad Astrologer has sent someone in the wrong direction & it hasn’t been pretty.

    I see it happen all the time especially with Tarot. (Hey… NO offence to anyone- I’ve been reading cards for people for about 20 years now. Which is probably how come I hear so much about rotten predicitions messing with peoples minds!)

    I’m not sure what can be done to avoid this happening- there’s always a bad apple or two in whatever field, right?

    Anyway, I think what @Elsa has said above is spot on & again, it’s nice to hear it explained to someone in an honest, clear & definate way.

  7. hello sir

    my dob 7 mar 1990 time 5.40 am i love sum1 & his also but his belongs to other caste & also younger than me can we married his dob 18 feb 1993 & also know about our future life

    thanking you

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