Passionate Cancer Woman In Love With Pisces Man – Unrequited Love?

cancer astrology symbolDear Elsa,

I’m in love with a male Pisces. He hasn’t professed his love for me but he says he likes me a lot. All of the personality traits of Pisces say we are a good match. We have not been intimate.

I can’t explain why I feel so strongly for him. It’s been 4 months. What should I do? I want to show him how I feel for him sexually. He avoids it, but from time to time talks about it. I want to let go but can’t. I don’t understand him… what exactly should I do???

Stellium in Cancer
United States

Dear Stellium,

In my experience men like to have sex… with someone. And if you are someone they want to have sex with, they most definitely do not “avoid” it. Since this is what he is doing, the odds are overwhelming that despite your passion, this man has no sexual interest in you.

The other clue is he says he “likes” you  That’s decidedly lukewarm when compared to your professing your love for him so I think what you’ve got here is a fantasy. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Fantasy serves a purpose in that it is an escape from reality. But I do think if you move on this guy, he’s going to reject you which will be no fun for either party. Rather than something you can actually have, you might consider this situation akin to reading a romance novel. It is what it is, but nothing more.

I’m sorry and good luck.


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  1. I’m with Elsa. Move on.

    As a Pisces, I’m very aware of who moves me. And who doesn’t. I have a handful of male friends who have expressed an interest in getting into my bed, and I told them basically the same thing your Pisces did. I like them, usually a lot, but I don’t want anything beyond what I have. Cos if I did, I’d be all over them, and there would be no second guessing my motivation.

    Unfortunately, the mystery of Pisces is well-equipped to assist in building the fantasy. Most of us enjoy it just as much as the rest, but we know it’s a mask (if we don’t manage to get ourselves entrapped as well). A double-edged sword when we really just want fun.

    I wish you luck.

  2. In my experience with Pisces men, when they’re on, they’re ON and when they’re not, they really, really aren’t. You deserve better than a fantasy man, hon. I vote move on and find a Pisces that will bite (if that’s what you want).

  3. Hi Stellium in Cancer,

    I’m a pisces, I agree with Daeshii about how pisces work. He problably knows it’s not a good idea to be intimate with you, because of all that it may imply. The fact he talks about it from time to time problably means he is tempted about it, as any men would be, but he knows it wouldn’t work, or else he would be all over you by now. The fact he is being strong and keeping his limits is an expression of respect for your friendship, it’s problably hard for him to do this, unless this pisces is very saturnine. if he gives in to his temptation to have sex knowing it will lead no where, things would fall downhill quickly.
    I’m doing this very specific prediction of things just because this sounds very familiar to what happens to me very often. boundaries are blurred for pisces as is all reality. It sounds like he likes you enough to keep some boundaries but he knows it wouldn’t work.

  4. Hello,
    I really understand what Viv has said in regards to a Pisces male I am Cancerian and was moved to respond.
    I and my Pisces whom I call a very close close friend, have just been through that same thing that it would not be a good move for us to be together, for very real reasons although we first met when we were 19yrs old and our recognition of each other physically, spiritually, mentally, telepathically, emotionally and sexually was truelly there! unforseen circumstances occurred and we never saw each other again until 4 years ago, the same feelings and all came to the surface for both of us which was quite powerful and frightening for both of us,although we have always thought of how the other was doing and where! but hes married with 3young children and I have divorced, sad but we still have each others respect and friendship which is so important I am not sure why our paths have crossed again after all these years, we have never forgotten each other the feelings are still mutually deep, his marriage is in trouble but not through me it was that way 4 years ago, but I dont get involved, and we live in the same town which we discovered 4 years ago, and my grown up kidz work with him in the tourism Industry.
    He became very close to my kidz not knowing at the time they were mine. My kidz did not realize we knew each other til2 years after I moved to the same town as him my kidz have worked in the same industry with him for 6 years now, but to all of us involved with each other having that deep bond is most valuable to us and always will be.Everyday is a new day it has its ups and it has its downs.

  5. hey I completely relate to u Chadwin…I being a Cancerian myself always n ALWAYS have a very strong affinity for all Pisceans i have ever met till date. my frndships n relationships wid them have been strikingly different, bonding deep and respect most of the times we dnt even have to say things to each other. we just understand.i have been dating a guy who i am reallly in love wid. its been two years now.from the very first day we got in touch, we have this mutual fondness for each other.we have met only once till now, but have been pulled into a relationship.and all these years even if we have disagreed, fought n sulked a lot..andhave drifted apart for particular periods, we come back to square one. its like i just cant get him out of my mind.and HE too keeps coming back to me.when he wasnt in love wid m..even then he found it hard to ignore me..and now tht he is in love wid me…he is still the same. no matter how much we fight and sulk..i know for a fact…that we end up coming bck to each other.and yea, when we r far apart we keep wondering wat the other one is doing n where he/she is.we think the same things at d same time, behave similarly for core issues, know each others strengths n weaknesses, and know theres more than just love between us.its like a cosmic connection. he told me once he smetimes get scared n speechless coz i instinctively know wats going on in his mind n ask him qs or tell him things that bring his thinking process to a halt.he can ignore ppl easily..and fool them, but i dunno why on earth he keeps coming bck to me.all dis has been going on..given d fact tht we have met only once.dunno wat wudve happened if we wudve been meeting regularly…but all i can tell u is tht..if u have touched their hearts at sme point of time..n i mean like-soul searching business..they will NEVER EVER forget matter how far they wanna go to escape fom u…they will keep coming bck to u.their weakness is their inability to resist true love..with that mist of fairytale endings and spiritual, deep connection.sexually they can get attracted to a few people, but for love…u just have to strip ur soul..n theirs as well..wid gentleness!!

  6. I to have deep feelings for a Pisces man.. He is a well to do business man that could sell the stars and clouds in the sky if he want to.. We have been good friends for a couple of years now.. He was raised like myself.. Mid class family.. his was not a good family enviroment – mine was a very close christian family.. Not to long ago I told him how I felt about him.. Next thing I know he was giving up Vodka and needed his space.. So I did.. I let him come to me.. Now 6 months down the road here he is knocking on my door and telling me he wants more of me.. Well now I am at the point of stepping back and to see if he really means business or not in this relationship.. Now he is wanting to tell me I look nice, wanting to touch my face and do lil things like that.. None stop looking at me.. Where before it was like a buddy thing.. so I have no idea how to take him.. I agree with the above statement..They are either ON or OFF.. He told me the other night (which I am trying to figure out what he means by this) “I have come to realize that I don’t need a fantasy person, then he went to say ” I come to realize how such a great person you are and you have been there for me” then to boot ” I come to realize that I miss you” ” I want to spend more time with you” well with all that said.. He is a very busy man.. He barely has time to breath.. So I basicly have to move my schedule around him if I want to see him.. Now he is telling me that he will have to make his more flexable.. I don’t know what to make of this man… His job requires him to be a Bull S.. and I know this.. but this last time we were together I seen a different look in his eyes.. He does not like to talk about relationship emotions.. (and I know most men don’t) I don’t know weither to wait it out or push that issue with him again.. lol.. So to make a long story short.. He is a true Pisces man from what I have read.. He has been thru a lot.. His wife left him for a younger man and skipped out of the state and left him to raise to wonderful girls.. He is a wonderful father to them.. Oh and the last date we had he said “do I make you nervous?” Which he doesn’t.. I love the times we have.. He has me laughing till I am crying.. lol.. so how do you know when a well to do business man that is a pisces is really truly in love with a person that is a Cancer? Well I wish the person that posted this comment the best.. Cause Pisces are hard to read and they are ON or OFF and for some one like me that is a Cancer it can be hard to figure out..

  7. There are Two Types of pisces, The oTher one and The oTher one. Well, The oTher one is weak(sushii), so They say, and The oTher is sTrong(jaws), so i know. Sushii don’t see when it’s coming, on The oTher hand, jaws smell iT miles away.. WhaT i mean is, iT really depends on whaT kind of person ThaT pisces really is, we all have differenT BACKgrownds. PEACE!!

  8. I am a cusp of Scorpio and Sagitarius and I fell head over heals for a Pisces. The unbelievable thing is that he understands me. Before this only a Cancer understood me like 10 years ago. Men usually aren’t this way. Pisces has empathy and he’s so caring and I can’t resist people who are kind to me. But I am similiar to Pisces. I have that artistic temperament and I am more of a Scorpio in relationships. I love him he’s so wonderful but I can’t tell him. And it seems he wants to test to see if I like him. Which I think he knows because I hang out at work when I’m not on the clock. And it is so obvious that all the girls and guys adore him I mean they don’t really connect w/ him b/c he’s too weird for them. But everything is proper b/w us. Once he expressed a desire to get raped LOL b/c he was going to move in w/ me and my sister. He talks to me about girls that he likes but he kind of doesn’t keep it straight. He makes some of it up. I think he’s trying to find out if I like him and it is hard for me to keep a straight face when he says ‘my future girlfriend lives here.’ It is like a knife in my heart so I kinda of keep my distance. One time he was driving and he said something like ‘I can’t pay attention to the red light because I am with you.’ But I get so scared when he says stuff like this because I am older than him and I want him to make the move and to have the choice. He’s undecisive but I always give younger guys that choice.
    But I think of him all the time and I am sure he knows that I adore him. I know of his tall tales and I understand that it is for the benefit of his ego. He didn’t lie about point blank questions. I tested him he is a fair person. He didn’t try to take advantage of me. I understand him too. I really love how he’s a dreamer and artistic I too don’t live in this world. I live in my mind. So in many ways I can see why he would like me.
    My Capricorn moon probably wants to keep him at bay because I don’t trust guys so much. They always wait until you like them to treat you like crap. But he doesn’t do that. If there was ever love and the real thing he is the fantasy. I too live in my head. He drinks like a fish LOL. It is uncanny how accurate astrology can be. He has moon in scorpio which makes him very intense. In fact if he were to ask me anything I find it impossible to say NO. I keep a stoic face but we communicate with body language. He knows that I like him and he flirts w/ me and kind of horses around w/ me physically. There’s alot of sexual tension there. He is passive but takes over like when he was putting oil in my car. He tells me that he’s kinda docile. He’s open about his depression, issues w/ his parents stuff like that. In a way we have become close friends along w/ another woman who is like a mother figure. We are like stray cats and she’s not really an adult she’s so cool. He does alot of sexual innuendo. And he’s feelings are frightening…he was depressed today. Sometimes he reminds me of a wolf howling at the moon. Sometimes he slams things around or throws himself at things. Kinda tough on himself.
    He can grip you with just one glance. When he is depressed he is so blue. When he’s happy he can’t hide that smile and his eyes sparkle. When I first met him he didn’t seem remarkable. But when he first registered me it seemed like we linked up emotionally and since then I have found it impossible to stay away from him!! His charisma is overpowering. I have fallen under his spell. I try not to think about it because maybe he just likes me because I too am empathetic and pay attention to him. I dunno but I can’t be in love and sane at the same time.

  9. LOL isn’t this absurd. I try not to touch him because I dunno what will happen. One time I hugged him but only b/c I was drunk. He also asked me then how big my chest was. Second or third day that I met him he let me paint his nails and ever since then I have felt like he was mine or something. If I ask him something he tells me ‘Ok when I am drunk’ lol which is usually always. He took me to different places. Like the place where he fell off his bike once and the time he hit his head and almost fell in the river. We went walking in the dark in the woods and when I hesitated about going down a slope he offered his hand. I took it. And he said ‘Why do girls always need help’. That was an odd question sounded like he wanted to be the girl? Once he was trying to gauge if I thought he was physically attractive. He said he should swim more or build muscle. And I didn’t know what to say. He’s always hanging on this pole and I would tease him about being a stripper at which point he told me his granpa or someone used to be lol.
    Today he asked me if there was something about his personality that needs work. I said no he is an insightful empathetic person unlike most people his age. He asked me if I thought there was anything he should change about himself and I said no. That he is great the way he is. But I told him to some people if he acts the way he does w/ me they might think he’s weird but I made it clear none of that bothered me.
    LOL I suspect him of asking me advice to use on me. They are clever but always ethical. Sorry to go on but I wanted you to understand the magical experience of knowing a pisces male. And I feel that patience and unconditional positive regard/acceptance is the way to make these darlings feel secure.

  10. Hi there – nice letter. My experience is that when a guy is interested in you, you know it. When they’re not, and you are the danger is that you spend weeks, months (have even heard tale of years) drifting around in misplaced hope, believing him to be ‘the one’, or that you are in love with them etc., and asking friends what they think. I agree with others here – find the courage to move on and open yourself up to the possibilities of someone else (regardless of astrological sign) who wants to be with you. They are out there waiting to be discovered – but can’t become visible until you let go of the other.

    Re astrology side of things – Cancer Sun here and have no affinity whatsoever with other Cancers or Pisces – male or female – we seem to be as well matched as fishes and telephones. But get on with Scorpios – might be my Scorp moon…

    Best wishes to Stellium in Cancer.

  11. I am a pisces man. What many of you say seems to be true. I know that there are no absolutes except real love. We can bullshit with the best and flirt when it’s fun, but there is much more there: hidden. When I experience a beautiful woman’s presence (many levels), I revel in the energy that they exude, and am quite flattered by their attention. Sex is ethereal and deeply spiritual for many a pisces, I suspect. However, I prefer to keep it platonic (frequently) because I somehow see the complexity and possible complications that can occur.

    I value loyalty to loved ones above all. I have never cheated nor betrayed my love in any relationship since my first at age 17, and I am 48, but have been betrayed and cheated upon. I will never cause that pain to anyone. My suggestion is to make your move on the pisces man, but know exactly how you feel about him in every way (intuition), and don’t think of him as a passing fancy, because if you hurt him, he will swim away and not look back. He is for real and will grow from this experience. The reason why they call us “old souls” is because we know that our purpose in life is to evolve. To evolve our love and understanding. My 3 youngest children stayed with me when I divorced my wife a while back and do come to me with their fears. I am their rock and am elated to help them find their own anchor in life. Truthfully we grow and learn more from our failures, hurts, and pain that we do from our successes and accolades. I choose to love completely.

    I accept with humility that I may be totally wrong, but I do know what I want out of life, and my anchor is deep and cannot be swayed.

    Best wishes to all.

  12. Avatar

    Thank you to everyone’s input in regards to my post on June 27th………update since then my pisces friend and I have been together 3mos and it’s been wonderful. we understand each other completely and have a mutual respect and admiration for each other. It’s easy to tell someone to move on but when your heart refuse it only go in one ear and out the other. I did date other men but couldn’t stop loving my pisces. Real love will always stand the true test of time. Isn’t this what pisces and cancer long for a spirtual soulmate connection??????

  13. Wolf that is why it is so easy to love a Pisces. I met a famous artist and invited my Pisces to that invitation and he didn’t come. I know it is because he must be the center of attention at all times and I give him attention but others might not. He told me I am the 1st person on his contact list and I replied with ‘What’s the point you never call me’. I invited him to a friend’s house so he can apprentice w/ great artist just like I will be doing but he would rather come to my house instead. I know he is shy and it seems that Pisces is firm if I want him I must get the video games that he likes and invite him to my house as he wishes. He is special enough to do that but I wished he could trust me and be flexible also. I would never leave him w/ people he doesn’t know. I would always be there Pisces of little faith. Not to mention I have been present where he is of my own free will for 6 months. Thorn in my side really. I even wanted to take him to a strip bar for his bday but he told me that isn’t his thing but didn’t tell me what was. I bet he’s afraid of me but I suspect that he wants me to make the moves like be the man while he plays the girl. Time will tell.
    I am so happy for you stellum in cancer I know despite all the frustrations Pisces is worth it.

  14. Wolf!! My Pisces male ( I’m cancer), after three weeks of the best connection ever, chose to keep it platonic. I told him, we can’t see each other anymore.

    You’re telling me, he saw complexities in our future!? He blames religion, I say he’s just not ready and wasn’t expecting to meet me so soon.


  15. He doesn’t love you, pises is intresting since they cant stand tough women yet they need a tough women to protect them. My suggestion is find a guy who will chase you and patientlly love him back cancers r both emotional and practical so our love can be on multi level relationship with them.

  16. aah I’ve been driven crazy by male pisces before…

    I’ve learned- always let them make the first move.

  17. I am in absolute agreement with you Elsa, i guess the guy is nice and prove to be a nice partner in the near future. Thanks for sharing the combo of Cancer & Pisces here, really interesting.Nice Share..!!

  18. Good advice. Cancer sun here and most of my recent man trouble involves Pisces characters (moons, risings and suns). If he wanted her, he’d be up in her Kool-aid.

  19. I’m a cancer woman and have dated 3 Pisces guys in my life. I had an out of this world connection with them, it’s hard to describe. They made me feel like I was the only girl in the world, we shared everything, we were like best friends. But unfortunately they all turned out to be liars and cheats! They knew all the right things to say in all situations. And even after the truth came out, they all kept on coming back to me. But as a cancer, when I’m done with you I’m done, there’s no turning back into a place where there is no trust. As much as I had the best time of my life with pisces, I’m not sure I’ll ever trust another one!

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