Neptune Direct: December 3, 2022 – Money Disappears

Neptune gorgeousPeople rarely notice Neptune changing direction.  I doubt it’s any different this time but you may want to let it register this time around because the effects are likely to be experienced.

A planet’s energy is amplified when the body slows down to change direction, so there is that. Neptune is conjunct Jupiter at this time. This would also increase the effect.

Neptune will also be the focal point of a T-square involving Mercury, Venus and Mars which are all personal planets.  There are a lot of tentacles with this one.

My major concern is that we see more money (Venus) disappear.  Now I’m sorry but the odds this FTX situation was some kind of fluke don’t seem to exist. It’s possible a(nother) veil drops.

Mars involvement is concerning.  I’m thinking about tricks and deceit with denial added… the potential for a huge rug pull or some other non-linear event. See:

Outer Planet Transits – How Things Work In Nature

As far as avoiding a negative result, it’s probably safest to stay humble. Because this is a scenario where inflation of every type can cause a wipeout.

I’m talking about ego (sun) know-it-all (Mercury), your value/vanity (Venus) and your anger or willingness to take risks (Mars). Remember, all of these things can be manipulated and it happens, nearly constantly.

How do you feel about Neptune turning direct?

27 thoughts on “Neptune Direct: December 3, 2022 – Money Disappears”

  1. Feeling very much under the influence of Neptune right now. Can’t focus that well, feel a bit more psychically, which in turn is tweeking my Virgo Moon!

  2. It’s telling, for me, reading about Neptune’s change in direction “having tentacles”
    In my culture Neptune has other names
    Among them Kanaloa, Ocean. One of his embodied forms is the octopus.
    As I read your attentiveness to Neptune’s shift I am reminded of a chant that reminds us: when the octopus moves, pulling at the depths of the ocean there is always the chance a tentacle or more will break
    Change! Chaching~*~*

  3. I feel it like a quiet building swell. It’s tidal in nature, like a wave building way out in the ocean, invisible to the eye, undulating the surface imperceptibly until it reaches the shore, but moving fast and powerful beneath the surface. It feels like a very natural process, and healing through a gradually returning flow, movement. The undulations bring messages, signs gently to the surface, dreams speak. I’m a Pisces Moon, its taken me many years to be able to perceive Neptune’s station movements.

    1. I love this description. With a sister and daughter and DIL who have Pisces Moon in natal chart, and a husband and twin sons all with Neptune on MC…..I love this picture you Paint with Words.

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    Tess Charbonneau

    OOOlala have Jupe and Neptune in house 1..Jupiter 19 degrees and Neptune 2 degrees. Jupiter on my asc and Neptune same house but in Scorpio…hmmmm????!!

  5. Think I’ve been floaty- lite avoiding & a bit tired! enjoying reading for readings sake & a bit ‘poor me’- which I’m now trying to nuke! …generally lying low, trying to be grateful for (at worst) repeatedly coming downstairs with the wrong thing in my hand! lol!

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    Gabriella L Garlock

    How conjunct? 😕 Jupiter is dancing back and forth on my Descendant. My optimism, esp. RE: relationships, is illusory?

      1. You are correct. Jupiter, turned direct now, is at 28 racing out ahead of nearly stationary Neptune at 22. I’ve been watching. My H 2 cusp involved. I’m trying hard not to spend but to save though this is not easy.

  7. Elsa – I have been an astrologer now for 44 years. I had to laugh at your comment about people not being able to feel when Neptune changes directions, or signs. For me, it first started in November 1970, when Neptune entered Sagittarius. I suddenly found myself associating with “long-haired hippie-types” and began smoking marijuana. Fourteen years later in December 1984 (Neptune shifted into Capricorn) and I had a drug-related near-death experience. Talk about a wake-up call!!! At that point I realized, “Ron, you gotta start paying more attention to what Neptune is doing!” Pluto changing directions has been a whole other story, but I won’t go into that now. Have a good day!

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      Gabriella L Garlock

      Huh. I was born with Neptune in Scorpio, water. Transit Neptune is stationing in water close to my Chiron in exact trine to my Venus/Mars Cancer conjunction–and as such is slotted right into my natal water trine.

      Yes, the wild dreams have been legion! I should pay better attention.

  8. I always notice Neptune stationing, it’s the couple weeks a year that I go from dreamless sleep to having long convoluted epic dreams. Also, Neptune has been trine my mc like forever now it seems. Feels like a nice healing break from public life. I’ll be a little sad when it moves on.

    1. Love this. I have experienced similar effects from Neptune stations. It’s been trine my MC from the 2nd house for a long spell. I have it retro in my natal chart. I think stationary direct for me is opposite what would normally be expected regarding finances. We have had a few windfalls that I think were Neptune’s gifts. My natal Moon is conjunct natal Neptune. I think it’s also a gift from the moon.

      1. Hi Paula, Neptune is transiting my 2nd and I’ve been able to manifest everything I need and more, even while I have been unemployed (by choice, sort of). I’d heard Neptune would be an undoing, but to be honest my whole life felt like an undoing where now things just seem to work themselves out. Will be interesting to see what Saturn brings to the 2nd. A decent paying job would be 👌 even if it means a lot more responsibility.

  9. i hope its a good thing. sometimes, giving out to the universe always gives back rewards due to the generosity and benevolence. but balance for sure, like saving and canning foods and sewing up old clothes, donating. that kind of thing. it can be good.^^

  10. I have Neptune in the 6th house, closing into my descendant @27 degrees.

    Been dreaming a lot about coworkers and one of them, their bday is on the second, so today. I got a side opportunity to make a little extra cash outside of work and then it disappeared as quickly as it had come.

    Lately work has been just a HUGE giant veil held up and I think it’s dropping now and not many folks feel safe about it.

  11. I always feel the shift of Neptune when it goes both retrograde and direct. Two weeks prior to either occurrence I would get really sleepy, as if I couldn’t get enough sleep. I have a Pisces rising and it is in aspect to many of the planets in my chart, clearly the driving (or wading) force. My ex has her Mercury at 29 degrees Pisces and would also take many naps and go to bed right after dinner for a 2 week period when Neptune changed directions. Yes, some people really can feel it.

  12. we were sick for two weeks and i nearly died. wow.
    the week leading in to the station was really amazing/different/surreal.

      1. severe asthma attack. had to call the paramedics and go to the hospital. quite a wake up call.
        and thanks 🙂 should be fine going forward.

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