Capricorn Woman in Love With Serially Monogamous Pisces Man

capricorn simple black graphicDear Elsa,

I’m deeply in love with a Pisces male. He has a pattern of being with women for about five to six months, then it’s over. I’ve known him for a year now. We are not together yet but since that year he’s been with 3 women, now he’s expressing his love for me and wants to be with me. I have watched him go through these woman but somehow it’s different for me. They are chasing him but he is chasing me. Should I expect the same? I truly believe he loves me and not those other women.

Capricorn Woman
United States

Dear Woman,

I hate scaring Capricorn but I have no choice but to suggest you take care with your heart because this doesn’t sound all that good.

First he’s got this pattern and although I appreciate it appears he is on a different track with you, I am skeptical. People only break patterns with great effort and if he loves you, what’s he doing with these other three women while you stand by and witness?

You also say you are not together “yet” which makes me wonder if you ever will be. See, you have Venus in Pisces which loves to pine and dream people up. You yearn for and believe in a fantasy love.

This tendency is massively enhanced by a square from Neptune in Sagittarius (that’s the belief part) squaring Venus. And although your feelings are inordinately real, I am not sure the potential for relationship and living happily ever after with this man exists in reality at all.

Time will tell and I very much hope I am wrong.

Good luck.

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