Mars In Gemini Effects On Sagittarius

sagittarius vintage woman archerMars will ingress into Gemini on August 20, 2022 and remain in the sign for seven months.  Gemini opposes Sagittarius.

Today, I was working with a gal with a Sagittarius moon. We were running through her upcoming Lunar Returns.  Mars opposed her moon in most of them. There are many ways this can play out. When dealing with Mutable signs, you can expect to see a variety of manifestations.

Here’s a list straight off the top of my head. “Shooting” from the hip as they say. Mars in Gemini – your mind and your mouth are weapon. This list is specific to people with planets in Sagittarius.  Generally these points invert as noted…

  • Your world view is challenged (inverted – you challenge another person’s worldview).
  • Anger with “the other”, others directing anger at you.
  • Outbound over-the top anger. Blow ups! Big trigger!
  • Aggressive truth-seeking.
  • Courage to publish your truth or world-view.
  • Competing for education.
  • Brazen risk-taking, possibly gambling, ramped up.
  • Obnoxious, aggressive know-it-all.
  • Fast learning.
  • Sex with foreigners.
  • Pushing your perspective / having another’s perspective pushed on you.
  • Expanding sexually.

I think Sagittarius will like this transit for the most part.  You won’t be bored!  Today’s client could readily see this transit will reward her with higher education of some time. That’s currency for Sagittarius and it’s pretty good frame for this situation.

Imagine Mars as a teacher. This teacher is smart and fast and tricky. You may be pissed or provoked by them but you’ll know you’re gaining from the interaction.

Here’s a general post on this transit which should help you better prepare for the course ahead of you.

Mars In Gemini For 7 Months 2022-23: Dates & Effects By House

Do you have planets in Sagittarius? Are you looking forward to this transit? What houses are involved?

7 thoughts on “Mars In Gemini Effects On Sagittarius”

  1. Yes I have Merc and Saturn in Sag and no not looking forward other than to reading some good books but I am betting on feisty and challenging words from others as Mars will be at the end of my 7th House and in the Earlier sector of my 8th by the end.

  2. yikes 😀 well those with gemini placements have always been kind to me. It is good to hear ^^ since i do have sag.

    1. Sun and Neptune Venus in Sagittarius. I’m already there in some respects. I’ve been applying to grad schools. The competition has already begun. I should be getting decision results around that time, though.

  3. I have my Moon in Sagittarius, opposite Saturn in Gemini (these two square my Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo). That means lots of opposition and square transits over the time of Mars retrograde…
    I’m also in the midst of Neptune transits to my natal Planets in Virgo and Sagittarius.
    Feeling low and confused. Trying my best to keep my head above water…

  4. Well I have a Sun/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius, looking forward to this. One of my all time favourite men had his Venus/Mars in Gemini opposing my conjunction. Great sex. Currently looking for creative writing education though. Although, sex would be great, too.

  5. Mars/Saturn conjunction in Sag in 9th, therefore Mars will be opposite in my third empty house of Gemini. Have an intrusive, deluded neighbour, ( I have Jupiter/Neptune in seventh and have often had men project their grandiose dream/saviour shit on me). I am furious, and I think I am going to unleash Mars/Saturn on him which won’t be pretty. And no I am not projecting, I wish I was.

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