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Weekly Forecast: April 15-19, 2024 – The End Of Aries Season

We’re just past the midway point of the Aries Mercury retrograde as it heads back over Chiron on Monday morning. So how’s it going? Not only have we learned something, but we’re finding use for things and thoughts and plans that had previously missed the mark. In fact, there are plenty of ways in which […]


Making Moves As We Head Into An Important Period (April 19th-26th, 2024)

This has been a productive Mercury retrograde period. I credit the tight Mars Saturn conjunction supported by the tight Jupiter and Uranus conjunction.  It’s possible to happily detach and “get it done”. So far, so good. The sun will ingress into Taurus on Friday the 19th, while squaring Pluto. At that point we’ll be locked

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Full Moon In Scorpio Square Pluto In Aquarius: April 23, 2024

The full moon in Scorpio will take place @ 4 degrees, in the evening on, April 23rd.  The sun and moon will square Pluto, intensifying the affect. Full moons illuminate situations.  With Pluto involved here, it’s what’s hidden that will comes to light. I am going to leave the worldly spin to others.  You’re likely

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Weekend Love Forecast – Follow The Pre-eclipse Rabbit

Through Saturday morning, Aries Venus sextiles Pluto in Aquarius. Are you thinking of a long-lost special friend? They may be thinking of you too. Friday night, the Pisces Moon moves from the Venus-Pluto midpoint into wavy, watery conjunction with Mars. As we head into Monday’s new moon eclispe in Aries, desire and action are both

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Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Little Fires, Everywhere!

I’m sorry if you had problems making a purchase on this site, yesterday.  I didn’t realize there is an issue with the stripe plugin, until late in the evening. I disabled it and contacted support.  Hopefully they’ll fix it today. Until then, we have Paypal. I also got a paypal case opened against me.  It’s

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