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Astro Fairy Day – She’ll Be Running A Bit Late

Astro Fairy is a longtime client of mine. I’ve helped her with many different things over the years. She sees people struggling and she wants to pitch in by gifting a consultation to someone in need who can’t afford to pay.  She wants to do this once a month, for the dual purpose of helping you […]

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Weekend Love Forecast – Seeking Magic Beans

Friday night, the Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon moves past a trine to Taurus Jupiter and into opposition with Neptune, exact overnight. The Venus-ruled Taurus Sun heads into conjunction with Jupiter (exact midday Saturday) and sextile to Neptune (exact Sunday afternoon). As the mood chugs merrily along, enthused and immersed in relevant details AND flights of fancy,

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Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 23, 2024: Big Love & Money Bomb

The full moon in Sagittarius will take place at 2 degrees on Thursday morning, May 23rd.  As I’ve mentioned several times, the aspects this month are generally favorable. This full moon looks good, but exceptionally trippy. I will substantiate my claim. You can see the full chart here, but be sure to note the part

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Weekend Love Forecast – Chop Wood, Carry Water

The idea of radical change makes many folks uncomfortable. Whether it is reflected in the self or in others, the bedrock of familiarity and safety is shaken. As the Taurus Sun spends the weekend closing a conjunction to Uranus, something unexpected is coming in the way of goals, life path, values, and self esteem.

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