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My Pisces Lover Left Me Pregnant

Dear Elsa, My relationship with my Piscean man started off with friendship. I was sexually assaulted a year into our friendship by someone else. He remained by my side, and nursed me back from the brink of emotional collapse. Unbeknownst to me, it somehow involved into something more. We become involved in an intimate relationship,

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Can A Person Learn To Be Resilient?

Half the people who answered the blooming poll stated they thrived wherever they were planted. I was thinking this was a desirable trait but after reading the many thoughtful and eye-opening comments, I’m not sure it’s that clear cut. I was thinking along the lines of the “resilient child” they speak of in psychology circles

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Unhappily Married – Sun Square Saturn

Dear Elsa, I’ve been married for eight years. I dated my Leo husband for many years before we got married. Our marriage is always in trouble. From the first year, I thought about divorce. But I always thought I could make him be more loving, or something would change and it would get better. Now

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