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Mothers Estranged From Their Adult Children

Holding a grudge has become a way of life for many. I don’t know that my perspective is trustworthy on this as my family is given to blood feuds!  Also, my parents were both hard-core Aquarians and not prone to clinging. I’m going to offer it anyway, just start this conversation. I just mentioned, Longstanding

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My Daughter Has Her Moon square Venus – Help!

Hi Elsa, My daughter has Moon in Cancer square Venus in Libra in her chart. Both planets in domicile but in a square. I’ve read the interpretation of this aspect in my many various Astro books, etc. Many of the interpretations show many difficulties. Any advice on how to support her meeting those planets needs?

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Who Shapes Your Identity?

sophiab in her usual eloquence writes on Family Karma: “…I was thinking about this yesterday, how our beliefs are inherited, and so deeply entrenched in our identities, which are formed in a family system, that much is unconscious. Our beliefs shape our manifest reality, so it’s necessary to gain awareness of where we are simply

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