All about Cancer. Sun, Moon, rising, etc…

snarling child

Are Cancers really Crybabies?

One of the most common zodiac stereotypes you’ll hear is that Cancers cry all the time. From beginner’s books to memes to hushed conversations between friends, everyone seems convinced that Cancer is all weeping all the time. Being a noted lover of the sign, I feel compelled to dispel the myth!

Why Do I Always Marry Dependent Men?

Hi, Elsa. Married 3 times…the first when I was 18, he was 57, two beautiful children, he died at 78 from Alzheimer’s. It was a marriage of love but he couldn’t make a living…I was the provider. Married 5 years after his death. After 3 years I ended it as a familiar pattern emerged…I again was


Family Matriarch

A man in his forties is engaged to be married. His mother doesn’t like the woman. It doesn’t really matter if she has good cause or not. She does not like the woman, she is never going to like the woman; consequently no one in the family is going to be at ease, until and

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