Learn about the 9th house. Philosophy, beliefs, luck, religion, expansion..

Finding Someone Who Can And Will Tell You What You Need (Or Want) To Know

I have Uranus and Pluto…and now Mars and Jupiter transiting my natal Mars Mercury conjunction in the 9th house. I’ll tell you something. I study aggressively. If I want to know something, I go right for the throat. I am lucky (9th) and possibly skilled (Mars) when it comes to ferreting out interesting information (Mercury).

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If You Say It When You’re Angry, Does It Count?

Last night someone told me that what they said didn’t count because they said it when they were mad. I disagreed, feeling a person is responsible for what they say, regardless of your mood. Having Mars (impulsive, angry) conjunct Mercury (speech), I have learned this the hard way. Matter of fact, every single regret I

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