Patterns in relationship

1990’s Stellium in Capricorn

Dear Elsa. Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve found it hard to connect with anything or anyone. When I start a hobby, I almost immediately drop it because it’s no longer satisfying to me, or I don’t have enough talent. It’s even more difficult to connect to other people. I become so skeptical and build

Should I Take My Cheating Boyfriend Back?

Dear Elsa, My fiance recently broke off our engagement after cheating on me!! Things couldn’t have been better for the two years we were together. Then on the night of his birthday, he went out with his two single friends and made some serious mistakes. He didn’t call me for three days, and then when he finally called,

pisces bank

Pisces Attracts Emotional Cripples

Hi Elsa, I seem to attract emotional cripples who balk when I won’t put up with their shabby behavior. I was content to have fantasy-riddled correspondences with foreign penpals. But then I met T. We clicked instantly. We discovered a common interest in astrology and compared charts. I very much liked what I saw –

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Late Bloomer Ask, Where Is My Soul Mate?

Hi Elsa, I am a single woman at midlife. I am seriously starting to wonder if I will ever find and marry my life companion. I have built for myself a secure and pleasant life. I enjoy my work, hobbies and small circle of close friends and family. But I can’t shake an increasing sense

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