Should I Take My Cheating Boyfriend Back?

Dear Elsa,

My fiance recently broke off our engagement after cheating on me!!

Things couldn’t have been better for the two years we were together. Then on the night of his birthday, he went out with his two single friends and made some serious mistakes. He didn’t call me for three days, and then when he finally called, he broke up with me. He was very cold – not what I expected. This is the man I thought I was going to marry!

I have a feeling he will come back… should I take him back? Part of me never wants him in my life again.

Jilted Fiance

Dear Jilted,

Take him back? Are you out of your mind? Sounds like you got rid of this bastard in the nick of time!

Look, you’re twenty years old. I understand you don’t want to be alone. But do you really want a life sentence with this kind of creep?

And quit telling yourself things were perfect. Quit dreaming this guy up. He’s obviously not the person he presented himself to be when you got engaged.

I suggest you amputate him and do it now. And have a plan in place. If he calls you, click off without saying a word. There’s nothing to say and nothing to discuss. His game with you is up.

I’d say I feel sorry for you, but really, I think you just dodged a bullet. So don’t get back in the line of fire. Walk away. Walk away clean, with your chin up.

Good luck.

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