Pisces Attracts Emotional Cripples


Hi Elsa,

I seem to attract emotional cripples who balk when I won’t put up with their shabby behavior. I was content to have fantasy-riddled correspondences with foreign penpals. But then I met T.

We clicked instantly. We discovered a common interest in astrology and compared charts. I very much liked what I saw – there was definite chemistry. Unfortunately I learned through casual conversation, he has a girlfriend. Of course I backed off and, when he asked for help in comparing their charts, I refused. I was afraid I would subconsciously inject my own desires into any advice I might give.

I’m going to leave for the summer for temporary active duty with the military, but we’ve agreed to keep in touch. I’m incredibly drawn to this person, almost to a point of obsession. And yet I know that I absolutely do not want to interfere with his current relationship.

I am very confused, as I was in a place where I was absolutely fine without the thought of romance… and now this.

Pisces Moon

Dear Pisces,

You see a big change here, but I don’t. You’re prone to fantasy relationships and now you’re having another. You’re leaving, he has a girlfriend. He’s not available! So I don’t see the distinction between this situation and your play with men on the other side of the world. There’s nothing grounded here, you know?

You’re not obsessed because this is the right man for you. You’re obsessed because you have a rich imagination and you like to frolic in the land of un-reality. Not that it’s a problem, but here’s the point.

Yearning is your game, or one of them. You yearn for a man, or have a man yearn for you… or you do both. But are you interested in a grounded real-life relationship with a man? I see no evidence of that here.

Want to know what’s going to happen? Eventually, this veil will drop. You’ll be devastated, briefly. You’ll take two steps in any direction, then constellate another scenario just like this last scenario. At some point you’ll probably get hip to you and that point, you’ll have to choose.

You can choose to carry on as-is, because reality will never be as tasty as fantasy. Or you can choose to deal with an Earth Man. Either way, you’ll pine. You’ve got Pisces and you’ll never escape your urge to escape the mundane.

But this curse is also your greatest gift, and what you offer others. You have the ability to fanaticize and imagine the divine. When people are near you, they get a piece of that. Is it so bad to be a Fairy? I don’t think so.

Much love.

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