Cause Of Immense Suffering, Terror, Oppression, Genocide & Decay

Kazimierz DabrowskiYesterday, a client had what she called, “a monumental breakthrough”. There are no words for how glad and grateful I am for this, because I care for this woman and her family, deeply. She’s got a 29 degree Capricorn moon, so you know she’s been grinding… or you might say, she’s been ground!  But she broke through last night, in part, because I introduced the idea, there may be a “third party” involved in her family problem.

Generally, I can work with people who are suffering and not take it in too much, but Saturn is in Pisces, which makes all of us more permeable, at least intermittently. My feelings for this woman, who I’ve known since she was was very young, was another factor. Intensity? Another factor. But the main factor here, for me, personally, is I had to venture into an area of conversation that can trigger an extreme reaction. I had to do it, even though I thought there was a 50-50 chance it destroy our connection.

Well that didn’t happen and she went on to breakthrough on her own, with her husband, later in evening. I’m happy and relieved and now that this ceiling is shattered, as far as what’s discussed in consultation, I’m coming back here to make another attempt to introduce an idea, I really feel, must be grasped to navigate through this mess we’re in.

As serious as this is, it’s also funny, because I’ve brought a mansplainer in to assist. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. I mean, the way I put it: “Hey!  You guys better learn to spot a psychopath!”  It’s not as effective as how, Kazimierz Dabrowski, Polish psychiatrist and psychologist put it. back in 1973: “Our general inability to recognize the psychological type of psychopaths causes immense suffering, mass terror, violent oppression, genocide and the decay of civilization.”

He right ad he was the first to catch on to this. My client caught on, yesterday.

Learn to spot these people. In my mind, there is nothing more important, if you want to protect yourself and your family.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can start by truly grasping they exist. There are FAR more of them then you think. None of us are immune and all of us are impacted.

I feel most everyone has misidentified their enemy.  Think of the implications.

8 thoughts on “Cause Of Immense Suffering, Terror, Oppression, Genocide & Decay”

  1. Could a person’s chart suggest ways they might misidentify people like that? Or other, and what kinds of people? Towards what kinds of people a person may be more blind?

  2. they are everywhere, sometimes they are siblings, sometimes they give birth to us, sometimes we give birth to them, we marry them… part and parcel of life

    1. True. This man in particular is talking about people in positions of power. That’s his angle here. He learned when the Nazis invaded Poland.

      I also understand there were about 400 psychiatrists at the time. 36-38 survived. Sorry, I forgot the exact number, but it’s an interesting aside.

      Something like this happens, some people can see it. This man is one of those people.

  3. It’s sad to have to contemplate this at all. It’s real and way way under diagnosed/exposed/seen. Its hard when you’ve been subjected to this but all good life lessons. I have Neptune opposite this Jup/Uranus conj. (3rd h, scorpio,23 degree). I am very Neptunian.

  4. Perhaps my Libra Neptune opposing my Aries Sun explains it — I often bent over backwards to ignore or make excuses for glaring character flaws or incompatibilities of others I’ve been enamoured with in the past.
    After many years I was tested again recently. I’d already firmly decided there was no room in my life for inconvenient distractions. By letting the conversation play out solely in the blessedly controllable medium of email, the red line flaws revealed themselves rapidly in indelible print, effortlessly prompted by a few simple questions. Added bonus is being able to reread them for instant reminder should any doubts ever arise!

  5. I agree, these people are far more prevalent than the general populace think. The story line that so and so is a really nice person, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy, works so well for them. They hide in plain site. Most people don’t really notice them as they are seen as rather ordinary, well meaning people. Authorities know they are out there but can’t catch them, as their crimes are often insidious. What gives them away is a self absorption beyond anything remotely natural;- a huge energy field that repulses.
    I don’t think people who become their victims are some how flawed. These psychos just know how to trick others. I detest them for using their own and other peoples energy that way.

    1. Yes, the really Big ones have tricked entire cultures, entire nations, with the exception of the rare souls who haven’t been purged of their common sense, intuition, and suspicious nature.

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