The Values Of Your Generation

Pluto by JohnLife seems designed so you’re part of a generation, which holds certain things dear. The next generations come up and they have things they hold dear.  If you’re part an older generation, you’ve got to come to terms with this.  That your values may not be shared by younger generations. For example, my generation is informal as compared to the generations that preceded it.  Sloppy even, if you compare them side by side.

Some people interact ‘cross generations. This is the normal way in some cultures where there is a family home, children live with their grandparents and a brought up to value their elders. Or you can have someone like me who grew up near my grandfather, and went to work in an old man’s bar when I was a teen, just because I like old people. Later, I became part of a woman’s club with women 30 years my senior. I just like this stuff.

There are people like me, but there are also people who are isolated from anything outside their immediate circle.  Their circle might be all one age, all one race, or all one political leaning.  Their group may be all extremely rich or all extremely poor, they may be very educated or uneducated, but when a person’s experience is narrow they are going to have very little insight or understanding of people outside their group.  With now actual knowledge, the imagination fills in the spaces.

In astrology, it is generally accepted that generations are marked by Pluto’s transit through a sign. An interest in expanding one’s sphere is shown by Jupiter.  The Internet has made it easy for people to have contact with people around the world, and many take advantage of this.  Certainly this blog has always been a place where people who are interested in contact with a diverse group of people gather.

I think it’s a challenge for older people to come to terms with the fact the younger generation may not share their values. Some young people do  embrace the values of their elders. I was like this.  My elders were the WW2 generation and there’s a real substance to these people which is attractive and impossible to deny.  If the generation(s) that precede yours are not that impressive, then you’re going to be less likely to follow them, provided you want to get anywhere good.

What are the values of your generation? How do they differ from the values of your elders? How are they the same?


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  1. Very applicable to my life atm.

    My parents and relatives in their generation were work hard, play hard types. Alcohol played a big part in their lives. Money, promotions in job, and objects that boast a wealthy successful image (despite the lack of funds in the bank) were valued – in fact, the image/attitude you project has to always be good when in public no matter how drunkenly wasted you were. To lose your job means to lose your self-esteem even though the work they do is completely unsatifying.

    I can’t live the way they did. I think the wellbeing of a person is the most important thing. I value an intelligent mind, creative expressions but more than that I value someone that is just them despite societal rules.

    (Gotta love that Merc in Sagg)

  2. This is a good article on an interesting subject:

    It talks about the different characteristics of the generations and how they manifest in the work place. I’ve often philosophized with my friends as to what ‘Corporate America’ will be like when the Gen Xers are old enough to take over.

    One of the most telling differences in the generations to me is that Plutonian influence. You can really see that Pluto in Libra influence in the nontraditional turn relationships (marriage and business) have taken with Gen X.

  3. I really like the solid-ness of the WW2 generation. I would find myself adopting their values more, except that they don’t fit in some ways. I guess that’s why values change.

    For example, they are very conservative, as a rule. However, the type of conservative value they espouse is very rare to find nowadays. I think that’s why so many of them voted for Bush Jr. – because they liked his dad, who was of their generation, and thought it would carry over, only it didn’t.

    Not trying to get political really, that’s just an example.

    My immediate superiors, the Boomers, are not a group whose values I admire all that much. Feminism was a good one, even though, again, that brand of feminism needs to give way to another “wave” that fits better with our current times. Doing a little work on racism was good, too (although, that was largely the work of a small subset of that generation).

    1. Can any of you from the younger generation define what your values are? Specifically, what do you value in life? What really matters to you?

  4. Interesting. My parents are pluto in cancer and pluto in leo generation. I get along better with my pluto in cancer dad and grandparents than I do with my pluto in leo mom. Pluto in cancer were very family oriented in my opinion. They were also very private. I am pluto in virgo. We are very hard on o ourselves. Some are very self righteous. But we can be very unselfish. I have issues with the pluto in libra generation. They drive me crazy. At worst, they are very polite to your face while they are stabbing you in the back. On the other hand, at their very best, they are good negotiators and very loving parents. I love the pluto in scorpio and pluto in sag generation. Fortunate for me, my children are either pluto in scorpio or pluto in sag.
    steam, the boomers represent two different groups, the pluto in leo and the pluto in virgo. Steam, I laughing tell people that I was born a feminist. I just knew that all people are equal. And I was. As far as civil rights, you will find both pluto in leo and pluto in cancer people involved in that fight. And it was not small.

  5. my natal jupiter is in aquario, 7th. retrograde pluto in libra, 3rd. I have friends of all – and old – ages. i’m having a hard time understanding the almost bovine facial expression and lack of vocabulary of the younger generation – 18-23 yr olds, but i’m coming to terms with it…they just simply grew with working parents and many appliances. not much interaction there. peel off that layer and you’re good to go. And applies to pretty much everyone. I do feel a pull towards the old – being a capricorn -, history and a simpler way of life, a value i do not share with fellow generation Xers. i always have a feeling i was born in the wrong century.

  6. I value holistic systems and differ from my dad’s generation this way. For example, when my dad started to get health problems, he put all his faith in his doctor, his medicines, whatever surgeries he had. If I was in a similar predicament, I would question my whole lifestyle. Is it stress that is killing me? Are my meds counteracting each other?

    My dad was a workaholic who was single-mindedly focused on his business and his money. To him, this was the source of all problems – lack of resources. To me, I differ because I see that some of his problems he couldn’t throw money at, like his health.

  7. I’m from Generation Y (1984), and I know I have a general world view. Aquarian sun and rising perhaps aids this. I’ve lived overseas and in 7 different states, since my father was in the Army and have experienced many cultures. I prefer to be surrounded by people who can bring different perspectives and views to the table and can’t stand being put in a box with one label on it. At one point my family lived in a massive 2-story house in Brooklyn that housed my aunties and grandparents, which is looked at as unusual to most americans, since it’s deemed normal to leave home at 18, however in the rest of the world, you have 3 generations living under one roof.
    My values stem from many people. My father is Buddhist and I’ve learned a great deal from him and others.
    I’ve also seen both sides of the coin: from living a middle-class life to being homeless. I’m sure this adds to my outlook on life.
    Being that technology was prominent while I grew up, I’d say it added to the things I don’t like or prefer, like vanity or consumerism.
    My thoughts are a little off, since I just ate a huge breakfast.

  8. really interesting perspective on the bovine gaze et al, lili. hmmm

    i am pluto in virgo generation but feel and think a lot like dark aquarian.

  9. Fulfillment

    Security that is independent of a system (ie: working for self instead of “the man” because “the man” doesn’t pay anymore)

    Humanist principles

    Raised by Sesame Street

    Pluto in Libra

  10. I’m a GenY-er, (1987). I value working with interesting, creative people. I value holistic systems that don’t compartmentalize people’s lives. Like dorchid said, if I’m having an issue with my health, I want to examine my work, relationships, eating, sleeping, and anything else to try to improve. I suppose this can bleed over into a sense of entitlement in the workplace, in that if I am having personal issues at home, I expect my work to be flexible for that, though I would also expect my home life to be flexible in regard to my work. After all, I’m one person with one life, and everything affects everything else.

  11. @Elsa-1981. Prior to Jim Henson’s death, and pre-Elmo.

    Elmo drives me nuts, although I do like the idea of a character that was geared towards pre-school kids. He didn’t go “fast enough” for me. 🙂

  12. I have Virgo sun and Pluto conjuct and sitting at my 5th House (Taurus ASC). I grew up in Asia, moved to US in my late 20s. Value of my generation is different in Asia and USA.

    Personally I value my elders if they can earned respect. I’m not going to respect you if you are not nice and respect me. I never exploite anyone and I don’t like to be exploite by others not even by elders.

  13. My brother and I are Gen Y and my mother is a baby boomer. Our values/views are largely different hers.

    She takes everything on a personal level, talking, feeling and expressing. I think she is like this, because she had more, face to face communications, compared to us. Sometimes I envy that.

    I’m a lot more, feel it and get over it. And all forms of telecommunications are important and valued. Whereas I had less face to face. Its not my fault, I did chat groups and instant messaging growing up. But I’ve talk more, and interacted more on a global scale. But I do know, I lack that personal face to face value personality type.

    Its weird, when you can say in your head, I’ll just delete that person from my life and carry on.

    But this is my personal opinion. I might be very wrong about everything. I hope my kid is better.

  14. In my own generation (X) and those younger than mine, I have a hard time figuring out what values are generational, and what values have to do with age.

    In general, I think it’s not until later in life that values become more enduring, just because it takes a while before you see which ones drop off, and which ones stick around.

    One example would be freedom. Lots of twentysomethings value freedom because of the stage of life they are in. But for some, freedom will be a lifelong value. Whether I can characterize it as a generational value… I feel like I just can’t know that, yet.

  15. Wow..yesterday I was reading an aarp magazine and these thoughts actually came to mind..Like the different generations driven by the transits in pluto and how they are so different. I also wondered how the scorpio pluto generation felt about the Leo pluto generation. They always say that the leo generation was self serving ect ect..But as much as I love my parents generation,the truth is ,Kids were not treated like they were part of the family,they were to be seen and not heard,It was the generation that was uncomfortable telling their children they loved them.No children were put on a pedestal ,unlike what us baby boomers did to our kids.We spoiled them with “things” we did not have growing up.{Is that the leo influence? buying love?}Now my parents generation is living to 100 years old..When social security was designed {which was not designed by baby boomers btw} people lived to about 68 so 3 years of social security no problem.But now the baby boomers all coming up for retirement ,If like me have worked since they were 16 years old and payed into social security might lose it. I feel bad for our generation and our younger generations who should not have that burden. Maybe we need to go back to the times when 3 generations live in the same home.

    1. I think the Pluto in Leos are the worst. I’m Pluto in Libra. I like to think the mark my generation will make is on the values of our kids– Pluto in Scorpio & Sag. The last Pluto & Sag generations were our founding fathers. I have a lot of hope in these kids.

      1. Yikes! That looks harsher than I meant it. Obviously good people exist in every generation, but as far as their mark on society– I think they were and are selfish, entitled and abusive and are why society is such a mess. They overcompensated for their parents’ thrift by indulging every whim in he guise of “generosity” at the expense of their children.

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    Hence my name on here… ,-)

    I have always been able to intuitively interpret peoples generational & ancestral energies with just a simple glance. I love to study astrology through the cycles & patterns throughout history.
    As a child i was very similar to you Elsa, i was generally always around older people. & it was the older generations that gave me my greatest true values in life. Especially the Saturn in Scorpio 1920’s babies.. in which is the very cycle my grandparents were born into!

    It is my grandparents that have had the most influence on me throughout my life.
    Their spirits/energies soul/ghost will always guide me throughout my lifetime here on earth.

    I guess you could even call them ‘Spirit Guides’.

    My grandfather was an Indigenous Aussie. It is in my blood to believe in the afterlife, energy & spirit guides. It is always important to honor our ancestors & the generations before us. I have always believed this. & always will.

    But then again my Sun, Mars & Mercury being in the sign of Cancer could explain my why i have these beliefs, & my ancestral patterns. & my deep longing to speak, act & illuminate as much ‘truth’ about these topics as i possibly can.

    hmmm…food for thought!

    Thanx Elsa!!! Loving these threads! 🙂

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    I have gone through every response on here after reading Elsa’s post. It is so heart warming to know that others out there in the world like to think, feel, & communicate in a way that makes sharing on cyber space such a beautiful experience!

  18. This is one of the things that I grapple with on blogging. For example, there is a youthful (compared to me) group on this site. I often feel like I might be a drag on that energy.

  19. We are a three generation family with a pluto in cancer grandmother, pluto in leo parents, pluto in scorpio children. A big value difference between my parents and my generation was they had very little, (depression times) and they really hold on tight to whatever they have, work hard, did not want to take time to relax. Even now, my mother is rescuing things that we do not want, saving them in her room rather than letting us clear out old stuff.

    They gave us economic security, which they did not have. But they did not give us a lot extra things. In college, we had no stereo, mattress on a floor, bookshelves made from planks and cement bricks, wore army surplus and levis. All of us lived this way, the only way you could tell if someone had money, was they had a GOOD stereo. So my parents did not understand when we felt we could leave after schooling and travel around the world. We had the economic stability to believe that when we came back home we would do fine, but did not need it immediately. I was labelled “my daughter the ski bum, and my daughter the bum” at two different points in their life. They worried constantly about me.

    I then could not understand the ?pluto in Virgo generation, that wanted to dress up with suits and ties in college, have material things earlier. I think of them as the “Blues Brothers generation. Is that the GenX?

    My kids are definitely in a generation where they are just as happy with interacting with their friends on line as face to face. They seem to get bored or frustrated more readily than someone of an earlier generation.

    A problem in our 3 generational household, is that my daughter rebelled against her grandmother, rather than me. I still feel sad that she lost something special due to too close of a contact with her grandmother.

  20. Pluto in Virgo. I care about process, how things are done. I need to be as efficient as possible. Usually people are surprised when I explain the reasoning for doing things a certain way, I guess my heavy Pisces vibe hides my practicality.

    Deeply concerned with the environment, animal welfare, and trash. We have the most wasteful idiotic trash disposal, dig a hole and bury it…dump it in the ocean. Seriously, WTF? If we can put a man on the moon I’m sure we can figure out how to reduce trash and dispose of it in a manner that impacts the environment less.

    And why buy a pet when you can rescue one? Why tear down a building rather than refurbish? Why buy new when there’s thrift shops, Ebay and Salvation Army bursting with clothes? Why buy into the consumer culture hook, line and sinker?

  21. Pluto in Libra here. I always want to see things both ways, and I value multiple perspectives. To me, the older generations see things as black and white. For example, you are either gay or straight, white or “a minority,” liberal or conservative. I think the younger generations are less quick to make judgments and are more likely to see these things as part of a spectrum.

    Also, our generation has been less prosperous. We are better off to value human interaction over acquiring big cars or houses. Of my friends who are parents, none of them are raising their children in a space as large as the one they grew up in.

  22. I’m from the Pluto in Scorpio generation, and I can think of a few thoughts about my generation.
    Positive: the Pluto in Scorpio generation is very concerned about society and the environment. With that level of concern, I think the Pluto in Scorpio generation has the potential to solve certain problems.
    Negative: the Pluto in Scorpio generation may be so concerned about issues at the collective level that there may be less focus on personal responsibility. Just like personal responsibility isn’t enough without collective support and resources to get something accomplished, collective resources are useless when a person does not have the willpower to take advantage of those resources.

    I also perceive the Pluto in Scorpio generation as a canary in the coalmine. If things are wrong in society, that generation is going to feel those problems very keenly, a bit too keenly.

    While I have met a few Pluto in Virgo people, it’s hard for me to describe my interactions with them from a Pluto generation perspective.

    As far as Pluto in Libra people are concerned, I do appreciate their social tolerance, but some members of that generation can be a bit too relativist when some issues do require drawing a line somewhere.

    I admire the can-do attitude of members of the Pluto in Cancer generation.

    As far as the Pluto in Leo generation is concerned, there can sometimes be a clash in priorities from experience, but I can get along with them pretty well, especially those who identify with the events of the 1960s.

    Astrology is great in the sense that it helps keep in perspective some of the priorities of different generations as well as some of the life-altering collective events that define a generation as people come of age.

    Pluto in Cancer: the Great depression and WWII
    Pluto in Leo: the 1960s (the hippie movement, the Vietnam War, the racial equality movement…) and the 1980s (the Reagan years)
    Pluto in Virgo: Reagan years? (could someone confirm this?)
    Pluto in Libra: the end of the Cold War and the Clinton years (could someone confirm this?)
    Pluto in Scorpio: 9/11, the Bush years and the current economic crisis

    With that said, it’s important for every generation to keep an open mind to life-altering collective events way after their 20s. People seem to be stuck on some of the life events that happened in their youth, many people have trouble opening up to other experiences.

    While I know the events that will define my mindset, I must keep in mind the events that crystallized the mentalities of previous generations and keep an open mind towards the transformative events the Pluto in Sagittarius and the Pluto in Capricorn generations will go through.

  23. I’m 35 (Pluto in mid-degree Libra). I’ve worked for years, with a ton of early degrees Pluto in Virgo/Saturn in Capricorn people. At work, there were 7 of them, all men. Then I went to art school and met a lot of Pluto in Scorpio people.

    Dad is mid-degree Pluto in Cancer, mum is 0 degrees Pluto in Leo.

    My values are having kindness as your first handshake, service to the community, a healthy degree of self-sufficiency, combined with this desired connection with community. Determining how best to share everything: values, resources, ideas, energy, bread. I also value spiritual pursuit (Neptune in Sagittarius) on an individual level. I value getting to know your body as well as your mind and your base desires and trying to find a healthy balance. I value questioning everything, most importantly my own behaviour.

    Mostly, I value my health, that I was given the gift of a body and I want to honour that gift by making the most out of life. I value taking the good with the bad.

    My personality, genes, upbringing, experience…

  24. pluto in mid-libra – gen x’r here.

    my group of peers value connection and community. good quality of life (as mentioned above…$$ is usually a means to an end – not the ultimate goal, though all of us are hard workers)
    tolerance/”live and let live” philosophy….often peppered with just the right amount of sarcasm:) favorite thing about my generation is our sense of humor. tends to expand when you see both sides of the coin.

    what dorchid said about holistic systems rings true as well.

  25. Pluto in Leo on desc.. I value love, loyalty and creativity.. happily married 36yrs to an artist, deeply connected.

    Thanks for such an interesting thread,enjoying reading everyone’s posts.

  26. Pluto in Virgo 1957 to 1971. We grew up in the sixties. When we went to college, we were the largest generation to attend college. When we finished college, there was a recession. I would not identify myself with Reagan. But we saw the Vietnam War, Watergate, Agnew’s resignation, Nixon’s resignation, two Supreme Court Justices leave the court in scandal, Iraq hostages, the greatest recession since the Great Depression (until 2008), rising oil prices, Iran-Contra, and the rise of conservatism. Yet so many of my generation have total amnesia.

    1. Same here! Pluto in Virgo (1958) and all these things you mention were very relevant to me. Most of my friends are Pluto in Leo boomers. They grew up in the days when you could bum around after college, take your time settling down, and most are retiring with a good life. I worked through college and had to get a job immediately, though there was a recession on. Rents in the city had been cheap but jumped in 1979-1980 when I graduated so I couldn’t afford them. I feel Pluto in Virgo was all the party’s over! And I’ll have to work until I drop to keep afloat. I suspect young people now must feel the same way, though. Pluto inflated in Sag and went bust in Capricorn.

  27. My mom is Pluto in Virgo and I’m Pluto in Libra. There are times when values-wise, we clash (but I have Virgo, so sometimes we agree.)

    She’s more frugally-minded, money-conscious and less wasteful than I am. When we discuss religion or politics, she tends to draw a hard line and I prefer not to do so as as much. So it can be a challenge, for sure. I mean, who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong? We just come from different perspectives is all.

  28. it seems like there was at least a common language or something between the generations, before. (I grew up around a lot of different types of people.)

  29. Agreed, Jilly.

    Why are ‘everyone’ and ‘everything’ statements so popular? I truly do not understand. When a person says ‘everyone’ and follows up with a damning, negative statement about ‘everyone’, do you think that person means himself, too? I am beginning to wonder. I feel like every time I turn I hear or read an ‘everyone’ statement.

    t.Saturn moving in on my 11th House Uranus. I truly feel like an alien.

  30. I think ‘everyone’ and ‘everything’ expresses what the person is experiencing. It’s an exaggeration of sorts but makes a point of the issue at hand perhaps. Myself, I drive semantically correct people absolutely nuts. Please excuse any lack of eloquence. For a virgo, refined I ain’t.

  31. This topic always fascinates me.

    There is a book called “Generations” by Neil Howe (and someone else whose name I’m forgetting) that is really interesting. It catalogues all of the generations throughout American history, from before the country was founded to the 90s (when it was written). There are cycles in societal trends, parenting, and a whole lot more. I highly recommend it. It’s definitely helped me to appreciate the perspectives of my elders a little more, AND- see where we could be headed! If you’re interested in American history at the least, read this book 🙂

    A lot of the discord between generations, I find, is due to misunderstanding and criticism. The younger ones always get that criticism, the “in my day” comments. And the younger ones love to make fun of the old and their out of date attitudes.

    Each generation tends to be a rebellion against the previous one(s). Role models are great, but so are anti-role models! Times change, things change, and we need to update. But hopefully we can take the good along for the ride while shedding the bad. (Ha!)

    For me, I value my elders, but only when there is a mutual respect. I think that’s important. Some of my elders have told me “you have to put up with us because we put up with our elders,” meaning bad behavior, disrespect etc. This is not something I will ever agree with.

    I find that people my age and younger have perspectives to learn from as well. As I get older I believe this will serve me well.

    1. What are the values of your generation? How do they differ from the values of your elders? How are they the same?

      I’m an Xer. My values have been freedom of thought, opinion, personality, lifestyle etc etc, we’re a mishmash generation. You can’t get us to organize and fight like the Baby Boomers because we’re disjointed, like the families we were raised in. We were the latchkey kids who grew up with divorce becoming normal. Mixed families. For us, anything goes, everything is acceptable. And wow did older people dislike us for all of this, especially the PC stuff, but the way I see it, they forced the issue by raising us the way they did. We’re a motley crew, heavily criticized, most think we’re screwed economically and we probably are, and we are still just sticking up our middle fingers instead of doing much about it, because the belief, deeply ingrained, is “no one listens to us anyway.” I’m sure others could add to this, maybe make it less bleak 🙂

      I see the Millennials as the ones who could actually create change they want to see. They are far more energized. However they were all raised to feel extraordinary and special and it’s biting them in the ass, and on top of it, the ones who raised them to believe that now find fault with them for it! Not to mention the deck is stacked against them in the most basic of ways, like finding good employment.

      1. I was going to say something similar. I’m pluto in libra. I think we’re kind of apathetic when it comes to systems. We’re kind of hippyish but not militant in the least. I feel like we are the quietest generation when it comes to our views. You didn’t see a lot of protests when we were in our twenties.
        I would say we value knowledge but not necessarily education. We value wholesome living. Close to nature but comfort as well. There’s some focus on our appearance but not like the pluto in Leo generation. I think they are more into youth and we are more into the link between beauty and health. Maybe we picked that up from the pluto in virgo generation.

        1. I agree with all of that. And I’d even like to add that something I love about our generation is that we were really free to just be whatever we wanted. The Greatest and Silents built a system, the Boomers broke it down, and we were left with the aftermath. So we take care of ourselves in our own way. It’s one genuine way to live, and can be pretty balanced as well, such as the link between beauty and health that you mention – very big with our age group.

  32. I understand we’re mostly American here, but it’s interesting to think that this plays out in different cultures in different ways- the same planets.

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    Wow! These are super interesting… I guess. I can’t really say for sure what my generation is (Pluto in Scorpio). Some of us are post-emo. 🙂 Some of us are now hipsters, some of us are hipster-haters hahah. Some of us are sensitive (or have too many triggers to communicate with other generations, or I fear communicate with each other). Some of us want to right wrongs, and be better and improve ourselves. Some of us just want to have fun and be carefree. Others are thinking and doing things that they hope are big or lasting. Some of us do more than just clock in clock out. We’ve been asked to aspire for more, so some have tried to do that. Some are trying to learn from the lessons of the older generation (whether they consider them mistakes or life tenets is another matter). Each generation is trying to do their best, with whatever they’ve got. Seriously. I’m trying not to say “everyone” and “everything” hahaha 🙂

    Problem for my generation is when you tell folks to aspire to think outside of the box, no one knows what the box is haha. A lot of times by trying to think outside the box, you end up making just another version of the box! Haha yeah… Hoomins are funny beings aren’t we?

  34. I love this topic. Especially the first sentence.
    I’ve said a lot on this in my life at different times.

    I think new TV shows are cropping up to reflect my generation’s sense of pathlessness and wondering what we mean. And the experience of our women. Shows like broad city, girls which I related to more at twenty five, Louie who is really a lightning rod for Pluto in Capricorn. Movies like Frances ha or drinking buddies.

    Now I most exactly relate to bits of master of none. Aziz Anssri or his persona really is similar to me. The episode that covers his immigrant family makes me cry.

    I really related to tiny furniture the movie at twenty three. Lena Dunham and I have a lot in common or her artistic persona does at least.

    The song young shields really embodied my generation a few years ago. It goes

    There’s a shield around us
    It’s invisible & soundless
    & we drink too much & xxxx too soon
    Smoke cigarettes in rented rooms
    We quit our jobs & shoot the moon
    & cut our wrists & sleep til noon

    We’ve cursed the names of our hometowns
    We’re compassless & nowhere bound

  35. I think comedians really beautifully embody the meaning of their generations. They say it better than I sometimes can. I had met a fair amount of thirty something men who were concentrated on working on their start up or other cool non serious job, physical and mental hobbies, traveling, dcking around, having roommates. Basically being a play boy or Peter pan. I realize they probably had Pluto in Libra. Observing Twee thirty year old gals in zooey Deschanel dressed or ones who focus on travel or grad school I thought my generation wouldn’t get serious or would cut me some slack. Well many of us seem to be getting serious. I’m not sure. I can say we aren’t as idealistic or mobilized as the young people of earlier generations. The Wilfred Owens. The Paris commune starters. But we aren’t all fluff either.

    I think my generation also values following your passion at the expense of a normal life track and it values doing the traveling now rather than later. We are also alienated from each other due to technology and lack of community.

  36. I think the past generations of my family have struggled and sacrificed, particularly the war ones. But they don’t really show us how they did it or what it took. Or the sacrifices they made for us. Zhvanetsky wrote a sad as sht poem about this.
    so the vision for me is that theyre nine to five humble workin peeps. That they don’t care about career as much as stability. This isn’t an accurate picture. The concept is that parents do everything for children and expect the same because family. The other tendency is to shelter your children from the struggles or issues of your childhood. So I had additional trouble imagining what sacrifices they made for me.

    I’m being all weird and cryptic.

    Jack from thirty rock puts it best.

    “The first generation works their fingers to the bone making things, the next generation goes to college and innovates new ideas, the third generation… snowboards and takes improv classes.”

    I think Pluto in Libra took the improv classes and so far we did it too

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    I love the way you have of seeing the world and I can’t believe that you were not here already when I got here… Well, I have a whole entire theory on THAT kinda subject, but I really don’t feel like I’m a product of my own Pluto generation completely in the way that I was raised by older parents, my father was almost 53 when I was born and I have half sisters who are boomers, and I have some rather unorthodox style yet another level of my belief is kinda vanilla (maybe not THAT vanilla-autocorrect suggested the word VAGINA lol) anyway I am working on a book about the Pluto Scorpio generation if you are interested in contributing any insight whatsoever (if you are post-Scorp too, I am still really taken with your insights) please contact me any time. I hope that you are writing.

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    Oh, Kri, the really long post about observations etc. was directed at you…m and I can’t believe how much of a change in my father took place when my music career took off and my brother took his life within a few months of each other. He became an emotionally open and extremely curious and sympathetic person. I made a new relationship with the man who was nearly impossible to appease the first 2 decades of my life and I have been privileged to be his daughter honored to sing him into the next world with my mom at the end of the second 2 decades on the solstice the longest night. We share a Gemini moon and his Libra ascendant was a lot more diplomatic in human relations; my Aquarius ascendant makes me think a bit like an alien time travel version of my generation. My mom’s Libra moon Pisces ascendant makes for the ideal candidate to represent delusion and politeness. They’re both Sagittarius and I grew up dodging arrows. My mom has said multiple times that she tried to “clamp her yatki shut” another day so I have hope that i can’t be Scorpio. And they wondered why I was reluctant to bring anyone who i was serious about….home. ?⚘?

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