21 thoughts on “Leo: Flattery, Real Gold vs Fool’s Gold”

  1. phel… I feel the same. Aware I have Venus in Leo people frequently try to access me in this way and they just get a stupid look back. “How can you be so stupid as to think I am so stupid?” That is my exact thought.

    And then there is immediate distrust because I know the person is not connected to their heart which is always scary.

  2. I adore most of the Leos I’ve known. They are incredibly warm, generous people – and if you’re looking for a hero, look no further.
    I’ve known some who were a little self-obsessed, but really, so what? 1., they’re such interesting people, why wouldn’t they be? – and 2., that’s awfully easy to overlook in favor of all their superior qualities! Besides, my Leo friends are amazingly willing to overlook my failings – no mean feat – and most everyone else’s, too.
    (I hope that I didn’t just bring up more Leo stereotypes, did I? If so, I think they’re good ones…)

  3. hmm. This is a weird perspective for me. I have jupiter in leo, and I love to flatter people when they really deserve it. I don’t understand the concept of flatering someone if it’s not from the heart. maybe because i have saturn in virgo making close hard aspects to personal planets I tend to not flatter people superfically, I’m actually critical, unless they deserve it alot, and then i’m really happy to flatter them sick. But it’s always from the heart. So I don’t understand the concept of flattery you’re talking about.

  4. Come to think of it, I do know people that flatter superficially. If it’s towards me I tend to force a smile and then ignore it. But people usually do that with children, flattering them over stupid things. to make them happy. that’s nice.

  5. Mars in Leo – I often don’t know the difference between flattery and a real compliment, but not because I think all flattery is true. Rather because I think of it all as being false, even when it isn’t. With many planets in the 12th, maybe I’m afraid of being fooled, so I just assume it is all false? With flattery, much of it IS false, anyway. Over time, I can usually tell when someone is using fake flattery, because it becomes obvious that their actions don’t match their words. Then I know to stay away.

  6. flattery is just a means to an end as far as i’m concerned. cynical outlook perhaps, but i’d much prefer it if someone came out and said what it is she/he would really like from me.

    i have planets in leo and came by this understanding through trial and error.

  7. Oh, thank Cheeze! As a Leo, I get so tired of this advice because it’s so disrespectful and idiotic. This Leo will cut you off for pulling that crap. 😉

  8. My sun is in Leo and I couldn’t agree more! My heart rules all things in my life, not material possessions and flattery. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is how I am treated and loved.

  9. As a leo true to the heart is exactly right about us leos, and I can say that whatever experiences I encounter they are definetly felt in the heart, I able to feel different situations through the heart bad or good…

  10. “So if someone tries to do that to me, I’ll walk the other way and not even acknowledge them.”

    Yeah, Lis, like a reeeal queen. Leo has got no time for fake heart and more than Taurus has time for fake chocolate!

  11. This Leo Sun (with Mars conjunct) hates that crap. All the Leos I know (well, with a couple of messed-up exceptions 😉 ) are genuine people with huge hearts who can spot and AVOID insincerity and empty souls.

    So if someone tries to do that to me, I’ll walk the other way and not even acknowledge them.

  12. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    Even with 4 planets in Libra, I don’t flatter (as I see it), and I ignore flattery (Saturn in Leo, Sun in Virgo). (Uhm, I even ignore praise sometimes. I know best, you know:P)

    But, I have Ceres (conjunct Psyche) in Leo trine Asc, and I love to give praise!!! It’s very important to me; in my experience, all too few people give credit where it is due.

  13. i have the utmost respect for leos that are real queens but i’ve run across a lot of insecure ones that are endless black holes for attention. which, i guess, i mean to say is, there’s an art to being a leo with grace rather than just style… and those ones usually know the difference between sincerity and otherwise.

    i like what you say about being connected to the heart. i think that makes the biggest difference. because people who aren’t always seem (to me) to be looking to pull it out of someone else.

  14. I find that i give Leos flattery somtimes not in all sincerity, but not entirely concocted if they seem to want or need it.

  15. Haha, I had a Leo boyfriend once. I forgot his birthday one year, and he slept with someone else that night. He felt bad and fessed up, and this showed me he really did have a big heart. Cause thats how it is with em. So now I do’t hesitate to give flattery or praise.

  16. Oh, I forgot to call my Leo ex-boyfriend to wish him a happy birthday, and he actually called me at 8:00 am (on his birthday) to yell at me about it!
    I have Venus in Leo and I hate insincerity and flattery, but if I’m complimented in a way that emphasizes my uniqueness, well, I love it.

  17. Well, the ex I had such a struggle with was a mighty Leo. what always made me sad, as our relationship flamed out, was that I knew his heart was no longer in it. I must say, as difficult as he was, when he spoke and acted from the heart it was as if I was being lifted up with him. Anyway, in our final, last conversation, I told him, if your heart is not in this, then that’s okay, because I don’t want that for you and I sure as hell don’t want that for me. And I wasn’t being a martyr. I meant it. Sigh…

  18. I am glad you posted this too! Being a Leo Sun I have a hard time with flattery/compliments (giving or receiving.) My Virgo Venus compounds this, I think. I don’t like to say things I don’t truly mean. Many times if I give a compliment, I hear ” that means a lot coming from you”…( and sometimes that bothers me to…like I never have anything nice to say?) Leos want respect and recognition for true accomplishment/achievement more.

  19. Awww…that was the first post I ever read at elsaelsa.com, I still remember.
    So I will have officially been reading here for two years in October =)

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