Astrology & Children’s Charts

When does a person’s chart kick in? What about patterns in families and how about payback?

Child Natal Report 

Give us an example of how your natal chart showed itself when you were young!

9 thoughts on “Astrology & Children’s Charts”

  1. Your video is timely.

    I was pondering the charts of children and how we parents refuse to see our child (or anyone else), as they are without projecting certain characteristics unto them.

    And also how themes play out energetically, astrologically.

    My son has Pluto in Cap, 1st House. He, until a year ago, had no boundaries. Now, we scale the walls up high for bargaining quips atop the cold bricks.

    I, too, have Mars in Scorpio (conj. Saturn, trine Venus, sq Sun, opp. Moon. Both my Mom & Dad have Scorpio Moons. We all got what we deserved/needed).

    All this Scorpio energy has been releasing itself in cathartic fashion for many family members in the last year. Since Christmas, I’ve been having a surreal and fun time.

  2. I’ll have to order two in the future. I got two air sign kids (Gemini and Aquarius) with one lacking earth and the other lacking fire. We (my husband and I) are both Aries and Leo, so it’s an interesting household…

  3. I literally just posted on an astrology forum moments ago asking if anyone could help me see what my 4 year old is here to teach me. Then I went to my own transits and saw that Pluto is in exact square to my natal Pluto and has just crossed my ascendant and is finally in my 1st house. THEN I opened up my email and this was sent to me. Funny how the universe works.

  4. I have a whole mess of mutable in my chart, and I’m also a Sag, with Mercury Uranus in Scorpio. When we would go out somewhere and hear people speaking in a foreign language, I wanted to be able to understand them, but also, I wanted to be able to speak in my own “secret language” with people and not be understood! I was very into cryptology from a young age. I remember learning when I was about 8 years old that you could write with lemon juice and let it dry, and send a secret message to a friend that they could then read by heating the paper on a lightbulb. I loved it!!! Anyway, in my middle school, we weren’t allowed to take any foreign language until 7th grade, and in 6th we had to take a reading class, and did I ever loathe it! I just sat there and didn’t read because I wanted to be in the Spanish class. I told my teacher that it was stupid that I had to sit there and read for an hour since I obviously already knew how to read, hahaha. So then in 7th grade, I took Spanish, and I was head over heels in love. I ended up studying many languages, studied linguistics in college, and made it my career before I had children. By the way, Elsa called it when she first saw my chart many years ago when I was still in college. It must have been very obvious to her.

  5. I was a big saver (Cap stellium in the second house) and wanted to make money because when you made money in my family you were in charge of yourself and that’s what I needed. I babysat at 11 and got a job “under the table” in sweatshop at 13. I bought my own school clothes and eyeglasses and was very proud of myself lol.

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