Jupiter (How Broadminded Are You?)

jupiter coinMy husband and I were talking about a peer of his. They have experiences in common. The man feels certain things, which my husband understands. He feels the same things, in a limited way.

“I’ll tell you the difference between you and him,” I said. “He thinks in terms of his lifetime. You think in terms of many lifetimes. He’s thinking about what he’s seen over the course of his life. Fifty years or so.  Maybe a little more. You’re thinking of the what has happened over the course of thousands of years. This makes a big difference.”


“No, that’s it. Your perspectives are different and it creates a separation between you.  You just don’t have the same view.  You see things differently – very differently…”

How broadminded are you, really?

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  1. Taking “the long view” means different things to everyone. Is it a Jupiter placement that gives one a broader view, or a combination with Mercury ? I’d say one’s Mercury has a lot to do with our perspectives.

    1. Mercury and perspective. I have to agree. How interesting. That solves alot of communication problems for me. House wise and dispositer wise. With that take, we ain’t so broad after all . 😀

  2. It’s relative. But I would say that extremely broad minded. I try to look at things from gods perspective a lot. Of course I can’t. But I try to step back as far as I can from time to time. There’s a lot of value in that for me. I try to step closer too from time to time. That’s more difficult for me, even though its really the same thing when I think about it.

    I have Saturn conj jupiter. Jupiter is in my ninth house square neptune in my twelfth house.

  3. I learned at some point (although I think it’s one of those things that everyone knows in their souls. Just a matter of remembering), that the ability to change my perspective meant absolute freedom. I guess freedom is a jupiter thing. Looking at things from many angles is a libra thing. I’m not sure where in my chart allows me to integrate those impressions and not just observe them. But I’m so glad that i can.

    1. @Libra Noir totally agree. I have 8th H jupiter trine my 4th H sag moon and I have always tried to take God’s perspective to the best of my ability which is of course quite limited. In doing so, I understand the complexity of each individual and each trial we go through as well as the past present and future circumstances that I will never be able to partake in. Maybe it’s a cardinal cross with my libra sn but I’m always so aware and I think its such a wonderful thing to be aware of. It truly is open to everyone but I guess it is quite hard to wrap one’s head around so its easier for many people to limit their view to their present reality.

  4. The upset is that the US is collapsing. This is a big deal if you think in terms of your own lifetime. But if you think in terms of thousands of years, it’s not nearly as important.

    It’s a shame we could not or did not learn from history, but we’re not the first people to fail, either.

    My husband told me some years ago, if we lost this country, there would probably be nothing like for 100 years….and then he added, “probably more like 2-300.”

    If you scale current events in this way, we just another society wiped out for our own stupidity. I am sorry if that’s rude, but look around.

  5. I’m really interested in talking about this. So sorry if I’m posting so much.

    I think there are many people walking around that know this life is not permanent. That have a sense of something before and after and behind and above this thing we call life. And we are different. Maybe our souls are older?

  6. You can bemoan what’s happened in your lifetime…or you can look at the bigger picture, and become more educated.
    All of this is Jupiter stuff.

    There is education…and there is education beyond education.

    1. Oops, did something wrong & erased my message – I think. Hope this is not a double.
      I tend to think that broad-minded means accepting ideas from different mind-sets or cultures, but I suppose that can apply to space AND time.
      Fairly often when walking around (old buildings still exist where I live) I think of the past and how people lived in preceding centuries and imagine myself living there.
      But concerning history mainly wanted to mention a book I’m reading right now : “Lila: An Inquiry into Morals” by Robert Pirsig (author of “Zen and th Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”). Is is absolutely right on to analyse/understand the drift of social values in the States (but applies universally). Was written in 1991 (I think) but is very timely reading to put things in perspective in this time of decline. It is absolutely fantastic.
      P.S. Elsa, maybe you read it and your dog was named after this book?????!!

      1. Ha ha! Lila is short for Lysistrata. She’s a Greek woman who got all the women to quit having sex with their men, until they stopped the war.

        Her middle name is “Desdemona”. 🙂

  7. I agree that this society is in decline. It had such potential. Greed is powerful though. And it works really quickly to destroy.

  8. I understand this well. My husband is a huge history scholar as his way to relax. I love it too (though am not as well versed by any means) and have a perspective that traveling and living in other cultures provided as well. I tend to take the more broad approach too; I can be concerned when something is “in my lifetime” (whatever the subject) but I also have to go with the historical rise-and-fall viewpoint of empires, tides, etc.

    1. I agree, that living in other countries helps broaden things as well as learning another language… or just developing relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

  9. I have Jupiter in late late Libra conjunct Neptune and North Node in early Scorpio (at mid-point of a T-Square). I don’t know if its related, but I often feel in a single moment something that will actually take several years to unfold. This has happened both in terms of dreams (dreaming well before something happens as if it were already happening) and sometimes in intense intuitive emotional reactions (as if I’d seen a really big snake) that don’t make sense to anyone around me (why are you so mad?)–I suppose I should add that the t-square opposition is between mars/uranus. I also have a sense of what some folks might call prior lives, but I no longer think we live lives in sequence–I think its more like time is folded.

  10. I’m totally a big-picture person – in a way people sometimes find inappropriate. In my eyes, however, being able to grasp the whole design of things and thinking BIG, on a large scale (of time, of space, of correlation between things) is a huge plus. I have Jupiter in Gemini, 11th House, trine Moon, and Uranus conj. Saturn in Sadge.

  11. The thing I run into with the way I think in a situation is that the pieces I am given or get, have to fit into something larger. It’s the way I learn too. The other way of learning is a step by step rote process. The best example to explain is when I train someone to do a job. As I show them my process I am prone to tell them where the pieces fit into the larger job. The step by step learner does not care. They just want to know what they have to do. If I have a teacher or trainer who does not give me overview first to where I can apply what I’m being taught, I get very frustrated and it hampers my learning. The tech degree training in my recent past was very hands on and team driven so that involved another challenge dealing with getting by personal obstacles to get the work done, ie. focussed on the larger shared goal and the best way to get it done. The interesting thing, is that not everybody has the same big picture. Some might look at the big picture as moving career ahead, making more money, paying the bills, social enjoyment, social status, or doing the job at hand. It’s where conflict of interests comes in. I think personal choices shape the big picture a person is looking at.

  12. Libra/Scorpio 8th House, Pisces Moon in the 12th….. I know alot of people want to lay down their roots and do something with their lives and leave a legacy etc etc (bla bla bla, good on you kind sir for having a vision lol), but I tend to think in terms of…..well, my life is what it is, whether its long or short, or whether i accomplish a little or a lot. But I don’t think I’m here to bind my view of things based on that. I was doing something before I came here and I’ll have to carry that on after I give up the ghost. Shadow Pisces can feel a bit depressed about that, disregarding the higher purpose an feeling left out of the humanity loop lol. But it’s like ok,, how broadminded I am in comparison to another is kind of a moot point. They may be more mundane and worldly than me, and therefore may be less broadminded I am (depending on the comparison), but whos to say their view isnt more broadminded than mine just because its focused on different aspects of life? I could be too focused on the bigger picture to truly have a broad mind…..food for thought people.

  13. I didn’t mean to imply my husband’s view was preferable. I was just explaining why there’s a disconnect between the two men.

    My husband understands his friend’s view and perhaps feels he should feel the way he does…more. This was my explanation for why it’s the way it is. It’s very obvious to me.

    Another example, people will want to see something (say, in their country), before they die. It’s very common. Life stops with them. But another person – my husband (with Jupiter in Sadge) things way beyond his own death.

    I do as well. Like one woman thinks she could not live without her husband. I think, I am likely to have to live without my husband, possibly for thirty years or more.

    Beyond that, I think of us circling back and partnering again (in another life), because we both expect that.

    Thinking like this doesn’t make a life less important. It changes it though.

    The things that bother the one man, irritate him to no end. My husband may not like it, but he also thinks it a drop in the bucket. Not the suffering that’s ahead – he feels it could have and should have been avoided. But the fact that people don’t learn very well…make the same mistakes that have been made before.

    So why are we – the generations alive now – any better then the people who failed before us? Obviously we’re not – we may be worse. So now we’ll cycle around again and maybe 100 more times until we figure it out.

  14. I am interested in history and have been studying the times when things fell apart. I feel like I understand some of these times better than many. But I feel like wide perspective can have its own biases. I use zooming out in perspective as a coping strategy for instance, and I always have to be aware that while I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, I need to be fully present in the present too. I think that wide perspectives tend to make it easy to forget that the future is new and can only be judged so far by the past. And it can be easy to emphasize change over continuity when the big picture is spread out. I love history though. And without my ‘zooming out’ I would not have as much fun.

  15. I hope I am broadminded. I aim to be. Saturn squares Jupiter in Gemini in the 10th, so maybe it adds a touch of reality – a bit like driving with the handbrake partially on! However, Jupiter is conjunct Vesta and North Node, so I think it might be my part of my job in a way…

  16. I don’t know if broadmindedness is not actually a bad thing if it is too emphasized. Jupiter tends to exaggerate ( mine for sure 😛 ). I often miss the obvious that lies within my reach, right before my nose. What’s the use of a large vision of human history if it doesn’t help you in your everyday life?

  17. What amuses me is that we worry about humanity. Like human life will go on forever when it is quite likely the earth will go through some massive event that will make life as we know it extinct. There are small organisms that can survive extreme conditions and they may seed the next life cycle or something from some other rock in space will hit earth and may seed it. What humans do with what we have now is mostly what I’m interested in. We sure are complicating everything at the moment. Let’s make it as hard as possible. 😀 I like to enjoy the creation as much as possible. To not be grateful for the chance to do so, that would be sacriligious in my book. What’s it all here for anyway. Pain? Inflicting pain? I don’t buy onto that school of thinking.

  18. Jupiter in Sadge here too! I see all these people fretting about what will happen in their lifetime/in their childrens’ lifetimes and I find it really funny. I think in terms of eras, epochs, generations, lifetimes. I’m not careless or callous, nor blase or nonchalant, I do care about the things others fret over as a courtesy to them I discuss these matters but I can’t get all bent out of shape about things like global economic collapse or carbon emissions and the hole in the ozone layer. We are in but one era of human life, it will continue, or it won’t, it might get difficult for a while and we will persevere, or we won’t. I might suffer and my children might suffer, but no more than generations before us.

    And as with you Elsa, I believe I will be back around in some form or another with the same souls that I have unfinished business. We’ll go ’round and ’round for awhile. Maybe here on earth or maybe someplace else. And yeah, I’ll probably have a bunch of years without my husband alive and I am good with that. It’s all just “a stop on the bus” as one of my friends likes to describe it. We are here but for a very short time.

    1. Yeah, it is short. It didn’t see this way when I was young, but then you realize…

      You realize, you’re going over the edge, soon, if not even sooner, lol. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to take yourself all that seriously.

      One thing I have started doing is praying for the forgotten dead. This:

      O merciful God,
      take pity on those souls
      who have no particular friends and intercessors
      to recommend them to Thee, who,
      either through the negligence of those who are alive,
      or through length of time are forgotten
      by their friends and by all.
      Spare them, O Lord,
      and remember Thine own mercy,
      when others forget to appeal to it.
      Let not the souls which Thou hast created
      be parted from thee, their Creator.

      May the souls of all the faithful departed,
      through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
      If figure there are a lot people who need this service. I decided to pitch in. Then maybe when I’m dead, they’ll be someone to pray for me.

  19. Rx Taurus Jupiter here..
    I don’t know what to think about this, my understanding of “broadmindedness” takes on many dimensions whenever that word is used. I can be so stubborn about Religion, Philosophy and all that entails, unless it has physical tangibility, its just idealism gone amuck imo.

  20. I totally relate. In my last job, it was almost impossible to make any life-long friends (unlike some of my other jobs where I still have friendships with people I met there), the reason being that when you’re around people whose interest is mainly whether they can pay their mortgage, if your thinking is on a higher, broader level, there’s really no connection between the two of you. You can both have a nice day together, as long as you keep everything lighthearted and somewhat trivial, however, if you try to have a deeper conversation, you end up watching their eyes glaze over because they just can’t “go” there with you. If it’s not about them, they have no interest.

  21. I just wondered… Do you think that seeing life composed of slowly, gradually unfolding phases is a part of broadmindness? Question may seem unnecessary to those who already see it that way. But believe me there are so many people who are in the habit of thinking heavily on today and its consequences than, pondering over how this or that event will unfold itself or will reveal itself to them throughout their life time. Many things happen and some are good, some are a bit restricting, but they are there for a reason, perhaps to yield unexpected gains in the future. What do you think? Unaspected Jupiter in Libra.

    1. I don’t know that I can define broadmindedness. For example, my husband’s friend has a lot of education of many types. He’s traveled around the world more then once, he has multiple degrees and he’s still in college. But he does think in terms of his lifetime…my husband does not. That’s pretty much all I can say for sure.

    2. Unaspected planets. That’s interesting. I don’t have any. I wonder what that’s like. Would like to hear more. So what I think is that now I have another query.

  22. I can totally relate to that Diane.
    Elsa, I also agree with you but I am hoping that a group of us that eantvto uphold our country will do what we can do, doingpolitical grass roots things. And if er fail, at least we fought for it.
    As far as broad mindedness goes, I thinks it’s rare to have such a long view as your hubby. I think it would be helpful. I have a Jupiter ruled first house, that houses Mercury. Unfortunately, Saturn is also there in the middle. But I work at being broad minded. Though if you asked my ex-husband, he’d disagree on some levels.

  23. I have to apologize for the garble above. It looks right on my phone and then the smart.keyboard self corrects. You will have to decipher what it means by context.

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    James Slattery

    Broadmindedness is like a muscle, like any thought pattern, and improves through use! It’s easy to fall in line with your gender, your religion, your ethnicity or your social class and start touting the “party line”. Travel, life experience and education (of the good kind) all help to create an ability to make up your own mind despite your upbringing. People think to be critical of others makes them look analytical but it often reflects a lack of self perception and self knowledge. Being open brings so much more into your life., you won’t believe!

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