Circular Economy?

circular economyHave you heard the term, “circular economy”?  This is just coming together for me. I am not sure if I understand it the way it’s supposed to be understood. From what I can tell by marrying my personal experience with what I can read about this, which tend to be written in “vague”, it falls in line with the idea that you will own nothing (and be happy).

It’s like e-books or music you buy on these various platforms. Rather than have something someone can inherit, the goods go back to the source when you die. You’re essential renting the stuff. Goods have become “services”. When you’re dead, you no longer need your services!

Mulling this, I recalled when Eileen Fisher clothing came out with tags about how they want their clothing back. What? If I bought it, it’s mine, isn’t it? If I’m done with it, I can give it away or I can sell it or I can toss it or I can store it – it’s mine!  Why in the world would I return it to the seller?

It occurred to me at the time, there is so much re-sale of the various brand on sites like Ebay and a many others… perhaps this hurt sales? I don’t know. It was my first thought. But there are a lot of pro-sellers on these sites these day.  If you gave your clothing back to the manufacturer, don’t you think they would resell it? I do!

Today, I see countless businesses moving to this kind of model. You’re born, you work, you consume, and you leave nothing to anyone because ______.

I’ll let you fill in the blank.

What’s the astrology here? Anyone?  And how do you fill that blank?

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  1. I’m not an expert on anything. I believe money is currency. Currency is energy. Returning the energy borrowed to its origin gives it a broader reach than keeping it “in the family.” When we choose to return the material, imbued in its energetic value defined by this currency, to its origin rather than holding it close passing it down a single bloodline, we cast a wider net for the right person to find it at the right time. How many of us have inherited something material that felt completely irrelevant to our lives? I feel like in a circular economy we are greater equipped to restore refresh and nurture the collective not just holding resources fixed to a single bloodline to which they may provide little or no benefit at all beyond the original owner

    1. I understand. But it’s not really a “bloodline” thing.

      I can give items I have bought and paid for to anyone I want, at any time for any reason. I can also sell my items – why? Because they are mine?

      I can have a yard sale… and I choose what, of everything I own, I would like to offer to people who come by to peruse my sale.

      Do you see anything wrong with this?

      1. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I struggled a lot to come up with a word or phrase to fit the blank. My mother in law lives for yard sales. I feel there are pros and cons to both the circular economy and the alternatives that coexist with it. Perhaps one is more effective at reducing or eliminating waste than the other? It’s difficult to tell which. The transition to a circular economy, if it occured in a vacuum absent of things such as the profit motive for example, could in theory eliminate wasteful consumption but I dont think it’s doing that either in practice under the current circumstances. I am very grateful for this food for thought

        1. Thanks, Sarah.

          As for the waste, I think it would be best addressed on front end. Don’t buy everything they try to sell you! Discern!

          Do I really need this? Could this money be better spent (to include the option of giving the money to someone in need)?

          It may help you understand (my position) if you know that I grew up with, Henry, my grandfather, who worked from sun up to sundown, every day, only to agonize over spending $5 for a transistor radio… when as an alternative, he could give the money away.

          Henry In His Own Words – Authentically Interesting Person

          1. This. This. This! It’s amazing what life is like when you’re not always looking for the next thing to buy or thinking that thing is going to solve your problems.
            I miss your Henry stories Elsa! Your Soldier stories too!

  2. This is why I will never buy a digital book. I want the book, not a file that can be corrupted or even deleted off my computer by someone who will someday have that power. The power of the printing press is enormous and changed our lives for the better centuries ago. They can’t take my books!

      1. Please share your personal views or experience. Otherwise the comments turn into a bunch of links, which eventually turn into someone worse.

  3. I recently saw a meme saying something to the effect that I want a home and land instead of clothing and shoes. Maybe we’re going back to that. Away from consumerism, bouncing around the country to school or a better job with no home base or possibility of buying a home because of debt piled on to the younger generations. There’s an exodus out of cities and offices post shelter in place. Cutting down on manufacturing helps the planet. If the purpose is redesign that’s great too. Cotton fabric costs an arm and leg now. How environmental is plastic fabric? Supply chains will go through a huge revamp. A world economy is great until it isn’t.

  4. /Uranus in taurus – learning something new about economy/ My aquarius in 2nd house and venus in taurus can understand both the re-use, circular and you don’t own anything and the ‘mine, possession, legacy’.
    I am so torn about e-books. I Love books in their natural state- the smell, the touch, the fact that you remember more of it. But at the same time- the trees, the cost…E-books are faster to obtain, more compacted information but I remember less. I have to tell a book to someone to remember it better. I did that but now the memories are fading. A book you can hold is a million times better.

    1. Uranus in Taurus? Absolutely! But throw in Saturn in Aquarius ( community ownership) and Jupiter in Pisces expanding Neptune at home with altruism and that says it all. Dare I mention Pluto in Capricorn transforming structures ?
      Wait until it enters Aquarius. The Metaverse?

  5. Today, I see countless businesses moving to this kind of model. You’re born, you work, you consume, and you leave nothing to anyone because ______. – you have no common sense

    I say this seriously!! Doesn’t it come naturally to want to leave something!?!

    I mean all animals teach their off spring and leave something for them even though it’s not tangible. Today’s skills are null’n void in the younger generations (especially), and I speak for myself (born in the 70’s)- self taught in everything.

    My question on the astrology part is in what sign does common sense fall into or what planet rules common sense? Is that Aries?

    Maybe I am off in my response, I am inclined to value skills (intangible) and solid mass (tangible) whatever that maybe.

  6. The Indian says you never own the land it owns you , I wear the skin off my clothes I am a minimalist to start I’m not sure anybody wants me to mail something back my closet is pretty much empty I like seeing everything but I don’t buy so much I even feel ridiculous when I’m carrying two bags of groceries and I know I’m going to eat a handful of food but I get it too much too much too much

  7. My mother always talked about the year they only had cornmeal to eat because of the worst drought ever, 1933 -1934. The next spring, she and her sisters collected every green and berry they could find, and canned everything. Even the woods was hunted out and empty, as everyone near and far was starving. It appears we are coming back into such a time. Anyway, up until she died, we always canned, dried and froze every bit of food there was to find. I still know all the wild greens, and get mad when I see them on the garden organization lists of vegetation that needs to be destroyed because it isn’t indigenous to our area. In our greens, we even had evening primrose mixed in. Who needs vitamins when you can pick the best right outside your unsprayed door? Mom lived to 92. Most people are ignorant about vegetation that is edible. We don’t buy good food at the grocery, we don’t manage our money, and we buy crap from the department stores. Just ask the garbage collectors about the tons of clothing in the trash every week. The balance is way off.

  8. Avatar

    …because you’re a “taker.”

    In contrast, suppose you had been a giver of services in your lifetime (like Eileen Fisher). When you are gone, it would be the job of your successor to provide that service. In that case it makes sense that you would pass down your assets/capital to others, unlike the taker. I don’t know what the astrology of that is, though. Maybe an eighth house type thing?

    1. Are you addressing me? Someone who has written about astrology, daily, for 23 years. Taught legions of people astrology for no pay?

      And you’re me calling me a taker?

      1. Avatar

        No, not you Elsa! I’m addressing the hypothetical person in the blank line in your post! The person who you said “consumes.” So if you consume clothes but you don’t make clothes, you return the clothes. In your case, you Elsa run a business helping people, so you get to pass on your wealth (knowledge, tools, books, products such as classes etc) along with your reputation and cachet, to your successor(s) should you choose

  9. My take on the Uranus in Taurus is that Uranus is waking us up to the reality of our basic needs.since it’s ingress I have been practicing intermittent fasting, which entails eating only once or twice a day and eliminating processed food and sugar altogether. Thus simplifying how I prepare and consume what sustains me. I have realized how snacking all day is very unsatisfying and wasteful on my budget. You just get hungry again sooner and causes unnecessary weight gain. I also use 24 and 48 hour water fasts to allow my body a break from constant metabolizing of food and am rewarded with a clear mind. The disruption (Uranus) of sustenance (Taurus) is very healing for the body. It resets (Uranus) our body (Taurus) and allows for it to work more efficiently and easily.

  10. “You will own nothing and be happy” ~Klaus Schwab, Nazi, Founder World Economic Forum, WEF, author of The Great Reset. see PLANDEMIC.


    1. I agree, those nazi’s will FAIL! If they will not fail it means that humana are just brainless idiots, and i do not believe that we are All idiots to follow those PSYCHOS.

  11. When I signed a contract to purchase my puppy, it said I have to give her back to the seller if I ever can’t keep her. I don’t know why! If I ever become that incapacitated, why couldn’t a family member care for her where I can also spend time with her? It was a bizarre — and I suspect, unenforceable provision.

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