Jupiter In Aries: Short & Unofficial!

Jupiter in ariesI was looking for an Aries pic for my newsletter – I found this one.  The TRUTH?

Jupiter rules the truth.

Jupiter is in Pisces. I really feel the (concealed) truth is escaping at this time. It’s leaking all over the place. You may seek it in a dream. You may be blessed with it. It may just drift in as the veil either drops or disappears.  But what about Jupiter in Aries?

Does this picture portend something? I think it might. With Jupiter in Aries, the truth might be in your FACE.

I suspect people are going to get aggressive with their preaching. We’ll push our beliefs.

I need to think about this and write a solid post. But I felt this was worth putting out here… publish (Jupiter) on an impulse (Aries).

What do you think?

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