Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Bad Dreams and Hologram Fear

So one of the things I’ve learned over the course of my lifetime as a Saturn Neptune type is what you are afraid is going to happen is not what is going to happen. For example, say you’re 12th house Saturn and you have some awful dream. The first thing you think is oh, fuck me! That’s going to come true.


Your dreams or the fears that constellate seemingly out of nowhere virtually never happen. It is what you are afraid is going to happen, not what is really going to happen. And don’t get me wrong here.

This does not mean nothing bad is going to happen. In fact, often enough the thing that happens is much, much worse than whatever it was you feared! ::smiles::

I’m sorry but it’s true. I have had things be so incredibly bad there is no imagining worse and then it gets not only worse, but much worse! How many degrees of wretched can there be? I have wondered this many times.

But you don’t have worry about that either. There are (Saturn Neptune) ways to deal with… anything. And I am going to write about them. But at moment I am just trying to make this point because it’s key:

Saturn Neptune fears are not real. The fears that come in on the tide are hologram. And this is very good to know if you suffer this way… which pretty much all of us are these days with these two planets opposing in the sky. And think about this in the news.

Remember when they told up to use duct tape against chemical weapons after 9-11? And people ran out and bought all the duct tape. And just think how squirrel-ey that is. It’s a hologram (Neptune) defense (Saturn) against a hologram fear!

And everyone stored water too. Surely “they” aka the nebulous (Neptune) oppressors (Saturn) will poison the water supply…

And is this what happened? No.

So you get my point. The thing you are so scared is going to happen is not going to happen. You are much more apt to hurt yourself, slipping on a stool while duct taping your window shut than you are from a chemical weapon seeping into your specific home! So what’s that mean?

What it means is when the fears come, or the dreams, it does wonders to be armed with this information. No more wondering, “Is this dream real?” Instead you can remind yourself:

“That is what I am afraid is going to happen, not what is going to happen…”

And I will tell you right now, this is no magic bullet. But it will help. And I’d know.

See, someone told me this about 20 years ago. And there is no end the ache I have been spared. When I have a bad dream, I dismiss it immediately. I erase it (Neptune) rather than invest in it (Saturn). Because I have learned the things I am afraid are going to happen are exactly what never does! Ever!

And this leaves me to deal with what does happen, or is happening. It leaves me to deal with reality (Saturn)… in a Neptune way of course. 😉

So what about you? Do your dreams scare you? Are you sometimes overwhelmed with fear and feelings (Neptune) of insecurity (Saturn)? Especially lately? How do you deal?

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pictured: One Second before Awakening from a Dream Provoked by the Flight of a Bee, Salvador Dali

12 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Bad Dreams and Hologram Fear”

  1. i dont deal. i hideout. i brood. i drink tea. i meditate.
    this usually happens after i have been running, dancing, laughing as far away from my fears as i can get.
    then they come back, haunt me. i sleep.
    it’s true.

  2. My dreams do scare me, not because I think they’ll come true, but because they’re gorey and I can’t get the images out of my mind!!! They stick. But I am terrified lately of EVERYTHING. Insecurity about quitting my job to go back to school and getting a part time job. I fear becoming homeless, which is probably never going to happen, but I stay in the unhappy job hoping something better will come along or that I can make a decision sometime soon and stick with it. And that’s just the beginning of the fears!

  3. OMG!!! This has been happening to me A LOT lately, dreaming of the exwife, hurting her child or my boyfriend and her getting back together!

    Sure it is one of my fears, him and I go together like peas and carrots…. I am a Libra he is gemini….total twins in a lot of ways…he just reassures me that is NOT going to happen!

    Crazy, I was JUST thinking about this, thanks for posting it!

  4. Im not sure exactly what it is in my chart, but Im this way all of the time. Irrational fear. Youre very right though Elsa, the only way through it is to tell yourself that the things you fear, most likely wont happen.

  5. Hrm. I’m not quite sure what to do with this. For one thing, I tend to be quite rational about fear, picking it apart until I figure out that whatever I’m scared of, I don’t actually have to be for reasons x, y & z. So I don’t get scared very often anymore, but when I do, I have learned to trust it, because I find my body/subconscious is often much smarter than I am, with all of my rationality. The past couple years have been an intense study in learning to listen to and trust my instincts. Often I’ve found that when I’m truly scared of something, that’s exactly what -does- happen, because on some level I saw/felt it coming. (ie – my ex screwing me over) I very seldom get scared for no good reason. But then, if I’d lived in the states when the duct tape thing happened (first I’ve heard of it, by the way) I would’ve just scoffed and went about my business.


  6. I’m fearful for a few days— paranoid and hateful then I swing into bliss for no reason at all although often it is triggerd by strong dreams of giving and receiving pure love. I was starting to think it was chemical imbalances but when I read what other people are feeling it makes more sense.

    As usual, thank you for the post and the responses so we know we’re not alone out here.

  7. “Remember when they told up to use duct tape against chemical weapons after 9-11? And people ran out and bought all the duct tape. And just think how squirrel-ey that is. It’s a hologram (Neptune) defense (Saturn) against a hologram fear!”

    I had forgotten about that nonsense! LOL I didn’t fall for any of it – it just made no sense.

  8. Question. So if what you fear isn’t supposed to come true then why does it? Why has it repeated in the past? More than once or twice. How do you know when that pattern has ended? It feels like my gut gives me “false warnings” now because that pattern has happened more than once. How do you tell the difference?

    And yes, the overwhelming fear of “the guy” wanting another woman is back. The overwhelming fear of loosing my job is back. Although I can pick apart the past ones that didn’t work and understand why they were not for me; both the job and the guy. I can’t shake this fear this time and my gut is in high alarm minute by minute.

  9. I don’t know……… I have a lot of pisces; I could conceivably leave the house without pants one day.

    oddly enough, my dreams have been pretty decent lately.

  10. *points up*

    Ok, I lied. Being a Canadian University student at arguably one of the most radical schools in the country (SFU), that’s story’s a little scary. *grumblemutter about the state of the world*


  11. I have always been fascinated by my dreams, though sometimes I wish I never had them. I seem to live in a constant state of fear (real and imagined, exaggerated and realistic) to the point where I don’t know the difference between one or the other.


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