Saturn Transit Crushing The Moon In Scorpio

scorpio pendantYou can expect the period when Saturn transits conjunct your Moon to be difficult. It’s a really emotional low.  This was brought home to me when my friend, Ben had the transit. I had known him for fifteen years at that point and I had never seen him in such distress.

Thankfully this transit only comes around once every 30 years.  More than a decade has passed since that transit. Ben has never been down like that since.

The Moon is not well placed in Scorpio, it’s the sign of it’s fall.  I hate mentioning this, because I have such an affinity with people who have this placement. My husband has a Scorpio Moon. But in practice, I am seeing people will their Moon in Scorpio hit terribly hard.

At this point, the transit has been focused on the people with their Moon at the early degrees of the sign. If your Moon is at the mid-degrees of Scorpio, you’ve probably also gotten a taste of this.  Stuff with your home, your mother, your roots, your family.  If your Moon in in a late degree of the sign, this stuff is looming.

There will be some help over the next year, thanks to Jupiter in Cancer which will ease things some. If you are having this transit, look for the Jupiter figure that should ’round somewhere.

I am talking about a generous (Jupiter) woman (Cancer).  A teacher or teachings (Jupiter) that nurture (Cancer).
There is no way anyone will be able to take away your pain, or even minimize it. But there are people who can help prevent you from sinking into total despair. Look for them.

Is your Moon in Scorpio?  Early, mid or late degree? How are you feeling?

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  1. MJ- I too have moon in Scorpio in the fourth and also have seen relationships that were important dwindle to nothing or end abruptly. This has been the hardest part of this Saturn transit. Also the feeling of being depleted which I think you’re feeling and is very natural for Saturn going through your fourth house.

    The steps you are taking to get out of the house and yourself are going to help. Take care of yourself physically too.

    My wish for the end of this transit is to wake up in the morning and not replay my failures and dwell on what I lack, but to meet the day with hope and energy.

    1. Kate, thank you so much for your response. It really helps to know that I’m not alone and once again reminds me of how well astrology really works. Now I hope I can eventually make some new friends;)

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    malcolm david cross

    on the twitter MALCstars71 there is lots of motivation
    from various sources .
    my moon chiron and mars all in the 4th house
    in the ninty’s pluto went through my 4th lots of force-full transformation eg- relationship and business endings.
    with pluto its best not to resist the changes that are looming
    like getting in an elevator and being forced out on a different floor -[its a growing experience tho’ shocking .]
    SATURN is different delays -frustrations -deep introspection self examination harsh self judgment –
    guilty feelings self judgment .
    the moon is our humanity ,Saturn an ideal they dont blend well.[Rob Hand]
    me= MAKE a list of all you
    achievements and qualifications no matter how small you think they are remember all the compliments you’v had keep this list handy
    ! -don’t let negative thinking win out-it’ll be good times again – SATURN moves on slowly but surely .
    we are all special -act it-‘n ‘ Believe it.

    1. That is good advice and I’m trying to do all of it. I have a new technique this week that seems to be helping. It’s called ‘tapping’. Has anyone done it? It’s an EFT (emotional freedom technique) that unblocks the flow of positive energy. It only takes a few minutes to do.
      Malcolm, you hit the nail on the head-delays, introspection, self judgement. I’m job hunting at age 62 and it’s daunting but I feel like I’ll be okay eventually.
      Oh bot, after this, Saturn goes into my 5th, then I’ll worry about my children;) Oh the curse of the Virgo! lol

  3. I have Scorpio Moon (20 degrees) in the 8th house conjunct Neptune. Saturn has been hovering over there for some time now. Right after the first hit, my husband lost his business and I am basically supporting us and our child all on my own. I am holding two jobs. My son flunked school twice and is being home schooled. I have to monitor his studies from my job, since his father prefers not to be involved in that. I feel completely unsupported. I can´t wait for Saturn to leave Scorpio for good, so I can have my life back.

  4. Well Saturn is exactly on my Scorpio Moon right now. My 98 year old grandmother, whom I have not spoken to for years has just had a heart attack and doesn’t want to go home. She’s in a nursing home and I’m not expecting her to leave alive.

  5. I don’t have a Scorpio Moon… I have a Taurus Moon @ 19.54 11/12th house and Uranus @ 18.40 Scorpio 5/6th house and it’s been crushing me, too. The aloneness and relationships and situation being removed from my life. I feel hopeless and helpless. I can’t wait for it to be over.

  6. God, Saturn on my moon and Saturn on my Sun were really the most depressing times in my life.
    Pluto hits you hard as well but at least you know, you’re over it forever as he usually doesn’t make an aspect twice.
    But with saturn you know, you will experience him again and again, ahhh…
    I can relate to so many things everybody mentioned here.
    I felt so lost and literally nearly everyone who were important for my business either started to insult, belittle me or let me down in some way.

    The good thing is that I realized how much my family believes in me and they help me every time.
    I didn’t have an easy childhood and a very bad relationship towards my mother, but during these difficult periods, they were always there to help me and both of them helped me financially and didn’t blame me (too much) or put my goals and expectations down. They have given up a lot for me the last months and I really did never expect that they would still believe in me after all the trouble I’ve been the last year. Thanks to Jupiter in Cancer in my 4th house.

    I thought this time I’d really have to kill myself because there just seemed no way out.
    So be patient everyone, this transit will pass and you will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Things are still challenging but I blame it on Saturn retrograde,
    nevertheless amazing things have happened and I could unlock and open some doors and things I was waiting for the last 5 years.
    This crisis now made me push so hard for things, that I achieved some pretty amazing lifetime goal.

    My love and best wishes to all of you,
    I feel you
    and the sun will shine again

  7. This is hitting me right now. Jupiter on my sun and mc right now gives some respite. But I have been crying at times. Relationships with people are ok generally, but feel a little distant. I have been feeling miserable at times. The thing is I fully understand it is a transit, but I can’t get away from the low feelings I get. my moon is at 17 degrees scorpio conjunct neptune and saturn will be crossing back over again soon. Many thanks for this topic.

  8. YES thats very depressing having
    GLOOMY harsh SATURN on THE MOON but on NEPTUNE too its
    very very harsh
    keep writing notes to yourself and hide them round the house
    all about the good things in life that are to come and have been
    all the compliments and talents u have received and have
    congratulate your self every day -tell people you are celebrating —
    your continue’ing existence
    also help others its very rewarding –
    after -all – there is no 0ne like you-DEAR – x

  9. Saturn has left my moon/Neptune conjunction and is just plodding through the rest of the fourth house. This has not been fun, in fact, so many things crumbled for me, looking back I don’t know how I didn’t break down. Now with Jupiter just having crossed my North Node, approaching my ascendant and Uranus about to cross my natal Jupiter in the ninth, I see light at the end of this very long tunnel.

  10. Oh and don’t forget that Mr. Saturn goes retrograde. Yup he’s not done with you until he’s done with you… at least for this go round.
    It is a rather uncomfortable time for “we” of the Scorpio moon variety. Hurricanes come and hurricanes go and sometimes they change the landscape whether “we” like it or not.

    Good friends, exercise, healthy living, therapy and having a little faith in something more (whatever that maybe) can help make the passage more endurable. Scorpio moon’s are not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.



  11. I have to agree with GE about taking good care of yourself during this transit; sleep, exercise, and setting goals can take the focus off the painful lessons.

  12. Just found this article in the process of trying to work out what the hell had suddenly gone wrong with my life. My natal Moon’s at 14 Scorpio in the third house and when the conjunction was exact around last November I don’t think I really noticed much of anything at all. Maybe the Sun transiting at the same time helped lessen the impact? But this recent Saturn Rx has backed Saturn to within 2 degrees of my Moon and around the time it stationed turning direct is about when it hit with the force of a bulldozer. So many things going wrong! Such a huge sense of pointlessness and discouragement personally, lost all my drive, finding myself sinking into old old Scorpio Moon issues which I thought I’d worked through. On top of that, the despairing horror at what’s going on in places like Gaza and Iraq and man’s abuse of the planet in general. It’s hard to tell what’s personal and what’s universal.

    Theme-wise, it all seems to be about boundaries and communication, lots of neighbour issues. And it’s all quite extreme. Like a neighbour’s free-range ‘vegetarian’ dogs broke into my chicken pen and massacred the entire flock and the neighbour won’t accept their dogs would do such a thing (despite them being caught in the act more than once before). Like another neighbour upstream cleaning their water tank without thinking of telling me first, so now all their filth and sludge is in my tanks. Like another neighbour felling his trees and dropping one on my vegetable garden … And a whole lot more besides, like not being able to be with with my closest friend who’s enduring a second hit of Saturn on his second Saturn return right now.

    Maybe Mars coming up fast to conjunct with Saturn in the next 2 weeks or so is going to turn this around again? I hope so, because I haven’t felt this low in decades. ((Hugs)) to all similarly enduring …

  13. well, i have gone through the entire thread and copied all the survival guidance and wisdom onto a sheet. Transiting Saturn is right on my moon at 26 Scorpio. I feel brought low, hopeless, useless, overlooked, abandoned and finished. It’s daft. But i won’t give in, worse things happen at sea etc etc. And big THANKS to Elsa & all the wise people who have signposted the way through. x

    1. Hey Matt, hang in there! My moon is at the same degree. It helped me, especially last night, to write it all out… to just let it flow and get it out. 🙂

  14. Thanks Shan. Nice to meet a fellow. I’ve just watched the DVD of FISH CALLED WANDA, with John Cleese doing a very entertaining commentary, and that has cheered me up considerably!

  15. yes mine is 26 its not a picnic
    but appreciate all the past good things the long view MARK n SHAN –apart from the aformentioned [previouse posts ] things —
    the cam belt has wrecked the engine on the car so its a new car needed .
    plus new computer and hassle of change over
    [from xp to windows 8]- but its learning and try to make it fun small steps plenty of rest and music is a tonic Desiderata is a good read .[google it ]


  16. Hello to everyone from this site , you Are so nice people and full o happines within you…..i just get out from this hell saturn over moon ( my moon 20 scorpio) and i living new life more solide more awakenes then ever … I finally find a girl who love me and living with much joy this beautiful life …. In 13 september when saturn retrograde over moon, my grandmother passes away …. All the sadnes, lonlynes , depresive moods passed away now …… My ex girlfriend have now saturn conjunct moon (27 scorpio) with much pain because of broken relationahip…. Love you all …peace

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    29 Scorpio moon in the 6th house opposite ASC. I’m usually a pretty energetic parent. I deal pretty calmly… I’m not feeling calm. I threw things the other night. Like threw dishes in the sink on top of other dishes on purpose. In fact I picked one up and threw it again because it didn’t break the first time. Scorpio boy and Taurus girl(who has Scorpio asc) are driving me NUTS. They fight and antagonize each other constantly. I’m working longgggg hours trying to give us more. And feel a fight in myself between cutting back to stay on top of them more and work twice as much because they are driving me nuts. My moms another subject and I feel guilty getting upset with her.

    My business partner who is Taurus sun conj my mars has gone through hell this last year. She has been my best friend, business partner , sister and my generous one. I’m not sure how much more she can take. We usually help each other through things. Neither of us has much to give these days.

    I thought almost there! Be done at Christmas… Then I looked ahead and Saturn will cross my moon 2 more time, in July 2015 and sept 2015. Then square my Pisces sun.

    How are the other late Scorpio moons doing?

    1. I have 23 degrees Scorpio Moon. Everything that needed to be destroyed has been destroyed. The emotional damage has been quite unbearable. This transit is wrapping up and I recently got a new job promotion. I also was able to travel and reunite with old friends after 7 years of financial hardship. It’s hard to feel happy about new opportunities when you’ve been down in the dirt!! I want to feel hopeful but the damage has been too much to process.

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    I am Scorpio moon cap sun cancer rising. My life is living hell right now. Saturn is forcing me to correct things and do the right thing but my Aries moon wife is making it impossible. I really just needed to get this off my chest. I was warned by my guides about this relationship and I did not listen. I thought this was the ultimate challenge and I was going to develop my spirituality and overcome the things that make us incompatible. Now with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio moon I know I have made a huge mistake. If I make it out of this alive I am going to thank the heavens and pray for a second chance in life. I feel as though I have made a fatal mistake and am now hopeless in this relationship. Divorce is my only hope at a life worth living at this point. The stress of the daily clashes with the Aries moon wife is too much. It is plain to see now. Looking back, me being Cap sun and wife Virgo sun all seemed so good at first. We were supposed to be perfect for each other. It is actually completely hopeless and an impossible union.

    1. Hi ScorpioMoonCap! I posted a comment here a long long time ago and every time someone writes, I receive an e-mail (which I love!) Yours touched me!! Scorpio Moon here with an Aries Moon husband! Our moons are Mars ruled. A while back I posted a thread in the forum about these Moons because, well, you know ahhhhhhh! Ahhh!! I hear ya! Elsa suggested looking at our Mars’. I’ve been with my husband for almost six years now. We’ve managed to survive a lot! Different countries, languages and raising a child together. A lot of times IT FELT LIKE HELL. HELL! ….BUT we’ve learned to work with our energies/emotions and we’ve calmed down a lot, A LOT. Really, we can be quite mellow even. Of course, it’s not a walk in the park kind of relationship but it IS the ultimate challenge and I have grown legions! However, I had help. I’ve been in therapy to help sort it all out but I never would have went there if I wasn’t pushed to the breaking point. …and if “your” Aries Moon is anything like mine, they can be kinda pushy and we’re stubborn, so, you know. boom. Anyways, there could still be good times around the corner if you guys had made it work in the past, they may not be over yet! I wish you lots o’ good luck and I’m glad you were able to get some of it out here. ((((((hugs)))))))
      Here is the link to that other thread…

  19. My Moon is 28°39′ Scorpio and Saturn has been smashing me from almost every angle of my life (it doesn’t help that my Sun is in Taurus and has concurrently had an opposition from Saturn as well). I am married to a very narcissitic Moon in Sagittarius (who also has his Ascendant in Sagitarrius and is experiencing a square from Neptune) and saying there is completely no emotional support in our relationship is putting it VERY mildly!! This transit has been a living hell since December 2014′. I have never felt so abandoned, alone and isolated in all of my life. This transit will test every emotional insecurity (and for a Moon in Scorp there are many) you have and force you to face it.

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      malcolm d cross - u.k.

      YES its TOUGH but as in all my previous comments
      you will bounce back the lack of support is a common theme to us all -that’s why people join unions groups parties take out insurance -SATURN is a harsh good influence – his message is to remind you not to be co -dependent and have false friends – get organised practice positive thinking .
      make a list of all your good points and successes -keep it handy make plans for a better secure future -its down to you .

      1. Malcolm d cross I really appreciate your words of encouragement and insight. There is no doubt as to why Saturn is called the “celestial taskmaster,” as the lessons involved will inevitably diminish our ego and if there is one thing the ego hates, is to be diminished. I am slowly but surely, integrating the lessons of limitation on the ego which Saturn brings. Today, I awoke (after much emotional/metal pain and self-inflicted suffering from yesterday) with the realization that the most important spiritual lesson I have taken from this transit, is a deep knowing that no person, place, or thing can make my ego “feel” complete. Saturn constellates that deep longing in our ego for completion and sense of lack on the level of physical existence for a reason; to teach us that true liberation comes from not trying to find satisfaction in the physical word outside of ourselves. I must say these lessons all to often come to us in the form of relationship breakdowns, because of the human ego’s tendency to try to complete itself through another person. Then when they don’t live up to our expectations we play the ego blame game. It is not my husband’s fault I do not feel complete, he is just acting out his own ego’s conditioning, which just happens to be a “Sagittarius lunar behavioral pattern” and that energy clashes with my “Scorpio lunar behavioral pattern”). Saturn’s lessons are clear; release, let go and surrender and you will find the “peace that passes all understanding.”

  20. anonymoushermit

    I noticed a lot of things are wrapping up with this last 3 months in Scorpio. Someone on my Facebook page had a complete mental and emotional breakdown. She just blew up in a rage. Apologized after two days of posting angry posts.

    ‘Morbid’ is a way to describe this last leg of Saturn in Scorpio. I also noticed some people are on edge. Okay, more than some.

  21. 25 Piscies Sun, 20 scorpio Moon…i feel it again 🙁 the pain of saturn, until now i only can say i haved luck with job ( i changed my job with something better jupiter 6 house, with lot of discipline saturn 10 house) i hope everything will become normal with all my stupid relation, connection with other people ….

    Love you all, peace and harmony

  22. Well I have been getting hit hard by Saturn for the past 4 years or more. First it moved through Libra (my 2nd house natally) hit my finances HARD -filed bankruptcy, it was a nightmare.
    Then it moved in over my Scorpio moon and I was hit with a very distressing health condition (not life threatening, just life-interfering) and I have never been as depressed in my whole life as I am right now. It’s horrible, and this transit is also bringing out alot of old self-destructive tendencies which I thought I had licked years ago (eating disorder…I’ll say no more). It’s like Saturn is hauling out all my ugly old scars and making me sit with it while it rubs salt in my wounds. I know it’s all for my higher good somehow, and to teach me a lesson. But’s it’s still very difficult living through this transit.
    I wish I could say it will all be over soon, as it leaves Scorpio next month in September. Unfortunately for me, I’m a Sagittarius Sun, so that means I have at least another 2 years of this lovely planet squashing me. That’s been a HUGE theme in my life these past 4 years. I just feel STUCK….like I can’t make a move to change anything in my life. and it’s awful. Sorry for venting all that guys…but I know you fellow Scorpio mooners out there can relate 🙁

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      malcolm d cross - u.k.

      well you have a lot of insight – it true that it’s a testing time but what goes goes and Saturn is ultimately what we need to learn .
      putting your finance on a sure footing etc is good -it’s not Saturn that caused it [the bankruptcy ] was it ?
      ‘ never promised you a rose garden’ – we are on a planet spinning through the universe why should it be comfortable ?
      iv had it lost contact with my daughter but she was a constant worry -look for the positives we don’t own them or their lives.
      with the PLUTO URANUS SQUARE etc all our lives and economics has been thrown in the air – exciting change opportunities.


  23. So true.
    Saturn is conjunct my moon in the first house. And boy is it doing a number on me.
    My apartment flooded, I’ve realized how shitty I’ve been with financial situations. My relationship with my mother has been flucuating to the point I understand I need to break form her to grow as a person.

    I’m actually enjoying this aspect. It’s making me see myself for what’s really is, it’s helping me call out bullshit and say “Kare, what’s going on with YOU. don’t worry about your family, how they should take care of you more. But let’s focus on you being more”

  24. Hi Karen,
    This is what Saturn conjunct the Moon in Scorp is all about. Saturn is doing his “final touches” on my Moon right now (I am a 28° lunar Scorp) and as we speak there is so much construction activity and noise across the street from my house, it sounds like the walls are going to come crashing in. My finacial situation is a mess, I am unemployed, my relationship with my husband has been strained and I have felt completely emotionally unsupported in our relationship and my Mom moved 1,000 miles away. So yes, Saturn will cause suffering in all those areas of life ruled by the Moon. And it does this to create enough suffering so that we surrender and can get in touch with that which lies beyond the world of form. So we can as you said get in touch with our being! Thanks for posting your experience of this transit as it is always enlightening hearing how planetary transits are influencing others lives.

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