How To Learn Astrology

paint colorsStart with the Sun and the Moon, also called the “lights”. The Sun shows what a person has to do to be vitally alive. The Moon shows way they need to feel secure. Sun is the Male side, Moon the female. The Yin and Yang of a person’s nature.

Read, Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon for better understanding but just get it in your head what it is you’re looking at here in the simplest terms.

You can think of it like painting. Forget about blending. You have to know RED when you see it before you can mix things up.

First the Sun

If a person has their Sun in Virgo, they are are vitally alive when working in service.  Sun in Aries – This person acts.

Then add the Moon…

Moon in Taurus denotes a person who is feels secure in stable situation and feels ill at ease in chaos.  Moon in Libra shows an emotional need for relationship

Then put them together…

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra: A person who serves and needs love and companionship.

What’s that tell you?

Tells you that you should not be surprised if the person works (Virgo) as part of a team (Libra).

It also tells you that if you can see the person’s Sun and Moon playing in their life, they are probably on track and if you can’t… if either of the lights are denied, that person is in trouble.

Where is your Sun and Moon? Can you see them manifested in your life?

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24 thoughts on “How To Learn Astrology”

  1. sun in aries, and, yeah, i need to feel like i’m constantly accomplishing something, preferably something rather new
    but that could be my moon in aquarius. needing novelty, uniqueness, and, most importantly, not feeling bound or trapped in ways that prevent me from freely expressing myself.

    the two sort of feed each other. (sextile)
    and, yeah, i’ve never been much of a girlie girl…

  2. wyrdling: when you mentioned that you “need to feel like i’m constantly accomplishing something”, something made A LOT of sense to me.

    Like you, I too am an Aries sun and I don’t understand why I feel so DEAD all the time: I feel like I am NOT accomplishing anything!

    I have a moon in Cancer though, and I NEED to nurture and be nurtured to feel secure.

    I’m almost always at war with myself though 🙁 Trying to accomplish so much and climb high in anything (I was described as an overachiever many times), but easily falling apart at the moment that I feel “unloved” or “unsupported”

  3. Sun in Scorp 2H, Moon in Pisces 6H:

    I need to increase my personal worth, transform my finances by doing some type of service-y work?


    I actually do think I have those tendencies. I could really help people transform their lives, because I’ve done it. And I’m very positive.

    Could that be an accurate reading of my Sun/Moon?

  4. Hmm, interesting. My Sun is in Libra. I am pretty much the quintessential Libra, in my humble opinion. I love music, am humbled and brought to tears by beautiful things, am always seeing both sides of every story, thrive when in relationships with other people, and have a very difficult time making up my mind about almost anything.

    My Moon is in Aquarius. I can see how that plays out in my life. I chafe and rebel under any indication of someone trying to take authority over me, or control me, or push me into doing something. I crave freedom to do my own thing, to be my own person, and while I can’t necessarily pull that off in my every day life, I’ve carved a place out for myself online where I can be the person that I don’t feel comfortable sharing with my family or coworkers. (My husband is aware of all of this and has access to all of my online activities.)

    I do know that at times my desire for freedom tangles with my need to be in relationship, and I really relate to a song lyric that says, “Still, a thought says, what if I just keep on driving?” Basically, the woman in the song is very happy with her life, but there is this niggling thought…what if I just keep on driving? She doesn’t do it, but the thought is there.

    I have that thought less and less as my Aquarius daughter’s adventurous life pushes me to be more adventurous every day in ways that I’d not really considered before. As my life mirrors this need more and more, well, I am more satisfied it seems. My daughter challenges me, but I need that challenge, I think.

    blah blah blah. Anyway, yeah, cool. I can see this.

  5. I hear ya, Lunalie. I also have Aries Sun squaring my Moon, tho mine is a Cappy Moon. But the conflict plays out in similar ways: I have a strong desire to accomplish things, can be an overacheiver, but get paralyzed by my overwhelming need for security. I am constantly worrying about how my work will be perceived by others. It’s very hard to live my Aries Sun and satisfy my Cappy Moon.

  6. Stephanie:
    That’s EXACTLY how I feel! I am almost never confident about my work (also, thanks to my Neptune/Saturn square) because I have this constant need for FEEDBACK! I know at times I seem to take criticism well, but that’s a mask I’ve somewhat built up over the years. When I get criticism I’m almost always trying to tell myself that I am not bad at what I do!

    I also have a 12th house sun, which doesn’t always help with getting stronger at my go-getter/need-for-nurture nature.

  7. Sun in Leo 10th/Moon in Scorpio 1st. All I know is these two energies constantly bang up against each other. Leo likes the limelight, Scorpio likes secrets. Leo wants to shine, Scorpio wants to hide and observe everyone else. Leos like to be popular, Scorpios just like a few intimate friends. I think at my job, the Leo is more dominant. When I come home, the Scorpio is more in charge. But no matter what, if you piss me off, the Scorpio comes out in spades. (geez I sound like jekyll and hyde)

  8. Leo sun with Pisces moon. Performing acts of self-sacrifice? Should I be one of those girls whose legs are cut off in magician’s shows?

  9. Hi Lunalie:

    This is so interesting. I hide from everyone rather than get feedback and won’t let anyone see my work until I’m convinced it’s perfect… It’s really isolating… It literally makes me sick getting criticism from others. I guess that’s our oppposite lunar natures at work.

  10. Sun in Pisces, moon in Leo. An interesting mix, as I confuse myself the majority of the time with my ultra-sensitive emotions and ultra-abrasive nature. 😀

  11. Lunalie – same here!

    Stephanie – My Cap Moon square Aries stellium sun/venus/mars functions just like yours. Couldn’t have said it better myself. My work remains top secret until it’s immune to all criticism – only then does it come out to shine.

  12. Cap sun…I have 2 jobs and recently started selling jewelry in addition because I apparently had too much free time; Cancer moon…I surround myself with plant and animals to take care of since I don’t have a baby, and I mother my coworkers to death, “Did you remember to turn in that work order? Do you need help with anything before I leave?”

  13. Gemini sun (12H), Aquarius moon(9H). I am a hairdresser and own my own biz. I chat people up all day, a lot of times they say they feel better when they leave (counselor?). I like doing my own thing without someone micro-managing my every move, but I need to be around people and be social.

  14. virgo sun, sag moon: need to serve (thanks elsa) and need intellectual challenges, philosophy, music, travel, wide open space, interesting foreign people and cultures. grew up in a small town where everyone stays or moves to the next town over. i’m working on a phd far from home, meeting lots of smart people from all over the world, and not knowing where i’ll land next.

  15. aurangeluv, I know this doesn’t exactly fit, but FWIW:

    “Pisces, Virgo rising is a very good sign, strong and kind. And the little boy is mine . . . “

  16. yeah, lunalie, i have had points in my life where i felt i wasn’t accomplishing anything (often wrong, for example, post partum i was taking care of a baby…) and i felt like my spirit was atrophying.

  17. Sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio. You would think these two influences would bang heads (like fire & water). But, the way you’ve explained it Elsa, I can actually see how they play together. I design all day, alone- working from home in an ever changing/evolving technical type of job. My Aries loves being on the cutting edge, ‘doing’ something creative (5th house), and my Scorpio enjoys the solitude, the research/learning side.

    One key element, that I have found that helps bring these two influences balance, is that I get out and socialize ‘daily’.

  18. Sun in cancer and moon in aquarius. im not married yet but im going there. im currently not working and just staying at home with my family. and recently, i launched a humanitarian project over the internet. it makes me feel good. balanced. at least this is ok now, for me.

  19. Sun in Sag; Moon in Virgo… I have a need to travel, challenge and intellectual conversation and service others while I do it in a practical way.
    Lately, I have been itching to travel, yet the practical side keeps me home and working…as writer, intuitive coach.. very focus the last few months. it has been great.
    the eclipse is hitting me on many aspects of my chart in positive ways.

  20. Sun in Scorpio 9th house, Moon in Pisces 2nd house. I find it really difficult to make it lighter, and my Jupiter Square to Neptune in my natal chart makes it even more heavy.

  21. Avatar
    Mariana (Mex)

    Sun in taurus 3 house, moon aquarius 1 house, i am a photographer.
    Always find new problems.
    Misogynist hate me.
    Abandoned and enslave beating into the family business, my moon’s fault.
    Free at last.

  22. I have Sun in Gemini in the 4th/5th and need to communicate, be social, have fun, and Moon in Cancer need a secure home base, faith in the future, happiness, and time alone in order to move.

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