Mercury: Having A Tendency To Fixate On One Thing

I have a client who is driven. This is a great quality, provided a person’s energy is directed towards something productive that makes them or others happy.  If that same energy is directed in a negative way, all kinds of hell can break loose.

With all focus on the one thing, my client misses everything else. It’s like staring at one tree in a forest, ignoring the trees, the dew, the sun, the sky and the clouds above, etc.  And then we have the birds and bears and deer and deer ticks for that matter. There is no end to what you can miss when fixated on one point.

If you’re a neurosurgeon taking a scalpel to someone’s brain,  you most definitely want to focus on that task to the exclusion of other things.

But when we’re talking about your love-life, Venus is exalted in Pisces, not detail oriented – Virgo.

Do you have a tendency to become fixated on things or people? How does this impact your life?

9 thoughts on “Mercury: Having A Tendency To Fixate On One Thing”

  1. My problem is that I fear focusing on anything for too long, because as soon as I have a goal in my head, Neptune makes it disappear. I understand how any fixation can destroy a person, but juggling the destructiveness of Neptune, while trying to forge goals and a path- is extremely hard.

    Some people have the luxury of fixation, unhindered. But, when someone has Piscean placements, they don’t get that option. There is the constant threat of having everything pulled out from under you. If you don’t know exactly when to hold or fold… that’s when you get done over.

  2. Life improved greatly for me when I starting substituting good obsessions for bad ones. When I finally got over obsessing about my love life (okay, more or less got over) and began making a deliberate effort to put that kind of energy into getting a painting to be as good as I possibly could make it, and improving my skills as a rider, etc. things began to come into a much better balance. Which, now that I think of it and use that word, coincided with my progressed planets moving out of Virgo and into Libra. I wish I hadn’t had to wait so long, but I guess there was some point to all that.

    1. I like how you’ve put this Oakmoss … “substituting good obsessions for bad ones … ” and connecting with your progressed planets moving from Virgo to Libra. My natal chart is intensely squared between a conjunction in the 10th and 11th Houses (Scorpio-Merc-Chiron) with the 7th and 8th Houses (Pluto-Saturn-Mars). Decades of obsession and deep digging into power issues and legacy. Obsession is not avoidable with that genetic and astrological blue print. Time is what I’ve needed to understand the challenges involved. Fortunately for me and those I love, all those years and experience with astrology have me using the energy and opportunity of a Sagittarius Venus — offering an expansive alternative or interesting ‘other’. Uranus in the 6th House has also given me insight and lightening quick changeability when I’m made things TOO TIGHT.

      What you said about redirecting your energy into your expressions: art, riding etc. that’s true for me as well. My writing during my ‘retired’ years is the best medicine for me. When I put that concentrated energy into art a bigger picture, bigger life is possible. Thanks Mossoak. Thanks Elsa for leading us back to these archives!

  3. I definitely have this tendency: Natal Venus in Virgo. It’s a potentially destructive one, but it can also be turned into a strength. I try to make the most of it.

  4. Yes I can have tremendous drive to push forward. I may also be catastrophically driven to distraction…

  5. I understand what CaRiE says. If I commit or make a contract I am extremely dedicated. (But that contract always has an escape clause in case of any requests to perform unnatural or unethical acts.) Because of the amount of energy I dedicate I also need to know what is expected and the potential length of the project so I can pace myself. With that structure in place, I can let myself go and flow with the neptunian creation at hand. And it doesn’t always turn out as I originally intended but I do end up with a product.

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    I have a huge tendency to fixate and have tunnel vision. Lately, I am letting it go and I see that it is definitely for the betterment of myself that I do this. As you said Elsa, I am working on “changing my conversation”. 🙂 And I am loving it.

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