Do People Have Hard Edges?

in-fluxSkyPie wrote on Demystifying Astrology: What Is A Conjunction?

“Personally, I think some people do have hard edges.”

SkyPie – you may be right… we may be talking about two different things, but I’ll tell what I’ve observed. People who have a hard edge with one person relax it when they interact with a different person. Consequently the edge is not really hard. Also, people who have a hard edge when they are twenty years old might have no edge at all in that place when they are thirty or forty.

For example your average twenty year old would rather die then lose a breast to cancer but when you’re forty, you realize (hopefully) that you are far more important than your breasts and so this edge is… poof!

You can see this with astrology very readily. It is common people have little awareness of some nuance of their personality and then a transit comes along or they meet someone who impacts them in a certain way and it changes everything. “Oh jeez, I guess I do want a baby after all..” This is a very common occurrence.

I don’t know that anything is actually stationary in nature. For example we are constantly aging. Weight is constantly going up or down. Even ice that is frozen in a freezer is only there temporarily…

Do you think people have hard edges? Tell us!

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  1. Not permanent ones, as you said. I think everybody has the ability to change. There are those stubborn ones who probably never will, but I think the option is there for everyone. I’m fundamentally the same person I was ten years ago, but I’ve smoothed out a lot of edges. I’m only 27, but I’m really happy with who I’ve become for the most part. This is due to people who have come in and out of my life, good and bad situations, maturity, etc….
    I’m mostly pround of how I handle negative situations. I take a lesson out of everything and not let anyone break my spirit. I couldn’t even say that was the case 5 years ago.

  2. Oh, so I’d like to say I agree that hard aspects are very opportunistic, because I have some toughies, and I think I can appreciate each one of them (mars sq saturn, moon sq saturn, mars sq pluto, and the list goes on =)

  3. I’ve vacillated on this one… while I think everyone has the capacity to change, I don’t think everyone can admit that they should…

    An… acquaintance of mine has never, for all the time that I’ve known him (we’re talking decades here) been able to admit to a fault. I doubt he’ll ever change or soften up… sadly, he is who he is.

    I think people have hard edges… and unless they’re forced to confront it, they’re not going to change.

  4. Elsa, how do you reconcile the above with… say, dictators. Robert Mugabe? Kim Jong Il? It’s almost as if, in these cases, it works backwards from the examples above.

  5. Oh, I don;’t think character changes much either, Rob. However those people will get wrinkled and they will hone their game or in other cases or from other perspective, you might say, deteriorate. I mean, the carpet in my house is fading as I write and nothing is going to stop it.

  6. Rob, you would have to be more specific but in general (for most) I see people becoming more and more who they were to begin with, especially under pressure.

    In other words, people act true to form.

    See I don’t really know what SkyPie meant (and I don’t really know what you are asking) but I know what I meant. I meant people don’t have hard edges!

    For example, I cut the soldier NO SLACK at all. Other men get yards and yards of rope. Some line, I’ve got, eh?

    And what about the soldier? He would have knocked the hell out / left of ANYONE but me for what comes out of my mouth but when he looks at me – all those lines are gone. I really think we may be talking about different things here but not sure.

  7. Haha… I think I jumped into the conversation midway. Ok, I get it.

    I suppose the example still applies, though. The Acquaintance is someone that has a definite line… they will never admit a fault. There is always someone else to hold accountable and something else to blame…

    I see your point, and a line (haha) should be drawn as to how far it applies… but how about the person that finds fault with everybody else?

    What I’m asking is: how do the exceptions (the permanently hard-edged) fit into this?

  8. (But I guess if we don’t agree that there are exceptions it’s difficult to have this discussion ;))

    Hypothetically, then.

    I think I need to shut up and go out…

  9. “The Acquaintance is someone that has a definite line… they will never admit a fault.”

    I am suggesting that this person *may* admit a fault some day, but probably not to you…

    People act different ways with different people, they just can’t help themselves.

  10. Ok.. that’s a possibility..

    So you’re saying that a person’s persona is relative to others. I’d agree with that.

    I’m just trying to figure out how many IFs would have to be in place for this to happen… .. . 😉

  11. “I’m just trying to figure out how many IFs would have to be in place for this to happen… ..”

    I get the gist of what you are saying because I know the type, however it’s this same type that drops their pants on a dime when someone presents the right bait because ultimately there is a lack of integrity in general.

    Reminds me of that character in Star Wars, Watto the junk yard dealer with the Italian-ish energy. Come up with currency and the pants come right off! 🙂

  12. This most definitely applies to dating as well. Could answer that perpetual question many women ask: “Why her and not me?”

  13. “Why her and not me?”

    I had someone ask that in a consultation recently and really liked answering it… and being able to answer it, I should say.

  14. @Satori OMG I say the same thing about the words “never” and “always”. The minute I say I would never do this or that the next minute I AM doing the this or that that I said I would “never” do.LOL Yikes hope this makes sense.

  15. It would be very interesting to see his progressed chart (all types) surrounding his natal chart. I would look for Jupiter around the 7th house, and also by transit.

  16. “Oh jeez, I guess I do want a baby after all..”

    See I call that delusional. They claim they don’t want what they are fooling themselves into thinking they don’t want because they are afraid they’ll never have it. If you get these people alone and talking they’ll often break down and sob…right before they reveal they really do want it.

    To me a hard edge is true evil. It will smile at you and you will probably never see it coming, that smile is not a softened edge. Few notice true evil, if you ever do you’ll never forget it.

  17. Hard edges, I don’t think so. You just have to meet the right people. Some people are more challenged to meet those folks, maybe, but then they do and everyone is amazed at how they’ve “changed”. They didn’t, fundamentally– someone just liberated them from the superficial, that’s all.

  18. I think you are onto something LC. But my dad was a confirmed bachelor until he was 44, so I have an angle…and
    I can relate to where you are coming from with your friend. Yeeeeeh…then I think damn growing up is hard, lol.

  19. “To me a hard edge is true evil. It will smile at you and you will probably never see it coming, that smile is not a softened edge. Few notice true evil, if you ever do you’ll never forget it.”

    Okay, I get it. You’re talking about a psychopath and I agree with you, SkyPie.

  20. hm…trying to remember but i think there is a major Uranus transit in your mid-late 40s. i wonder if his natal or progressed venus (or that of his wife) have been contacted by the uranus-saturn opposition

  21. i like the river analogy that you made satori.. it’s funny how i always seem to understand concepts in astrology better if i can visualize them.. as with each of the elements

  22. I agree on the age aspect. Some of my hard aspects have softened over the years, while some of my easy aspects have hardened. My natal sun and moon have no aspects between them, but mercury is smack dab in the middle of both of them, conjuncting both of them. All three are in my 10th house. Pluto is a little more than half way on its transit through that house. When I was young my sun mercury was very prominent, now with age my mercury moon appears more prominent. Pluto first crossed my MC then 1 degree later it crossed my Sun, then my mercury, and is now squeezing up against my moon. Yes parts of me are very different from when I was young.

  23. Yes there really are no hard edges and people aren’t cardboard cutouts. This is helpful to beginners because often people will first hear about their chart and think “Oh I’m doomed!” or “I’m a genius!” because there’s some aspect that hints at that. However TRANSITS are a whole ‘nother side to the story as is FREE WILL. Our natal chart is just a snapshot. It’s like trying to watch a movie frame by frame – a totally different experience from watching the actual movie (life is breathed into the still images).

  24. Sometimes my mind doesn’t notice true evil, but my instinct sure does…

    I doubt I have a hard edge, after the teenage years of never and always I’ve been pretty aware of my mutability. I have my ascendant and mercury in gemini, the ascendant, sun and venus in the 12th house.

    I would be really uncomfortable as a celebrity pinned to the opinions in my printed or recorded interviews. Probably also uncomfortable because of privacy issues, but that’s another subject.

  25. Are three planets in conjunction considered a hard aspect? And how might it manifest they can soften that? I knew someone with this Sun, Mars and Venus. He literally was/is very tough and a hard ass (even with a Cancer Moon)…but around his lady love, he’s like a puppy in love….lol But that is the only person I have ever known with such conj. and in earth so they were rock solid.

  26. Avatar

    I agree with Pixiedust’s term liberated. Once you see yourself through an outsider pair of eyes, you can then begin to really see yourself. Sometimes it takes meeting another person to hear you need to change, but for me it was meeting myself.

    Astrology has been a way tool of liberation from that nagging, mean girl inside my head. If I make a big mistake I look at the sky and then see… Oh there are 3 squares involving Saturn… No Wonder I’m having a crisis! My job as an astrologer is to learn from the sky and my mistakes. I ask myself; who do I want to be? What do I want from this expierence? How can I be better next time?

    So to answer Elsa’s question,are there really hard edges?

    I think there are hard edges or blind spots we refuse to acknowledge. I think people just stay locked within themselves refusing to acknowledge their resistance until one day some force liberates them.

    That force can be life or it will be death.

  27. I think some people set others off. It’s in the dynamics. e.g. someone with a mars-pluto-sun t-square that hits my chart would seem to have a hard edge, while someone else might think they are just being powerful and flexing muscles. I’m not sure if it’s synastry, or the person.

  28. I do! I do! There are things that I just won’t do. Not for anybody. You know the slick deal people who want me to go along with their cons. UhUh. No way. I ain’t going down in their cheesy deals. I try to avoid those types because I always end up cleaning up their mess. I am too old for that. Oh oh I played the age card again!

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