Failing To Act On Your Insight

Have you ever had an idea or insight arrive in a flash? You’re really moved to do something but you simply do not act.

I’ve done this a number of times. I know why I resist. It’s because I often do act on impulse and it irks people to no end.

I guess this due to my having Mars in Libra. I’m famously co-dependent.  Also, a person like me will piss people off socially, as a matter of routine. It’s tiring!

This has to do with leap-frogging ahead. I have Jupiter aspecting Uranus. Sometimes I know things, years in advance.  If you’ve been reading here awhile, I’m sure you seen this happen over and over.

Yesterday, I was driving home from an errand, thinking about a stock I should have bought. I’d had this electric thought, out of the blue sky. “You really ought to buy X…” I failed to act.

Does God send a person stock tips? I’m pretty sure He does if he wants you to be flush for some reason.

I found myself apologizing to God for not doing what was clear-as-a-bell in my head, to do. It’s like that old story about the man caught in a flood who refuses to vacate his home.

Water waist-high, a boat comes by to get him, he refuses to get in it.
The water rises and the man winds up on the roof of his home.
A helicopter comes to pick him up; he opts to wait it out.
Then as he’s drowning, he cries out to, God, “How could you leave me like this?”
“What do you mean?” God, replies. “I sent you a car, a boat and a plane…”

Needless to say, I’d be a sitting pretty right now, if I acted on even one tenth of the opportunities I’ve been given. I really have to ask myself what my big problem is.  That’s what I did yesterday…

How often do you fail to act on your flash of insight, your pretty much know is true?  What did it cost you?

16 thoughts on “Failing To Act On Your Insight”

  1. I have this too.
    It often comes in the form of either pictures in my head or thinking about a specific thing, like ‘you should probably do this or that or check this stuff out’ etc

    The latest example of something good that came out of this is that this way I found my latest job position. I kinda knew there was something about this position. It felt loaded or potent or some such when I read the job ad.

    The most recent is that I should probably buy some more of this special favorite shampoo in that webshop which my scalp adores.
    I didn’t act.
    Yesterday I finally went in to buy it and then it was sold out. Bleep!

    I have jupiter clustered with venus and the sun and mercury in Scorpio. Flashes of luck or just knowing…. Yeah.
    Uranus sextiles my ascendant as well, and also my Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 9th house late Libra. So… There’s that I guess?

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    (First, right now I am so in sync with the content on EE, it is freaking me a bit! )

    Jupiter square Uranus. I also get flashes of insight every now and then! I’ll be laying around and bam, a thought out of nowhere. I also fail to act on it!

    I have been feeling extra guilty lately. I saw this opportunity for a business. I decided this time, I am going to take this to implementation. IT JUST DIDN’T HAPPEN. I feel, ‘lighter’/’can do something apart from transforming 24/7’, for the first time in a LONG LONG time, and I am thinking of trying again. I have lost the first movers advantage, but I can still try right? I hope so.

    Subscribing to this thread. If you progress on knowing what the problem is, I would love to get some ‘insight’:)

    Extra love to you and everyone here! <3 <3 <3

  3. Once in a while I haven’t, but I never found out what I missed. And sometimes I have done the thing and nothing really happened when I did it, so…who knows.

  4. The same here: Jupiter conjunction Uranus, and the Moon in between.
    In Cancer in house 11.
    Now that I am older, more and more I understand myself.
    And now I can see what a gift this is.
    And a difficult one as well. 🙂

  5. All. The. Time.

    I knew, long before there were cell phones, that we would be able to call other people through a headset and no wires. Did I invest in anything? No. I didn’t know how, and didn’t have the money.

    I’ve learned to not beat myself up over it. I remind myself I’m still learning stuff (always!), and thank my angels and guides for their patience with me. LOL!
    And a lot of times, I catch it.

    The other day I reached over to the car radio, and knew the day was coming that I would turn it on and nothing will play. No more radios. No signal. Not sure what that means.

    And yes, Mars in Libra – at zero degrees.

  6. Yes, this has happened to me…One thing I have learned is never to listen to other people about money matters.

  7. I usually act on my flashes of insight and most times they work out. I have Mercury in Scorpio trine Uranus, quincunx Jupiter and Square Pluto. I weigh the pros and cons of it (I have Mars in Libra, too) and if I think there is a good chance it will be good, I’ll do it.

  8. My biggest problem with acting on insight is when I run it by someone else and I let it get all mucked up. I have not moved on a few things in my life that would have proved very beneficial because I listened to someone else. I realize I missed something. Then I have to realize how I’ve lived my life by insight and gotten by by the seat of my pants. It’s the only way to go.

    I am experiencing something a little odd as of late. I know as a natal mars rx, I hold back rather than make a bigger mess when being attacked. Twice in the last few months I was verbally attacked. In the worst way for what I felt was totally unjustified. That projection thing. The two people were on my radar as potential threats but it still hit me by surprise. What was unusual in the two events is that I struck back, let it out. I didn’t plan the thing to happen and I definitely did not plan my response. My flash of insight was what each of them really was, in that moment. The true colors and what I had been letting them get away with. The wonder of it is that somehow in letting it loose I have a complete detachment from the two people. They are in my environment every workday, but it is like they are dead to me. I spoke to someone about it and she said I am fortunate to be able to do that. She too is a forgiving person by nature.

    I am not sure if that is necessarily insight, because in those moments I was on automatic pilot. It was the right moment I suppose and the only thing to do. I am intrigued by this. What happened?

  9. Yes. This kind of happens all the time but I just let it go. I really don’t know what the outcome would have cost because if I did act, my outcome may not have been the same (as lucky) as someone else who did and reaped rewards. If I see a the Lottery amount at a local store has teached a huge amount and I think “I never buy these! I should buy one!” and I get the nudge to buy a ticket and don’t…I feel I will just never know. I certainly had been given the sign too but I’ll just never know.

  10. I have definitely acted impulsively when I shouldn’t and missed opportunities due to overthinking and not acting and trying to decide (Libra) if it’s the right thing. Luckily, sometimes I get a second chance. I seem to make better decisions when I’m removed from the outcome, detached I guess. I’m trying to quiet my mind and listen better and be more discerning but I keep second guessing. I was better at it when I was younger, I trusted myself more.

  11. Hello. Also Mars in Libra here, maybe yes, that’s the lesson now..I also have had this issue on my mind pretty strongly lately, shaking my head at myself as my grandmother would do when she meant; “You should have known better by now” 🙂 Things are (self) unforgivable sometimes, just because ONE KNOWS ALREADY so many things that will come to pass – maybe not in detail, although that also becomes abracadabra when one is in the Moment – but at least a grosso-modo kind of energy that is about to surround things, a kind of logical progression. And I think, Elsa, that in fact THIS is the lesson/gift here. The crux of things. The Being Aware itself. As for having missed on an opportunity, well look up “The Law of Divine Compensation” and that should make one feel much better 😀 Thank you for the synchronicity and best of luck for your surgery.

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    I have Jupiter in Pisces and it is squared by Uranus. My impulses and intuition are usually correct. My 12th house Mars also sextiles it.

  13. Usually I get great ideas for some kind of creative type thing but I am mired in raising young children right now (I’m way outnumbered!) and I forget the ideas just as fast as they came. I cannot wait until I can at least try to act on them. I’m sure this sounds like a cop out to some 😉

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