Eclipse in Aspect To My Moon: Will She Let Go Of Her Blue Suede Shoes?

With the tomorrow’s eclipse in aspect to Pluto (and my natal Moon) coming in, I am purging my closet.

And I may actually get rid of these today… my Nicole Miller blue suede shoes. My platform pumps with the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the heel, which I have held on to for a good long time for reasons I hope are obvious to someone besides me.

In whatever case, I have their picture now. So if I do toss them, I will be able to prove their existence.

Why this is so frequently necessary, I will never know.

Do you have something you just don’t want to part with? What?

10 thoughts on “Eclipse in Aspect To My Moon: Will She Let Go Of Her Blue Suede Shoes?”

  1. OMG, Elsa! Those are ~awesome~ shoes! Keep them, keep them, keep them. If not I’ll take ’em off your hands. 😛

    There are many things I don’t want to part with. But it seems like I lose them anyway – like when a bunch of my photos and papers were ruined when my storage unit flooded. And, somehow, I go on.

  2. I have a pair of shorts I used to wear in Highschool. I keep hold on them because it reminds me of things I must remember. Someday I am going to make a wallbox and put them in it with some of the photos that I want around it…turn them into art.

  3. I keep the cork and cage from the last bottle of champagne– keep it on an iron hook above my desk– until the next bottle of champagne comes along. they’re usually years apart as I only drink good champagne. it helps me remember the night.

    I’m not much for heels wearin’ but those are utterly drool-worthy.

  4. Good god, Elsa–not only should you *not* part with those gorgeous shoes, you should be finding occasions to be wearing them regularly! 😀

  5. I see this is old – but I’m glad to hear that you kept them. It would have been my recommendation as well!

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