Saturn In Synastry: Relationship Glue

Joe vs. the Volcano“I’ve always kept clear of my father’s stuff ever since I got out on my own. And now he’s pulling me back in. He knew I wanted this boat and he used it and he got me working for him, which I swore I would never do. I feel ashamed because I had a price. He named it and now I know that about myself.”
                                               –Patricia, Joe vs. the Volcano

Over the last few weeks I’ve noted people on the boards talking about Saturn aspects in relationship, the good, the bad. I’ve brought up that I think Saturn contacts in synastry are essential for longevity. I couldn’t come up with a concise explanation, though, which always irks me. I just found one in a song, Sixteen Tons, made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford. I pulled one Pluto line out for my last blog, and in doing so I realized that while it has a Plutonian flavor, it’s a totally Saturnian song.

“Some people say a man is made out of mud
A poor man’s made out of muscle and blood
Muscle and blood, skin and bones…
A mind that’s weak and a back that’s strong.”

“You load sixteen tons, and what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt
St. Peter, don’t you call me, ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store.”

It’s about work that never ends. That’s why Saturn contacts in synastry are like glue. That contact acts like a job to do, a job that never ends. You’re working on the relationship. To some that seems like a burden, to others it’s commitment.

Do you have Saturn contacts in synastry? Is it work? How do you feel about work?

Check out the synastry between you and your partner.

24 thoughts on “Saturn In Synastry: Relationship Glue”

  1. Yes – with the Man. My Saturn and Mars which are closely conjunct in Cancer, trine his Saturn in Scorpio and his Mars in Pisces. But I’ve always felt over all those years that I was the one doing the ‘work’! On the other hand it’s always ‘work’ for him to keep any relationship going – his romantic proclivity is constant change as per his Gem Venus and Aqua Moon

    We have a hell of a lot of trines in our synastry chart inc from my Venus, and from my Moon to his Mars

    – but there is a square Moon / Moon, argh

  2. My husband’s Saturn conjuncts my Venus. Most literature describes this as a negative and repressive. I do not see it at all, in fact, it’s very supportive.

    Yes, it’s daily work to keep our communication and our lives in harmony but it’s work we both WANT to do to.

    I have Saturn inconjunct venus natally and my husband is 16 years my senior and we are both amazed that we don’t feel our age difference.

  3. Both my long term relationships (5 years or more) have been to men whose Saturn in Cancer trines my NN/Venus/Uranus in Scorpio and opposes my Capricorn Moon. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. They’ve had what it takes to “anchor” that energy down. With SO, my Leo Saturn trining all of his Aries Stellium (including Moon and Sun), but also loosely squaring his Venus. It did take time for me to start appreciating his very practical Taurus Venus, coming from a long relationship with a flashy Leo Venus (not conjunct my Saturn). But now I think Taurus Venus is “the keeper” of the zodiac, they give their best in long, committed relationships they feel secure in.

  4. Satori – I love that you’re trying to tackle this sticky question…and that you put up the post about mars/Saturn in synastry.

    Candela, thanks for the words of wisdom about Venus Taurus! New guy in my life has Venus/Taurus 🙂

  5. Oh Satori!! Thanks so much for doing these posts on synastry!!! I’m learning so much from them and from everyone’s responses.

  6. My saturn on his sun and his saturn conjunct my south node. A strong sense of fate and karma in our relationship and any sense of heaviness is alieviated by my Jupiter in Aries conjunct his Venus in Aries. We each have heavy family burdens that been been made easier with our relationship.
    I once worked with a writer whose sun was conjunct my saturn. We got through the edit of his book very quickly. Lots of professional respect there too so I think Saturn-Sun conjunctions are a good aspect as long as there is there is some strong Jupiter, Venus and moon aspects to keep the relationship warm, loving, enduring.

  7. Avatar

    Work is a duty to me – in general, things I MUST do, I resent doing. But then, I feel guilty if I *don’t* do them.

    Work has little to do with who I am and what I like (saturn square the nodes, opposition to the 6th house, square the nodes).

  8. love saturn, his glue and maturity hand 😉
    It’s fascinating, at first l was scared by it all but now l feel it does matures what it touches and it’s fine.
    l’ve learned a lot by Saturns ‘hand’ and the people around me, it made it worthwhile being together.
    You might have to adjust and understand the dynamics but l am sure you can deal with the ‘problems’ when you get to understand what causes them and if you really want to.
    Saturn does help to stay together it makes you responsible for one another and makes it harder to loose eachother. l have some saturn connections with all my close friends.
    l just feel you can work with everything as long as you are motivated!(ok l guess you need easy, fun aspects too, that helps :))
    There are diferent strategies needed for diferent types of problems.

    sextile moon
    conjunct mercury
    sextile venus

    conjunct moon
    opposing mercury

  9. @Luna; I’m experiencing that very placement. I can imagine being ground into dust is no fun, but were you able to recoup anything from it for yourself? Like a phoenix?

  10. Me and the bf both have our Suns trining each others Saturns. His is Sun in Aquarius trining my Saturn in Cancer 5.12 and My Sun in Leo trining his Saturn in Aries -4.07. I wonder how this plays out?

    Also…his Saturn in Aries conjuncts my Mars in Aries 7.30 and his Saturn in Aries conjuncts my Chiron in Aries 0.32.

    What are the aspects which represents the “glue” to the relationship?

  11. I just met someone I’m interested in dating whose Saturn conjuncts my DSC. I’m older without having had a marriage or relationship lasting beyond 2yrs. I’ve observed myself (particularly these past ten years- thru my 40’s) doing the emotional work to become capable of commitment and feel excited to create this type of love bond. It’s interesting to see this aspect show up for me at this point in my life…Saturn conjunct DSC in synastry. I’m getting that I’m closer to meeting someone for who the love will be enduring with ……perhaps w/this man in particular 🙂

  12. I experience others’ saturn as stifling when conj my sun-moon
    saturn conj my mercury aggravates my communication issues, making me uncertain in expressing myself in presence of that person

    having saturn conj venus and square moon, I tend to feel very strongly saturn in synastry.
    the more it has worked as an inner dictator for me, the more others have mirrored its energy the same way.up to now, I haven’t met mature men ,which points to my own need for maturing in love
    I’m working to have it on my side, deep commitment instead of beating oneself up, a pleasant side of seriousness.maybe if I havent’ found reliable partners yet(saturn in 7th) I’m unreliable myself.
    I definitely subscribe a plan to have saturn as an ally!

  13. So babt you have saturn in your natal 7th? Does that mean you project/desire that energy onto a partner? I have uranus conj desc. Yikes. I am in a relationship with 12th house moon in capricorn (capricorn asc) with his saturn in Virgo squaring my venus in sag. I have read bad stuff about saturn square venus but am undecided if it’s bad for us or not.

  14. My boyfriend’s Saturn is conjunct my asteroid Juno and my Sagittarius Saturn is conjunct his Sun/Chiron/Mercury. Lots of other positive aspects are in the synastry mix; this new relationship has some legs to it! Yay!

  15. Everything has potential for good or bad. We have Saturn contacts in synastry. My Saturn conjuncts his Sun. His Saturn square my Moon/Venus. We anchor each other for sure. Which is comforting. But with my Venus in Gemini at an inconjunct to Uranus, I get twitchy and smothered after awhile. And his Uranus in the first feels the same. ? Fortunately, we’ve reached a point of brutal honesty in our relationship where we recognize when certain thresholds are met and we *have* give each other space. It’s the only way to survive Saturn over the long haul.

  16. I’ve decided it’s good and bad all the time. Good then bad. My friend teaches me (Saturn) but also makes me feel gobsmacked by his different and way right perspective. I am mad at myself for distancing myself cause of politics. But he teaches me about specifically that.

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