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3 legged raceTwo people cannot get far together unless they both want to go…”

I wrote that for a client. Sometimes the message is just so damned simple. Think of two people with their legs tied together in a 3-legged race. If they don’t co-ordinate, they don’t get far.

Next I thought of the song, “Facts About Cats” by Timbuk 3. You’ve probably never heard of it but I think it speaks to the Saturn in Libra idea that the partner is what this are, no less, no more.

Remember Arie’s immortal words, “A reprobate is a reprobate is a reprobate”? He has another one too. “Motherfuckers are going to do what motherfuckers are going to do.”

This for all you people hell-bent on re-wiring others. Enjoy!  FACTS ABOUT CATS!

I wrote this in 2010,and just stumbled on it.  It’s so funny and so, so true!

3 thoughts on “Embarrassingly Quirky But Whatever – Real Life Love”

  1. if my partner starts ripping up my furniture I’m going to start chasing him around the house with the squirt bottle too. I’m sure it will be every bit as effective as it is on the cat.

  2. @Elsa:) Thank you so much!!! Gotta go to work w/ a yucky head cold so feeling blue and this video just turned my day around. I’m gonna grab another cuppa coffee and watch it again.

    And I do get your message.

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