Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: This Magic Is More Mainstream Than You May Think

Now for people who find all this made up reality scary, I wanted to point out how mainstream it really is. Consider what therapists tell you. “Fake it till you make it,” they say. And, “Act as if…”

The idea is if you pretend (Neptune) something is real (Saturn) it will become so. A person with no self esteem, is instructed to act as if they have self esteem and voila! Next thing you know they morph.

And is this not erasing (Neptune) reality (Saturn) and replacing it will a preferable fantasy (Neptune)?

That ultimately solidifies (Saturn)?

Sure looks that way to me.

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5 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: This Magic Is More Mainstream Than You May Think”

  1. when other people buy into the act, that helps make it real. the facade creates new dynamics. if it is for real inner healing, it takes more work than that, you know. but, it is a start. look at our mass media for a really unhealthy example. geeze, if the news can pump the public into the lovely fear frenzy that we see daily, imagine what a good intentioned act might do.

  2. this neptune saturn thing reminds me of the Allegory of the Cave by Plato. We are only seeing the illusion of reality, not the reality or light itself.

  3. I found this link through the Astrology Art community in LJ. I read all the links since you started talking about the Saturn/Neptune opposition.

    You have explained the whole way that this could be turned around using quantum physics (The Holographic Universe theory which I’m pretty darn sure is not the “official” name for it) and using your personal life lessons and some of your friends.

    I’m literally blown away by your ability to link all these different aspects of what the Saturn/Neptune Opposition means to you and to explain it in such a way that even someone that is suffering through it can see a way to turn it around so that they learn and grow from it.

    I’m going to subscribe to this journal which will be my first time doing so (for an astrological advice blog/journal) because I like the way you see things. Maybe because some of it is because your idea of the dream (Neptune) being reality (Saturn) and vice versa is kind of how I’ve lived my life after I had an “epiphany” in a similar way that you did (I was in the hospital recovering from a hole in my lung, but I was 22 at the time, my kid epiphanies were totally different) that made me look at life from a 180 degree angle different then I had before.

    I won’t go into the details (I tend to do that way too much!) but looking at life in a different way and then realizing I just had to change my behavior to become what I wanted to be in that world changed my entire life.

    I partially have Anais Nin to thank for this (I had the first volume of her diaries with me when I had been waiting in the ER before they made me stay at the hospital), my own self and whatever Divine Energy is out there that sometimes leans over and taps us on the nose and goes “Boop!” (like Alanis Morrisette’s “God” in the movie “Dogma” does) and gives us the answer to why we are here (whether we understand it or not) epiphany.

    Thanks for these posts, it made me think about things like this again 🙂


  4. This was exactly what I was thinking when I wrote my about my talking pigs on the last blog about Saturn/Neptune. Both of those pigs pointed out that I could change my mind and therefore change my world, and it really was just that simple.

    Can’t say I’m not still freaked out by the made-up reality all around me, but that’s because my make-believe world is bringing to light issues I need (stress that: NEED) to deal with. Besides, being a horrendously honest person, all the chicanery outed in what should be venerable institutions (book publishing, the photoshopped images, etc.) is really incomprehensible to me.

    Sorry to make this long(er), but I just had a thought – how is this Saturn/Neptune thing playing out in the political sphere, Elsa? It seems to me like it’s having quite the influence, but I’m just a rank novice after all. Any suggested links?

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