Jealous Woman, Engaged To Be Married & Wonders If Her Husband Will Cheat

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Dear Elsa,

I am engaged to a Leo man. He’s fantastic to me, but he has a very bad temper. Sometimes he says he doesn’t love me, but afterwards he says he didn’t mean it! I love him with all my heart, but I’m a very jealous girl and he says my jealousy is killing his feelings. He says he would never cheat. Do you think this is true?

Is the Leo man faithful physically and emotionally? Please help as I need to know the man I am about to marry.

Thank you,

Dear Engaged,

You’re 19 and you don’t sound even remotely ready to make a lifetime commitment. And I am not trying to be insulting, but offer you a reality check.

First, there are no guarantees. You are asking to be absolutely guaranteed your man will never cheat, or have a feeling for another, and this is not possible because you are dealing with a human being. And even when someone is expressly loyal, they will still develop feelings for people they meet throughout their life. They’d have to be dead and kept in a closet for this not to occur.

Secondly, I am not sure I would call it “love” when you want to take ownership of a person. When you really love someone, their happiness and satisfaction is the primary concern. It becomes more about them than it is about you and this is clearly not the situation between you and your man.

Now his temper may also be a problem, I don’t know. It’s possible you’re just pushing him to the brink and beyond. I know if it were me treating you great, and constantly telling you that I loved you, wanted to marry you and would never betray you and you continued to be consumed with jealousy… well after a time, this would drive anyone up a wall. And if you are relentless in this way, what do you think is going to happen? Eventually the person will leave you just to not be driven crazy on a daily basis.

So you see you’ve got a problem here. And you might want to see a counselor about it. Not him but you, by yourself. See, you need to find out why you are terrified because if you don’t get a handle on it you’re going to lose this man for sure… and the next and the next and next.

Good luck.


5 thoughts on “Jealous Woman, Engaged To Be Married & Wonders If Her Husband Will Cheat”

  1. Oh. I remember 19 (many, many years ago but like it was yesterday) and all that I can remember is how damaged I was from my family legacy. I was searching for something that I had no skills to manage…..a relationship.
    A relationship based on what? My needs (and they were bottomless) or the needs of a partnership? Yep, it was the former. I kept needing validation but not from my mate….from the people who damaged me.
    Engaged, you sound damaged …or just very needy. Healthy people do not get involved with people who tell them (out of anger) that they do not love them. Someone who really loves you would never tell you that in any mood.
    Yeah, you may be insecure, moody, suspicious, needy but that is okay. Maybe you need to focus on you instead of a man. It would not matter if he were a Leo, a Libra, a Taurus, a Capricorn. If the man loves you you know it and you do not have to ask someone if he does….or if he will cheat on you.
    Take heart though, Engaged, because you have fools such as us here at this site to show you the way. I married at 19 to a man-baby who could not commit in any way. He told me he loved me then would leave for hours with his friends doing god knows what….and this was while I was pregnant. After the children came he still could not commit. I hung around for 10 years waiting for that day…..and it never came sadly to say for his sons.
    After divorcing him I remarried for all the wrong reasons….again. You know tha one common thread in these relationships? They both said they “loved” me all the while they continued to hurt me physically and emotionally. I look back on those years and realize I was the one with the problem. My current marriage is to someone 14 years younger than myself and it is the most rewarding relationship I have ever had. Why? Because he is Prince Charming? He say and does all the “right” things? No, because I stopped needing to be validated. I stopped trying to control my relationships. I stopped relating based on my needs alone.
    When someone loves you….you just know it deep within your soul and there is nothing anyone could tell you differently.
    This Leo does not love you or himself….and vice-versa. This is a passage from Corinthians Chapter 13 verse 4-8 (I am not a religious person but I think this is truth). It says it all. Good Luck to you, Engaged.

    “Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, (love) is not pompous, it is not inflated,
    it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury,
    it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth.
    It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    4 Love never fails. If there are prophecies, they will be brought to nothing; if tongues, they will cease; if knowledge, it will be brought to nothing…..”

  2. Yes a leo will cheat you better watch it> Im a leo and i can honestly admit that ive been the cheater in all of my relationships. You have to give us the affection that we disire. We are so lovesble and we dont like alot of rif raf.

  3. I think leo’s in love are faithful. Love being the operative word. If the leo is not in love, they will think of themselves as any kind of cheating is about ‘the self’. Not you. Not the person they are cheating with, but the one choosing it. I can’t say for the other signs, but being a leo, if I’m truly in love regardless of the quirks of my SO at any time, it’s loyalty and faithfulness all the way. They are my world.

    I hope it worked out for you.

  4. im married to a libra man he refuses to give us a another chance he blames me for all our problems takes no fault at all i recently found out he cheated he says he does not feel that he did
    wrong or sorry for how he treats me im desperate what should i do im pregnant and i love my husband i want to save my marriage!!

  5. im a Cancer and i all ways put my self last and that all ways seems to hont me.i lost what i thought was love with a Taurus and now im trying to just have high hopes for my self but that so heard when you put your self last.i found that a person wonts “you” to just be “you” and not a “me and you” what im trying to say is,how dus one put him self first when he wonts to be last?it probably just that a Taurus tore me up,and now im trying to heel.

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