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leperEvery five or six months, I weigh in on this transit.  Pluto moves slowly, so updating twice a year is plenty. I started posting about this transit in 2007. If you read the posts, backwards (tag- Pluto Transit 12th), you’ll see it’s been something else.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this transit. I have not enjoyed looking like a leper (Pluto), but I have enjoyed transcending (12th) looking like a leper, and at this point, I’ve discovered the cause of all that.

I’ve been diagnosed with Lupus – this is the real (Capricorn) root (Pluto) cause of the way I have slowly withdrawn, and nearly or actually disappeared from a number of people’s live. There is a of fatigue with this disease, and loss of control. It’s confusing (12th), and I can put this in simple terms.

If you’ve had good skin all your life and all the sudden, your face (and lips) are covered with sores that you can’t get rid of for months and months that turn into years, is that not confusing?

It’s confusing, but it doesn’t kill a person.  Who’d have thought that the antibodies inside my body, were attacking the healthy skin on my face?

I’ve maintained a social life to some extent, sores on my face, or no. However, it’s taken an effort.  Just imagine it. Going out to meet new people, with your face covered in sores. You sort of pretend your face is not covered in sores, subtly forcing them to do the same? There’s definitively a path of less resistance. Stay home! I chose it more and more frequently as the months have passed.

But now I have this diagnoses and it’s helped me a lot. My skin has been clear for the first time in several years.  It’s not clear now, but it was briefly and it’s nowhere near as bad as it was.  I’m also confident it will be clear again.  I am getting better.

But the old confusion has been replaced by new confusion. For example an anti-malarial is supposed to work to suppress the bad antibodies, without affecting the overall effectiveness of my immune system. Isn’t that weird? They don’t know how it works.

The other drugs they use to treat lupus do suppress your immune system. We’re all familiar enough with HIV to know what that means.

Anyway, I written about trolling the deep like a submarine and this is still the case. I am in contact with few people, and I realized today, that they are talking more to my outline, then they are to me.  They are talking to my approximate location…and this is what prompted me to write today.

There is really nothing that can be done. I am lost, deep the abyss.

I have to take this drug for six months before I’ll know what it’s doing. Slow enough for ya?  Slow enough for ya, Pluto?

My husband (retired Special Forces) was given an anti-malarial drug before he went on missions in areas where Malaria was present.  He said the would start him on them, six months ahead. This is simply how long it takes for this drug to become systemic in your body. So think about that…

Slow (Capricorn) transformation / healing (Pluto), that’s invisible (12th).

One day I had no sores on my face, one day I did. Years passed.  By now, I am known and recognized as a woman with sores on her face.  But then they disappear.  For no apparent reason.

Since starting treatment, I have enjoyed a few days with no sores on my face and I was shocked at how good I looked. I looked like someone who has never had a sore on her face in her life. It’s pretty disorienting, actually. For me…and maybe for others as well.

It’s all so ethereal.

Wasn’t she a leper? She was, wasn’t she?  That woman with the sores?

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  1. Pretty much the same deal here too, just a different illness. Pluto went into my 12th around 1997 until 2010 & I could have written the above.

    But here’s to coming out the other side- leeched, but on the mend 😉

  2. I had Pluto on my 12th house from 3 to 17 years old.

    It was nice that you said the word “invisible” on you post, because that’s EXACTLY what my childhood felt like. It feels like if nothing was real, just a dream, an invisible part of my life. I was an only child, I should have grow up being a self-centred one, spoiled. But no. I matured very quickly, I had responsabilities not compatible with my age. I was having adult conversations by age 9, it feels like childhood didnt exist at all. But in a whole, it was a good childhood.

    My advice would be: pay A LOT OF ATTENTION when it starts to conjunct your ascendant. If possible, buy a house in the countryside and stay there lol. That was, by far, the worst time of my life.

    All of a sudden (I was 14), I started to be bullied in school, I lost all my friends, my school marks went down, my mom called me a coward for not facing these problems. All of these things felt like it wasnt under my control and I could do nothing abt them. Oh, did I say Pluto is natally on my 11th house? house of “others, and groups”. Did I also say that the cusp of this house is the pluto ruled scorpio, and that I have a stellium there? It explains a lot…
    And when it finally was 2 degrees apart my ascendant (16 here), I started having panic attacks from all the harassment I had to face in school, some kind of supressed stress coming out (u know those movies where people are being exorcised? there u have it). I was diagnosed with depression because I had suicidal thoughts, and just like you, my story also involves taking medicines! haha

    The worst moments were when pluto went back and forth on my ascendant, conjuncting by 2 degrees. It spent some 2 years this way. When you have some “phisical” desease, and it shows some phisical damage, and people can SEE IT I guess its much easier, but when the demons are inside you mind and you’re the only one to defeat them, boy… thats the true SECRET, INVISIBLE, hell. What a terrible way to mature. But in my case, these demons were put there, it had external influence.

    By age 18, things were already better, no more medicines, I had faith in life again, went to university, found love. But I still question myself: why? Why there was all this mess? Why couldnt I have passed this phase like everyone else? What was the point of all this? I could have DIED, I was 1 step away from doing it, just like I was 1 step away from shooting people at my school and make headlines (this thought STILL disturbs me, today I’m ashamed of having thought this). But what was the point of it, whats the point of being so close to so many tragedies? I have scars, thats all. No lessons at all.

    We all know that saturn teaches lessons, it turns you world upside down, but you’re left with wisdom. But Pluto…pluto is the real a**hole of astrology. If it was a saturn transit, I’d have lost faith in people, in humanity, in compassion, but then I’d get it all back again, it would have made me a kinder person, who’d sympathasise with troubled people, who’d think before harassing someone, because I felt on my skin what was it like. But no, I’m bitter, I don’t have any faith in humanity, I harass people in every opportunity, cuz I want to “transfer” the pain I had to someone. Saturn transits bring the better you through pain, Pluto is the other way around.
    Saturn is now entering my 12th house, and I’m like “okay, bring it on, you won’t do any worse”. I guess it’s even possible that it’ll change my bitterness into kindness, in a much less painfull way.

  3. I relate so much to this. Skin auto immune disease appeared around Christmas of 2012 with a pluto transit on the 1st House, approaching now the 2nd H. I was on medication for 8 months, tested many treatments and now the wounds are less but I have started developing different type of skin marks. Last week my doctor proposed to test a different medication but feel so fed up with it and I am all the more convinced to attempt alternative routes. I fail to understand if and how this is about regeneration. It definitely made me more humble and introvert.

    1. ” It definitely made me more humble and introvert.”

      Interesting. I can see how it would work that way. I’ve become more extrovert, to compensate, I’m sure. This is when I socialize. But I’ve been so rundown, those times have really dwindled.

      I am beginning to get my energy back. I am definitely writing a lot, which I have not been able to do for more than a year…with no idea why not. Why am I in this well, lol?

      Anyway, I was put on antibiotic (two of them) for 8 months…which did nothing to help me, of course. Just made me vomit, constantly.

      It’s been pretty wicked, the last three years. I am so glad to have a clue at this point..but am looking at a potential new horror.

      That is that my son has Lupus as well. His blood is in the shop right now…we’ll know something next week.

  4. Wow. You said to send questions so I came to the blog this evening to ask, ” I just finished up Pluto in 12th house, what does Pluto in 1st house look like? ” and saw this post. My ascendant is 11 degree Capricorn and 2nd house cusp is 20 degree Aquarius. It will be Pluto in the 1st house the rest of my life I suspect. My 2nd Saturn Return is 9 degree Sagitarius which will add to the mix. End of life issues. I was hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel. But maybe not. I am certainly feeling old and tired. Elsa, remember that you were Elsa with lupus before you were diagnosed/labelled with lupus. You are on a continuum. Wishing you wellness.

  5. best of luck for your son dear Elsa! In retrospect I can now see that extroversion is the best way forward. Your writing is so energized:-)

    1. Thanks! I’ve not felt this good for years. I used to be a gym rat. My doc wants to see me back working out again. I have a lot of hope right now. This just had to be uncovered, and now that’s happened.

  6. I’m still dipping down. That was part of why I wrote this too. I am just not where I may seem to be. Though people always tell me how I’m doing. I think, what? Imagination is a powerful thing.

    So I have to see how things go in four to six months. During which time I have to get my family moved across the country.

    But I am so much better just from ibuprofen. I usually can’t feel the tops of my fingers, or the ring and pinky finger on both hands. Sometimes I can’t breathe. Joints swollen off course. Whole arms numb at times. Hands throbbing…
    I’ve been working like this for years. All of this stuff has receded tremendously. Down from a 10 to a 2 at the moment. That’s why I asked for questions. The more I get the more I want to give back.

    1. PS, it’s so weird to type and not feel the keyboard. I have put up with this for a long time.

      It’s irritating is what it is. But I have things to type, so I type them! 🙂

      Then people write me and tell me I’m ugly. I’ve decided to answer emails like that, “I know.”

      1. See, I just don’t understand why someone would bother writing to someone they’ve never met and say “you’re ugly”. WTF goes on in these people’s minds?!
        I’ve had people in my wider family go through an auto-immune that made their face and body look like this, though it was not lupus, and being close to their struggle was a humbling experience. As in your case, they still have a few scars surfacing from time to time, and they just keep going. They’ve gotten better, but it’s still there, so…
        Elsa, you’re beautiful, generous and a Special Force in your own right – not retired by any means! (No offence to the soldier, it’s meant as a joke.:))
        I hope God sends you, and your family, help in every possible way.
        Thank you for being here.

      2. @Elsa- ………I just think you are amazing. I hardly comment here because my english is not good enough and I usually lack the words but- thank you for sharing. You are the most enlightened kind and perceptive saturn-figure I ever ran into. and I CAN NOT STAND the people that are mean to you online!
        so… you are just amazing. again. thats all.
        Much love and good health…

  7. @stusie
    have cap 11 degree asc also
    so far, pluto in 12th has lived up to its billing:
    illness, fatigue, withdrawal, extraordinary lack of patience for superficial, from a plum to a prune…

    not recommended for the faint of heart. Saturn? ha, that’s a vacation!

    1. Smiles to you. Thanks. I come to this blog to find strength and it never disappoints. Elsa and this group who surrounds her, I am thankful again and again. Certainly enjoy when I receive a smile.

  8. This interesting I still have a scar on my jaw line from when Pluto was transiting my 12th house in the mid 90’s it was the only time in my life I had skin issues on my face. I never put this together before reading your post.

  9. Pluto has been transiting my 11th and 12th houses thanks to those pesky retrogrades. My skin has been breaking out in this rash like acne for about five years now, and I’ve been dealing with chronic migraines, anxiety, and insomnia since 2007. My relationships have completely changed and I’m not really friends with anyone that I use to be close to. It has been an exhausting and painful transit, that’s for sure. I’m glad they figured out how to help you, Elsa!

  10. Avatar
    Michelle Brunetti

    I totally can relate and I know how just HARD it is.
    I this year was diagnosed with Hidradenitis suppurativa (also known as acne inversa) It’s an autoimmune disorder as well, triggered by stress, it usual affects you apocrine sweat glands. This means most commonly people get it on the armpits- I was unfortunate enough to get it on my face. It literally forms tracks under your skin, there is no treatment or cure medically known for this, and I have suffered with clusters of abscesses, epidermoid cysts, sebaceous cysts, pilonidal cysts- all over my face for over year. I went to so many doctors, got tested for MRSA- the works, and I had NO infection. That’s because this autoimmune disorder isnt because of bacteria. It’s really odd. It’s just like your body going ape- shit. What do I do when my body is doing abnormal things it’s not suppose to do? I mean- my body is attacking my face. At first the appearance of it bothered me, but then it became very painful. I can’t even explain the discomfort, its the pain of a boil, but with the constant feeling that my whole face has been injected with melted play dough. Quite horrible. Since there were no “answers”for this disorder, I couldn’t really rely on doctors, I did the all natural route- and faith that it would work. I take a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and ..miraculously. It’s better, not like it used to be, but I feel like its quite close. I have optimism for the first time.I don’t feel like gumpy’s sister anymore.
    I know how hard it is, I do. It’s the worst. I sometimes think about when I didn’t have this condition, and how I took that time for granted. It’s like I under appreciated the value of healthy skin. I wish you the best..and send lots of hugs. There is always light and the end of the tunnel. I look at times like these, as something that is MEANT to happen, even though we don’t understand it until later. There is one thing for sure about times in your life like this, and it’s that you dig deeper. You dig real deep. Soul deep. Although this time has been horrible for me, I am grateful for the internal growth I have had, and the thoughts that I wouldn’t of thought about, if I wasn’t forced to stay inside someday’s.There is a purpose for everything, and your a beautiful person.It will clear up. Have faith. That’s the most important thing.

  11. This post makes me sad. It reminds me when Pluto and Saturn were in Scorpio… 1983
    That’s when I got my auto immune disease. But they didn’t think it was my thyroid. They thought it was a pituitary tumor. They had me scheduling for surgery. My first child was only a year old. It was just bad, dark, bleak and frightening. Turned out it was my thyroid. The antibodies attacked it and it died. I was very ill for months.
    The two big boys (Pluto and Saturn) just hitting my 12th house cusp.
    SO here’s what I can say…because I lived through it. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!
    This too shall pass!

  12. I have had lupus for 20 + years ( well an auto-immune disease that is diagnosed technically as ” Well we haven’t ruled out lupus.” , every time we have tested for another hook to hang it on. No positive ana, but treatments all the same. Anti-malarials ream me, peptides do nothing, and I have opted for taking immuneosuppressants minimally – now that I am older I am grateful for that choice. When I must have them I take them in high doses, but most of the time I micromanage my health and symptoms to control it. “Doctor,Doctor ! It hurts when I do this! (hits you with a rubber chicken) “Then don’t DO that!” It took me a long time to learn to really listen to my body – I had the habit of psyching up and ignoring it while it had the grace to do exactly what I asked it to do! Now I listen to the whispers before it starts SCREAMING at me !This allows me to take minimum meds ( it takes so LONG to ‘come back’ from them too, as well as the flares they treat !) I do take them when symptoms demand it… I like being alive ! For long long periods I am symptoms free, or sometimes just look like it — good right now but my hands are throbbing, lol!

    Quality of life is very good. Its important in the darkest periods to remember that it can be again.

    Hang in there! I enjoy seeing your messages in my mailbox so much, and there are too few wise women around as it is !

    You did do some work for me. I will have to check my transits and houses again and see what Pluto is doing! Should be revealing- I recognize a lot of ‘me’ in the comments too!

  13. Dear Elsa, as always got up and read your blog posts, knowing I would find an insight or touchstone for todays journey. For a while I did it as your astrology is helpful in my life, but now I do it because you are sharing your life as it dovetails the current of the greater plan. Please, as you heal and transform, see the gratitude and prayers that support you. Clear skin is a gift, but your clesr soul is the miracle. My prayer intention is for you to be as you wish. Joy to your day✨✨✨anita

  14. Hopefully it’s not too much longer (years) till Pluto starts conjunting your Ascendant. Whether or not your medical condition improves at this point remained to be seen, but just on the basis of making a prediction I bet it will.

  15. Yes when Pluto went into my 12th house, everyone finally realized I wasn’t faking in being sick. And I had names, for my constant sickness.

    Finally…. I’m free.

  16. I was injured at birth. Smack under my left eye. Hence how I wrote stories for estranged acting siblings I had. Probably on 7/31/56 Pluto started his journey if I’m right. Dancing would have been more productive and correct. Let it be more face problems. Some daunting days with acne. Inherited from Dad. Oh! Mr and Mom. Born the same time of day, amazing. Her on August 5, 1934. A birth injury is as a fateful a risk as crippled by it for life. The evil forceps. Sinatra made good mine was just a heartless hit.
    Really bad vision, unless contacts or glasses. A wonder how a show biz trivial self absorbed family accepts you. Not very well. Have to laugh.
    Be strong Elsa, I wish I checked your post yesterday. A regret I’m facing today but smiling now. Life is full of pit stops.

  17. I turn fifty on November 21, and have struggled with acne since I was seventeen. Due to having experienced some truly painful outbreaks, my complexion is also scarred. None of us can see ourselves the ways others do, and I mean “see” in the literal sense. Invisibility has been mentioned in this blog. Well yes, when you have something on your face that people do not want to see, how does that affect how they experiene you overall? Some people tell me that I am attractive, how does that fit into having an acne scarred face? Some people look at me with disdain and judgment. It is so confusing and difficult. The social and emotional pain of this has caused me to feel suicidal at times, all this and you still have to face the challenges that everyone else experiences. May our vulnerable, hurting skin be blessed, soothed and healed.

  18. Avatar
    Plutonian Daughter

    ahh, the Leper – an all to familiar manifestation of Pluto transiting the 12th. Elsa, I am also an Aquarius rising. Pluto began transiting my 12th in 2008 – I was in junior high. I am black in a predominantly white community which made me stand out and often felt the repulsion of others simply by the observance of my skin. the racism alienation seems like a walk in the park when I look back at the derailment of my social status and others perceived credibility of me as a “normal” person when I started noticing a pattern of foul stenches following me around in 2018. seemingly out of nowhere I could not pin point where these putred smells of decay were coming from and why they were so strong. when I asked others close to me if they smelled anything they would always say no – this led me to think I was insane. some strangers would comment or I’d hear groups talking about how awful I smelled when I was walking by or at work. I started to isolate myself thinking everyone around me was lying to me bc they were embarrassed or didn’t have the heart to tell me I smelled. I lost jobs, hobbies, my high standing reputation as the popular “hot, fun, party girl”. my life got darker and darker as the smells grew stronger with no explanation. my family had moved so I had no family doctor and all walk ins gave me no help – I was so suicidal and beside myself that I probably seemed like a crazy lifeless, aloof mess – no wonder drs dismissed me. I became the “smelly crazy girl” LOL the entire time I had no idea what was causing me to smell so badly or WHERE it was coming from. driven into my own mental asylum I did my own research found the medical medium realized I had SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) started treated for that – smells subsided. developed a strict diet in 2022 and have since experienced much less repulsion from strangers. realized I had many strong strains of strep, epstein barr and bacterias teeming within my body at every turn. have had to work hard to fight against these illnesses to keep myself healthy . 2023 I am seeing an E.N.T. for large nasal polyps that also could be responsible for the smells. would explain why sometimes family + friends couldn’t smell anything. anyway, Pluto is still in my 12th and will be going into my 1st house in January although I’m 17 degrees aquarius so I’m not sure if that means it’ll still be in my 12th for another 10 years of so until it reaches my 17th degree 🙃 *sigh* I have become a hot, strange angel of darkness amongst this transit. as Pluto is beginning to change signs I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as my illnesses, and problems are seeming to be solved. the entire experience has been bewildering and off-putting. there’s much more I could say but you get the just of it all. my smelly isolation period lasted around 6 years! it’s a wonder i haven’t killed myself although I lost hope many times but always seemed to find a new reason to fight. I knew I could mend myself somehow even if I got NO HELP. stomach and nose issues didn’t seem to apply to me as I was in a fog and was attributing all of my problems to bigger/worse things at the time. looking back it should have been the first place to i suspected but I guess that’s just the trickery of the 12th. i wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone as I am still working through the shame and PTSD of experiencing such a thing. I have seen what its like to be extremely sought after and desired by many and also seen what’s it’s like to be REPULSIVE to any and all people within a 20 foot radius of me!! it’s baffling to me that I experienced it and when i think about what my peers thoughts of me are possibly I am haunted but I guess WHO CARES. I related to isn’t she the girl with the sores? wasn’t she? lol. Pluto has shown me a deep knowledge of holistic health – I’m pretty convinced I know all medical secrets now and can point people in the direction of all cures. speaking of that – for lupus you should check out the medical medium! might cure you as it did me. all natural all foods and supplements. no joke! there is hope. I have a deep compassion for others now, knowledge, immense appreciation for self care and a general deeper awareness of myself. not before I was ripped to shreds in the plutonian Abyss though:) let me out LOL now that I have taken accountability for myself I am not as scared of these transits! but I mean, I will not speak too soon as I know i can have My ass handed to me at any given moment again! I’ve rebuilt myself and somehow maintained a semi good reputation (HAHAHAH I THINK)! but honestly I do not care anymore. what I went through felt a christ like experience so when you are brought to those spaces everything else seems miniscule! ready to take my life back with my newfound knowledge. wonder what I did I the past to deserve THAT? LOL I take it on the chin really, if me suffering helps others – I will do it as many times as necessary. it’s brought me closer to God.

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