Fear & Suicidal Despair

despair Maria Konstantinowna BashkirtseffThere are a lot of people discouraged at this time if not flat-out despairing; wondering it they should kill themselves. Yes, this is stark but you know I’m right. Further, it’s not like they don’t have cause!  I mean causes.

Let’s see.  Many have lost friends or family members due to death or the numerous wedges that have been used to divide people and isolate them.

Many have lost their jobs or their businesses.

Many are ill; in many cases, stress is a factor.

Some are just plain aging and it’s not easy.

Many have lost money in the stock market.

Many are just in general, running into a hard wall.

Many are isolated, alone and scared.

I saw this coming a long time ago, tied to Pluto in Capricorn. I’ve updated this post over the last seven years….

Pluto In Capricorn: Collective Depression

What I didn’t see is the pervasiveness of this.  When I think, “Pluto”, I think of depth. Like being in a well.  This is much worse.  I’m sorry, but I’ve decided to spell this out.

Being in a well is one thing.  We’re not just in a well. We’re surrounded by poison. Neptune; an invisible virus?  Better not breathe!

Don’t talk about it. If you talk about it, it will get worse!  Hide your pain. That always works. /s

What about money and your self-esteem?  Uranus!  These things are tied to the internet at this time.  Fake likes and promises of fortune.

What about your mind?  Garbage in, 24 hours a day. Visual content is similar.

You may read this and move to defend against it – that’s not me! But am I really wrong?

We have a lot to sort here, collectively, but also as individuals.  Believing this can be done is probably the first step.

Who can relate?  What can you do today to start things moving in the right direction?

22 thoughts on “Fear & Suicidal Despair”

  1. I’ve been dealing with this by being kind.
    I cook for people, compliment strangers, post funny things on Facebook.
    My intention every morning is gratitude for what I have.
    This sounds very Pollyanna and normally I wouldn’t have kept it up without falling back into despair and doubt.
    But, these times feel like there is no room for self pity. It feels like collectively, those who can muster it, need to stand strong.
    It’s working for me.
    Faking it till I make it and receiving so much kindness in return.

        1. That’s a very healthy mindest. We can’t be thankful and miserable at once. Thank you for making your corner of the world a kinder and warmer place!

  2. I am working hard to help others around me at work and at home. Showing kindness when I’m out in public. Working two jobs to stay afloat financially. Trying to grow food. Every little bit helps.

  3. I certainly can relate to this. I’ve never known a time like this – every single person I know is dealing with awful things. All I can do is carry on and dearly have faith this time will pass.

  4. I feel living authenticly, completely honest with yourself first and to others second is the best way forward, a.k.a. put political correctness in the trash and get real. When you’re having a hard time be objective. Breathe. Realize this is a moment. Ripples of hope start within. Be kind to self, stay grounded in your value/right to be here then I find it’s easier to be truly kind to others. It’s hard at times to put out a positive attitude in hopes of getting one in return, I know. These really are fuzzy chaotic stressful times, so objectively forewarned of it is a huge help to me. That’s where astrology helps.Thanks to all here.

  5. A Moment – A unit of time.

    Within that Moment – Surges of Emotions

    Within those Surges of Emotions – Biological Reactions

    Know that these Biological Reactions are influenced by the outer world and inner world (hormones & neurotransmitters) independently of you as soul, spirit and heart just biological body.

    If you can just take a brief pause and acknowledge that this is a moment and every time that moment comes you will simultaneously do your best to build recognition of that moment as an observer, observing yourself, it just might save you till you gain enough strength through the storm and break though.

    Speaking from one who lost her mother to a 33rd floor jump.

    A Moment.

      1. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts.

        This happened in the late 90’s but I felt compelled to share (even though it is with complete strangers)-I know people are struggling at a very profound level.

        ~ Love

    1. Wow.
      What you’ve written is deep. And in the same intensity of deepness I send my condolences to you and your family.

    2. So sorry for your loss. I hope you find solace. This pain of losing your mother must have been hard. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

  6. Well I’m the guy who wrote months back who has Sun, Moon and Mars smack dab in the middle if not on the degrees of transiting Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus.
    And now I’m FEELING it like a mug.
    The insights and introspect are liberally dosed w/much pain and consternation.
    But the ‘beginnings’ – i.e. cleansings, fasts, exercise, nutrition, meditation and prayer – despite my hand wringing and worry – are helping pull me through.
    As long as I stick with the plans both self generated as well as provided for me I will continue to progress.
    What’s to lose?
    This personal freedom is something else.
    I’m ‘earning’ it so I’m making sure it’s never taken away.

  7. I have been preparing to use this energy and thank you Elsa, for your straightforward and honest take on life, my Capricorn Mercury likes it. So I knew that my sun will progress into Pisces in 2021 and I knew what this means – I have analysed the progression from Sag into Cap and from Cap into Aquarius. I am right there, in the ocean, but with a truckload of experience. I also knew that the 6th house (whole sign is what I prefer) means work and service and detail and diligence – so I wrote that book. The Pisces sun believes ( ;-)) there are more and I can do it. The last weeks were frantic and I frazzled along between tending to a family member who is chronically ill, housework, writing and earning bucks to keep afloat but the vision was to be ready when Aries kicks in. I know about the world out there being scary and people being desperate, my work is trauma-informed. Meanwhile I have somehow lost the fear of death and dying, come what may. I loved an Aries man for many years, he passed away a while ago. He showed me that it is possible to live in the future, even if future means being no longer alive. His Mars was conjunct my Sag Sun, his Taurus Venus opposing my Neptune and his Gemini Moon trine my Aquarius Venus and Libra Ascendant. I did not know all this until after he was gone and it didn’t matter. I have moved on big time since then and much of what I count as my blessings (and others may call luck) is due to understanding my chart and transits. Blessings to everyone who struggles. There information in your challenges that contain a solution. May you find it !

  8. You’re doing a great service by openly talking about these things. It’s so difficult to keep on hoping. One thing that helps me is using Tarot cards. The imagery itself speaks volumes. Helps me to see what’s been covered.

  9. Too many photos of laughing friends on fabulous trips: had to cut back on Facebook.

    News too scary and depressing: had to turn off the TV and watch/read the news only once a day.

    Stock market swings: what goes up must come down, had to practice patience and hope to live long enough to see the eventual rise.

    Spending more time in nature, with pets, volunteering, reading, watching Masterpiece Theatre and staying in touch with close friends/family brings peace. If a real emergency arises, I hope to be calm enough to handle it. In the meantime, I try to know what’s going on but don’t think about what I don’t want. Conserving resources. Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn, with a Scorpio sun.

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