Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces: The Good, Bad & The Ugly

There are endless ways to read the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces.  These are my views on this. I don’t think they’re common. I do think they’re “food”.

Here’s the intro:

Here’s part two – “Revelation after maximum illusion” – Don

Click to see the chart of the exact Jupiter Neptune conjunction.

And here’s my conclusion…

How are you faring with Jupiter conjunct Neptune?

21 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces: The Good, Bad & The Ugly”

  1. This is definitely happening with me right now. I stepped back from the demands of Special Ed teaching (teenagers) and found a wonderful new job – except it’s virtually impossible to do and I have run myself into the ground trying. Various reasons – underfunded by central govt and understaffed by local govt means around 250 children on my caseload (and every child has special needs). After working 60-80 hours pw for the first few months I got run down. After following advice to curb the hours, the work didn’t get done but the deadlines are still there. Stress central! 6 months in the veil has dropped and I’ve realised, it’s actually up to be this way. It’s an institutionalised conundrum – the more cases dealt with means the more children get the help they need, which makes it more expensive for local authorities (I’m UK based, they’re all borderline broke!). Had big expectations for work this year with 10* Pisces midheaven, but maybe Jupiter is just expanding my Virgo Mars? Feeling guilty as hell to let everyone down – children and their families, my wonderful colleagues, but I cannot support this set up, neither morally nor in terms of my mental health and wellbeing. Hoping to find a worthwhile new job and that I survive the 3 month notice period required for this one. Gulp.

  2. For sure, we are all addicts. I think there’s a lot we could learn from the most hardcore addicts who have managed to pull their lives back together. I am inspired by those people.

      1. Yes. I’m currently working with a psychotherapist to unpack my own addiction, trauma, shame, etc. and I intend to share it with the world if I do figure anything out. I’m just not there yet. Still in the early stages of allowing myself to feel things, and honestly I can’t stay there very long.

  3. I think it’s a recognition of a situation as it is but will play out through Pluto in Aquarius and then Pluto. Until then the metaverse will continue to take root and flower and those who “see” it as illusion will try to disconnect.

  4. “we are spending so much time in illusion, that it’s the actual illusion that we are addicted to”………mind blown.

  5. We sure are in illusion – Maya Wheel goes on and on, we got stuck in the eddy current, can not get out, we are fallen out of evolutionary path. And we wake up, first we take a ‘pic’ on a actual world and what happends next? We close our eyes tightly again because we always wake up in the horror and actual terror of actual reality. And we are terrified and we take the most familiar tactic when we are afraid – to run away in illusion, Maya and everyone of us has it’s own fix. The wisest decision is to open the eyes and look and listen…we have to use our senses again, to respond truthfully because the world we are in – we all, every one of us took part in this and only the most brave ones and daring realize the crappy slave system we are in, arrogance, terror and horror of reality – We All Did it, directly or indirectly, because we lie all the time and do not dare to talk to each other…because OMG, if i say the truth they will not like it and get upset, and i will be all by myself,

    lonely…And here we go…many many people are feeling lonely in the company of others because they are sorrounded by really ‘nice’ liars, because nobody wants to listen, they prefer to shut up in the sake of what??? In the sake of illusion that it will just pass over, go away and everything will be all right. No it will not go away and will not be alright if we will not stop lying in pretence for the common good. Well, all this crap in the world is created out of support for the so called ‘common good’. Well without Truth, Goodness and Beauty the world we are in is just an Illusion full of lies, horror and terror.

    Thank you for your videos, Elsa.

  6. Elsa, this is so profound. I appreciate you for opening this portal to seeing what this is about. You are virtual to me, we’ve never met. Yet you are a real energy source in my life. A thought stimulus. You are making me think, making me look at my experience. This is what all the great ones did: Socrates, Plato, Buddha… it’s all about waking up, seeing what’s going on. Thanks for this forum. So so so important.

  7. Superb videos! The veil really is dropping, isn’t it? Everywhere I look, things are being revealed for what they truly are. I’m not even shocked any more. And for quite some time, me and my partner have been talking about how the media is one big, all-encompassing addiction, and we are all sick.

  8. Avatar
    Shimmering Light

    Addiction to media – yes. News and social media. It’s very difficult to find any real news – cue: copy and past job of content, if not headlines. As for social media I’m of the pre-internet/mobile phone/social media generations and honestly often despair at the sheep-like behaviour of younger generations in that respect (cue: the person walking straight into traffic or a lamp post whilst checking their phone).

    Still, got caught in it myself – nothing like first hand experience of an addiction, is there? The day I left Facebook my mental health increased immeasurably. For me the antidote to all this Piscean/Neptunian fog is good old Virgoan discrimination and discernment (quite simple actually, the antidote is always the opposite sign, is it not?). Sorting the wheat from the chaff. That way Piscean attributes can be enjoyed healthily.

    Thanks for the videos, Elsa.

  9. Suffering is why we come here to the 3 dimensional matrix.

    Suffering is inappropriate in the higher realms, impossible actually.

    Like all illusions, it is temporary.

    The illusions are fake and the sufferingis real.

  10. I think the big illusion in the US is that we’re all entitled to the image sold in the 50s… and ever since. “Leave It To Beaver Syndrome” is what I call it. We think just by virtue of being born in the US, we’re entitled to that life, we should strive for that life, that’s the GOOD life.

    It was an illusion then and still is. People are angry and resentful that they didnt get that life, and politicians and advertisers are using that anger for their own purposes. “Put the blame on XYZ… they’re holding you back from attaining the dream.”

    I think the UK had some of this too, that it caused the Brexit movement.

    I hope the illusion completely deteriorates. That life was never real. Chasing an illusion will always end in disappointment. IMO anyway… and I’m a Pisces?

  11. Actually (gladly) I’ve been booted off Twitter.
    It was the last straw as IG and FB had long (2017 and 2019 respectively) been gone and was secretly my desire all along.
    What seems to be happening is these planets languish in my 6th house.
    Myriad health issues/challenges have cropped up despite the illusion of excellent health through diet/nutrition and regular cardio/strength training routines.
    The question for me has been which exactly is the illusion?
    The excellent health or the health challenges lol.
    I’ve come to the conclusion the health issues are the direct result of my own unmanageability w/diet REGARDLESS of exercise.
    The illusion lies in the reality of illness.
    Allopathy basically has me headed to no good at all.
    Naturopathy sez it all begins and ends with me.
    To the chagrin of my medical guy I’ve begun to correct/address – on my own – these chronic diseases in order to rid myself of the illusions of despair and hopelessness.
    Allopathy rarely sides with our own methods of healing.
    They’ll tell you it’s folly when you say things like: “I know my body” or “I understand what truly helps me vs what truly doesn’t”.
    I’m grateful for this transit as it’s been revelatory in helping me achieve a modicum of sanity in the midst of seeming mass chaos n confusion.
    Besides I’ve been duly ‘distracted by the whole Aquarian/Taurus thing. My Sun, Moon and Mars have been smack dab on these early second decan degrees that Uranus, Venus and Mars (and to lesser but no less potent degree Saturn) for at least the last year and a half.
    My plate is and has been quite full.
    Relief FINALLY arrives soon after Taurus (birthday) time.
    As long as I stick to my ‘program’ the hope is mighty and the possibilities seem infinite.
    It’s bumpy but I’m cool.

  12. I wasn’t sure how I fit in this situation till I finished all the videos. I, unfortunately am addicted to my devices, not so much media, but I’m constantly seeking recognition and attention from a new job that I am totally in love with. I am working on my iPad a lot but as I’m working, I’m checking all socials, emails, schedules, taking random selfies and playing with filters. And I hate it. I hate being on it, is that my peak? I know it’s bad for me. I don’t allow my children on any type of device but here I am typing away and watching video blogs. Im very aware of things, however I am stuck inside it all.

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