Fighting For What You Believe In, Projecting Your Rude Behavior Plus Rocky Marciano And Something Ain’t Right In The Milk

rocky-marciano.jpgIn response to Lupa, “Not a brag, just a fact..”

Well… you see the astrology – it’s acute. For someone like me with that Mercury profile to be self-effacing would be ridiculous. And think about it. How could I write this blog if I were even bit different?

But then look at the videos! That is one spacey chick. How many times have you seen tears cross my eyes?

But by God, I have convictions which is why when people come on here to complain, I do not back down.

I try to be polite (Libra) and fair (Libra) but fact is I mean what I say. Let’s break this down..

The 9th house is concerned with beliefs. I have Mars there I am going to fight for my beliefs without question. I will fight for my truth and I will fight for your right to have your perspective (truth) but if you try to attack me or wrestle me down around what I believe, you’re going to have a brawl on your hands and I have some examples.

Remember the gal who wanted me to hate strippers? To denounce them? Well I don’t hate strippers but she kept telling me that I did hate strippers.

“Come on, Elsa. You know you hate strippers… you have a double standard…”


Fact is I don’t hate strippers and I never have. I have mulled about them, I know exactly what I think and feel about those girls and I will be damned if someone is going to shove something like this (their agenda) down my throat. No, I am going to fight.

Fight like a Libra at first (nicely). Fight like the 9th house (produce evidence to back my claim as if in court) secondly.

But if you continue to push me and she did, then the gloves are coming off and I am going to beat your ass into the ground because fact is you are dealing with MARS plus you don’t have a leg to stand on when you are trying to tell someone what they believe!

What is particularly offensive is the whole time, I was defending this gal’s right to believe differently so why am I not extended the same courtesy, hmm? Yet I am the rude one. You think you can tell me what I believe, yet I am the arrogant one. Two words: What audacity.

Yet I am considered audacious. 😉

That’s Rocky Marciano up there you know. Just look at that face! A proud Italian face if there ever was one. I love that! When you come around here to back me down around what I believe it’s akin to walking up to Marciano and telling him you’re going to knock him out in the ring. No you’re not.

Do you realize we have become a society where it is not PC to be Rocky Marciano? It’s shocking when you think about it. You have to be defeated or you’re a lousy bitch.

As the soldier would say, “Something ain’t right in the milk…”

8 thoughts on “Fighting For What You Believe In, Projecting Your Rude Behavior Plus Rocky Marciano And Something Ain’t Right In The Milk”

  1. Man, do I get this!
    A few months ago, I had some friends over and one of them asked to use my computer. I said no, I’d prefer you didn’t.
    Then they did it anyway, and when I bitched at ’em, I was cast as the bad guy. Hello?!? You’re in my home, doing things I told you not to do, and yet I’m the disrespectful one?
    I don’t think so. *eyeroll*

  2. Oh God, you just hit one of my pet peeves. I absolutely LOATHE being told “what I think” by someone else at all, but particularly because they disagree with me. I, too, go out of my way to defend the right other others to determine their own truth without blame or judgement. It’s not only a right–it’s a sacred responsibility in my eyes to seek and live your own truth. It’s an issue I’ve totally put my money where my mouth is in my own life. Yet the idea that I might merit the same consideration can get totally lost as suddenly it becomes focused on propogating one’s own sensibilities and perceptions of reality.

    Merc conj. Uranus and sextile Mars in Scorpio – people who think they know what I think or what drives me…well, they don’t have clue one.

    /end rant. 🙂

  3. To suggest other people what they should think is already wrong, but to tell them that I know what they believe is highly intrusive and an attempt to exert power over the other person. It’s not even about the believe, but about the power behind the believe, that’s want they want. They want other people’s life. I’ve got Neptune in the 9th, so normally Poseidon takes care of them before I can find my knife…
    Here is another curiosity of the same style, someone told my best and lifelong friend “I know Conny would like to have a camera, why don’t you get her one for Christmas?” Now my friend already knew that I would like to get one, and he got it for me as a gift. Shortly after, this someone approached me “What did you get for Christmas?” And I told her I was so happy because I got a camera and would be able to take pictures for my calendars. “Oh you got a camera?” -she said- “You know whom do you owe that? You owe it to me, because I told him to buy you one.”
    She is still running to escape Poseidon’s trident: this Neptune/Poseidon is god of the sea but looks pretty solid and martial, right? It’s a god, not a mermaid…

  4. good grief. this reminds me of the gal i worked with who refused to accept my boyfriend were having sex every day (she asked) and also that we were going to take dancing lessons. she went so far as to say “he’s not a dancer” and man my aries/mars gloves came off!
    “sweetheart he is a fucking dancer and he’s dancing all over my bed and not yours, sorry to be the bearer of bad news!”

    yeah…that went down a treat.

  5. Yeah Elsa, marshmallow – wouldn’t last long in the sea, sharks would enjoy it 🙂

    Kashmiri, I think that’s the game, they start asking like “we’re cool, we’re liberal, so let’s share what’s going on – in your life, because in theirs there’s nothing, nada. They knock on the door with their feet to get in as soon as you open it. And when you realize they’re already in your bedroom and you kick them out and close the door, they are really upset – how could she dare to do this to a “good friend”, so they turn away from you to look for the next life to “share”.

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