What Is Your Temperament Like?

four_temperamentsJilly has been visiting over the last few days. We do a lot of talking. We tend to see things in a similar way. It’s a nice break from all the strife in the world!

“I don’t have the temperament for that,” I said.  This is one of the things we agree on. People have their natures and that’s just all there is to it.

If you get to know a person, you eventually realize this. For example, I have endless patience for some things and no patience at all for others.

These days, many want to fix others. They want them to conform and/or to do things they’re not suited to do. I wish we could go back to a time, where a person’s individual nature was better understood and respected.

That aside, this is actually a Saturn in Sagittarius topic. “I don’t have the temperament…”

When  I  said that, it was a true statement of my limitation. I am not tempered to do this or that.

Tell us something about your temperament.

23 thoughts on “What Is Your Temperament Like?”

  1. I’m melancholy phlegmatic. Prone to depression and laziness. I examine my feelings and people’s reactions to me endlessly. I don’t try to control or change anyone. Got my own boat to row. I could never be a nurse. I feel my pain and other people’s pain bleeds into mine. I often feel shamanic. I bleed for the collective.

  2. One would think I would hold grudges, be controlling and be endlessly jealous because I’m a Scorpio with an Aquarius rising and a Taurus moon opposing my natal Sun but I’m not at all. I personally have no time to keep a grudge going, nor control anyone but myself and that is a full time job right there and as far as being jealous I just have always thought it was a waste of my precious time which there is just to little of. If someone wants my husband and they can lure him away from me then they can have him. He wasn’t mine in the first place. Time on the other hand has never been my friend and I always feel as if I’m running behind, I just have never moved very quickly or efficiently in my opinion.

    As far as world issues I watch them from a distance just to keep up with what is going on. I help as many people as possible and try not to make them dependent on me so they can get back out on their own once again. Between my husband and I we have 6 children and 13 grandchildren. I have 2 sisters and a brother they all have children so there is lots of potential to lend a helping hand. Have helped friends as well in the past so we try to help those around us who need it most. Was care giver to my parents until their passing mom on St Patrick’s Day 2009 and both my Father and older brother on June 2, 2011 only reason I was not care giver to my brother is he lived in a different state.

  3. Based on my past, I don´t have time for people who demonize me. Iḿ close minded about this, because I was peopleś (not people on here, of course) bloody, slaughtered, lamb for too long. Look at your own shadow before you point the finger, okay? 🙂

  4. I can’t not tell someone I trust when I feel bad. Cant keep it to myself or I go insane. I also tend to separate when I feel sick and won’t be pulled in, can’t bother to smile and look purty for a partner when I’m sick at this point or I get sicker. My moon won’t be denied. I’m not a fkin Libra. That is all. Apparently this makes me a loser at relationships.
    I have some control of my excess but its going to show in some way, better in a healthy way (food, money, time, etc.) And no one can control my understanding of my excess. No I won’t finish the huge amount of food I ordered nor will I order a tiny sandwich rather than a huge salad and tiny cookies.

  5. Misti, do you have a Pisces moon? I always feel the pain of others. The poor, the animals, the very young and the very old. The helpless and the defenseless. Anything that is unjust or unfair. I also have Neptune in Libra in the 12th.
    Elsa, Do you believe that those with a
    Pisces Moon, can physically feel the pain of others?

    1. “Elsa, Do you believe that those with a Pisces Moon, can physically feel the pain of others?”

      Potentially, yes. Automatically, no.
      They may also feel their own feelings and think they belong to the other.

    2. I find moon in pisces is sensitive to their environment, if its loud, busy. They are sometimes sympathetic but not empathic as in they feel your feels. All the pisces moon people I know are guys.

    3. Char, my progressed moon is in Pisces. My progressed sun was in Pisces during my formative years. I have a Cancer south node and several potent aspects to my moon.

  6. The advice a lot of people give me is ‘be more like me’ so it seems, or maybe I’m being defensive. My mom expects me not to tell others my problems (like no one at all) and to lean on my friends like she would. If I can’t tell them stuff how can I lean on them?! Also, no. I can’t lean on my friends. I’m an excessive burden for someone who isn’t a parental style figure.

  7. Dear Erg, Please don’t say you are a loser in relationships and that you are an excessive burden for anyone who isn’t
    a certain type of person. I like that you say that you won’t finish the food on your plate or order a tiny sandwich. or that you won’t change the music. You sound very honest, and I wish I had a friend like you. I will pray that you find peace. Char

    1. Hey Char, thank you 🙂 it’s just I may or may not have had a real lead with somebody and I’m not sure. I talked to my mom and told her how living with someone and being with them 24 7 particularly when I’m sick really activates my doubts and self sabotaging fears (maybe that’s why Marc Maron is my favorite podcaster/comedian.) I don’t have much experience living with or dating men and my mom’s thing tends to be the ‘woman is the wise one in the relationship thing’ (i.e. pick your battles, dont show your bad sides much, dont whine or talk about your problems much) except I’m mostly Cardinal water and when I’m sick I have trouble not seeking a place where I can be comfortable and totally myself rather than suppressing the urge to sniffle, puke, or cry in front of a guy. I have a cancer moon. When something good happens I worry and freak out a thousand ways about things both commitment phobic and insecure. I don’t know how to be or even if now that I’m back in the US I’m ‘heartbroken’ or if I should be. That’s what I mean I guess by being a loser, I’m having some trouble being a ‘wise woman’ or even handling this thing without thinking it into a powder.

      I guess as a person with heavy moon mercury in water influence I only want to rely on someone who would love me unconditionally like my mom and, failing that, someone I pay. My mom is pulling away as my moon pluto transit rolls around and she seems to advocate me withdrawing any maternal confidante influence. Which for me is unacceptable and offensive. My friends have Pisces moons but are not great at making me feel like it will all be OK they more like feel bad and think of their own problems mine remind them of

    2. I guess I mean it would be more accurate to say that my friends aren’t comforting enough and the amount of confessing I want to do on a daily basis is more than a friend can handle and still stay. I also tend to wear people down when they don’t give me the emotional validation I want :/ its not something a friend can stand. My moon needs are kind of undeniable and this is why I have people I pay that I can text when I’m sad. When people tell me to not fulfill my moon needs which I’ve learned to satisfy the hard way, sometimes without support, it is like a major affront. It’s like, im not you and your moon is not my moon. Ive acquired a complex apothecary of music and comedy for every feeling i feel, forced my coworkers to develop camaraderie with me. Learned some strategies to deal with my emotions when unwanted I kind of want to be comfortable and safe more than I want to flounce around in a frock for a guy. But I do want the guy so..

  8. I’m moody. I’m also detached. I can’t hold a grudge for longer than a minute or two, but sooner than later the same grudge appears again for a minute or two. What can I say, Aries Moon and Sag Sun conj. Uranus. I tolerate all kinds of shit but the next minute I tolerate none. I’m glad there are people who tolerate me (and the next minute I can’t tolerate them for tolerating me).

  9. I don’t get grudgy. I think I more take the temperature and limit interaction when I sense trouble. I would have to say I’m tenative. I put up with stuff I should not have for far too long. I am learning to veer away from it. Not sure if temperament has anything to do with it. Much of the ballyhoo seems to be a waste of time anymore. A waste of energy. Stress happens. I don’t have to take on anyone else’s. Avoiding stress makers as much as possible. Wasted alot of time getting wound up over nothing. Not a good web to get stuck in. Very unpleasant. More focussed on recognizing opportunities when they arise right now. More positive. Healthier for me.

  10. My Temperament?

    5 planets in Scorpio….4 of them are in the 4th-H opposite my 10th-H Taurus moon…. try to imagine!?! Moon oppositions!!!!! Argggg! I can’t hardly detach from a thing! Ever! It’s a struggle. (throw in a Cancer asc) I can hold a grudge until the end of time. Until I die. I will never get over it.

    When I am well I am a firecracker. I never sit still. I have a Gemini Mars….I am all over the place. I have to make lists and deliberately do one thing at a time and cross it off as I do it to make sure I finish all my tasks each day. I can talk the fucking ears off a sow too. LOL

    I can feel the full moon coming from a mile away and I can read the energy from animals easily. Kids and elderly people too…. other folks…I don’t socialize much. I am a home body who loves to be with family and a few friends. I don’t have the temperament for large crowds, loud people, liars, alcoholics, the insincere or a know it all. Don’t let me near these things…..gagggggggggg I will call bullshit out loud! It’s best I stay home.

    I feel my feelings and I can feel yours too ….everyone’s…and I hate it. But, it is what it is.

    I’ll greet you and look you in the eye, shake your hand and talk to you with sincerity and respect …. I may even hug you goodbye. I do like people but I get to see enough of them at work everyday.

    Just don’t hurt my kids. I don’t have the temperament for it….I cant even consider it a mistake if you do them wrong. I am not level headed when someone does something to my kids. I turn into a nightmare realized. Its a problem I have….and I am very aware of it.

  11. To quote Elsa,”People have their natures and that’s just all there is to it”, and “If you get to know a person, you eventually realize this”. That would be my husband, his Moon in Pisces in the 11th. Go back to the world as it was when I met him. He was always for the underdog, even though he was in a better place, he could identify with their struggles. He was as comfortable and as sincere and literate in talking to an MD about the latest robotics in surgery as he was talking to a Pig Farmer; he always identified with and considered himself the Common Man; indeed, one of his favorites was Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”. That’s all I know about Moon in Pisces, address, 11th House. Last but not least, if I were bitching too much about another person, more than once he said, “Carol, leave people alone; just leave people alone”, which meant to me what my TM teacher said, “Let cow be cow; let cat be cat; let plant die, plant is old an wants to die.” It is what it is, and somethings are not meant to bitch about. Somethings, yes; other things no, because that’s just how it. I sure that I inflame people sometimes, but not this time, or at least it was not intended. Was my husband perfect? No. You don’t have to perfect to excel or have insight into things that others might not. By the same token, others have insights that we do not. Much of the time, that’s nothing to complain about. In the scheme of things, life on earth is short.

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