Find Your Astro-Twin

Interested in finding your astro-twin?

Astro-TwinBase of 17186 people – See what you find.

You can also search for celebrities born on your birthday here – Famous Birthdays

11 thoughts on “Find Your Astro-Twin”

  1. Hey Elsa, would you throttle your astro-twin, or would you invite them to tea and see if you could learn deep and enticing things about yourself that you might otherwise not delve into as deeply on your own?


  2. aww…couldn’t find my astro-twin. Though I did find a few people on astrofaces (I think that’s the site) who had my same configuration, at least with sun, moon and rising signs. Fascinating.


    p.s. I think I’d throttle whoever my astro-twin was. It seems like we’d either love or hate whoever they were, depending on how much we love or hate ourselves. teheee.

  3. I found one in Luxemburg, but I’m sure there must be more. To be perfectly honest though, I don’t really want a twin. Especially not if they’re just like me without any cool differences.

  4. I don’t think there’s even such a thing as a true twin. I think that our individual experiences are always different to some degree, even if we grew up in the exact same environment. So I wouldn’t worry too much about that happening! I think there’s a reason why we’re all individuals…to have individual experiences. Though there are plenty of common areas for all humans (and other animals and even plants) to share in. There is universality and individuality both.

  5. I’m surprised! There were two entries for my birthday. I doubt we are similar in nature, but I wonder if their experiences in life were anything like mine…

  6. Interesting. I have a twin in Singapore and in Missouri. The Singapore one is pretty darn close to my birthplace!

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