The Dark Heart: Using And Misusing Your Gifts

Before we lose the Dark Heart discussion regarding  the bitch and the anti-bitch, I wanted to bring up this other angle.

Most people agree a person can use their gifts for good or ill. I was thinking along the lines of psychic types who refuse to use their talent for material gain. Contrast that type person with one who uses their insight in order to injure people. What separates these two?

People who would not use something like this to injure people tend to have a belief system of some sort. They feel if they were to misuse their gifts, it would come back on them in a bad way.

This leaves the people who readily and deliberately use their gifts to hurt people most likely fall into two categories that I can think of.

One, they may have no belief system. Tthey may believe there is this life, just this life, nothing matters after you die and religion, etc. is for the weak who can’t handle the fact their life is finite.

The other camp would be people who do, “the wrong thing” but justify it. “She did this to me so I can do blah, blah…”

Astrology is my gig and I don’t abuse it. I am not motivated by fear of a backlash though.  I just have such overwhelming gratitude for my ability to read a chart, I just feel like giving back as much as I can. This pursuit keeps me too busy to cause other people problems.

What do you think of this?


6 thoughts on “The Dark Heart: Using And Misusing Your Gifts”

  1. I’m glad you’re still on this topic because I’ve gotten an amazing amount out of it. Thank you!

    I have to admit I’m baffled by the logic that life is finite, therefore there’s no reason not to hurt people. Maybe people do think this way, but seriously? An eternal reward/afterlife is the ONLY reason to behave well? Just treating others decently is not enough reward in itself, in one finite lifetime? I’m not arguing with your ideas (I really don’t have an alternative solution), that’s just my instant reaction to the concept. It’s foreign.

    Thanks for this thread. Incredibly illuminating.

  2. Excellent topic to explore. My core belief system is to ‘do right because it’s right’. Doing right isn’t contingent on reward or fear of being caught doing wrong. It’s a self-contained sense of purpose that sees only one path.

    I don’t say this from a sense of self-righteousness but rather Life’s feedback has shaped me to the point that all that’s left is to do right. Kinda like enduring a blacksmith’s fire, burning off all the dross and getting hammered by life until all that’s left is pure.

  3. I know I’m not perfect or 100% innocent, but at the end of the day I try to be someone that I can be proud of.

    If I don’t have a good opinion of myself why should I expect anyone else to? Personal integrity before ego.

    Great thread!

  4. I had a boss who had a dark heart. Sadly, she was oblivious to her own meanness. She would say the meanest things and try to put everyone down. She was finally canned. When she came to the office to visit, everyone vanished except for me. Despite the fact that she made my life as difficult as possible, I could not be mean or rude to her. She was of the most insecure persons that I had ever met. Furthermore, I had the life that she desperately wanted, a loving companion and children. My sister gets frustrated with me, but I cannot return meanness for meanness. I would rather live well.

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