Full Moon in Libra: April 19, 2019 – Love, Tension, Surprise!

Libra balance shartThe full moon in Libra will take place on Friday morning on April 19th at 29 degrees.  I love this image to depict the the full moon.

Those teeth look sharp! They represent the Mars-ruled sun in Aries.

The pretty girl, poised and balanced, represent the Moon in Libra.

You can see the opposition and most importantly, the girl does not appear as if she’s set to fall. The tension is static.

Can you expect tension in relationships? Sure! But don’t assume anything negative!

Recently, I was talking to someone about the potential of people being partnered with some kind of AI monstrosity.  We hear a lot about this sort of thing;  I think it’s crap.

I told the gal, she would be less concerned if she had watched my son get connected to his girlfriend. He saw her and it was, GAME OVER.  Don’t you think that was stressful!  But now, he’s not even twenty years old. The couple has their own phone, “family plan”.  You can stop humans from being attracted to each other, visually, emotionally, physically, never mind the way two souls mix it up.

Please note, Uranus is involved with this full moon.  Yes, people may split up, but I think the opposite more likely.  Love at first sight.

This makes me think of John Lennon’s line, “Give peace a chance”.  You might also say, give love a chance!

What do you have going for the full moon in Libra?


21 thoughts on “Full Moon in Libra: April 19, 2019 – Love, Tension, Surprise!”

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    Hildegardes Girl

    Alot of communication. My mercury is in Libra in the 1st house. Been talking alot about responsibilities of open and equal communication between a leader and his team. At my volunteer place and on the internet.
    I simply cant stop talking about an equal responsability in this.I believe its the crux of alot of job discontentment out there lately.
    Now I understand why I cant shut up lol!

  2. My Lunar Chart starts the day after the full moon. LR Sun & LR Moon will be in the 1st/7th. In my natal chart Libra is in the 12th house so maybe a hidden or un-hiding of a relationship. Since we also have a transit Saturn – South Node coming up, it’s more romantic to feel the full moon’s energy will be about a soul mate relationship.

  3. Maybe idea what I will be doing but this Full Moon will be in my 11th House! Will be most likely either staying home, cooking and watching a movie, or going to dinner with my ex to celebrate the sale of my parent’s home. Bitter Sweet but the future lies ahead with more opportunities for me on how I’ll live the rest of my life going forward.

    I don’t envy the girl on the rope!

  4. My smart phone keyboard makes up things; AI Schmay Eye! That was supposed to read ‘I have no idea what…” *Sigh*

    Apologies for having to come back and double post stuff…

    1. I’m currently obsessed by the 29th degree, to me it’s like an accumulation of energy that must be expressed, especially the cardinal. By progression of transit, it can be a potent trigger …. enjoy & please update us 🙂

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    Michele Kirkland

    We found out we’re expecting again ? I have my first ultrasound then and this full moon is in my 6/12th house ?? Everything goes well

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    Elsa, what is it about this rarity of 2 Libra Full Moons? (which I believe to be the so called Blue Moon, only it’s said to be in the same month which for me is a mistake but no mistake if month = moonth). How do you see/feel it? Like a Full Moon in 2 installments?

    The Libra Full Moon finishes issues that started 6 months earlier in the Libra New Moon. Is it like a double sealing of the issue?

    Your thoughts?


    1. I personally don’t think this is a big deal. Probably not a popular opinion, but I just look at is as most impacting to people with planets aspecting the degree… what happened 28 days ago, at 0 degrees is not particularly relevant.

      1. Avatar
        Miguel Melchizedek

        Yes of course, observe that I said it concludes things started 6 months prior in the September/October Libra NEW Moon.

        Thank you anyway!

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    Gusti Granzella Boiani

    My ascendant is 22* Libra with Mars conjunct Neptune at 28* and 29* Libra in the first house. The last full moon in Libra had a kick to it so I expect this one will too. Thankfully I am alone while my husband is visiting family. I am planning to move closer to my daughter and grand daughter after years of struggling in this marriage so there will be details to iron out once he returns and we make real efforts to dissolve and resolve our union. So far, we are doing this gracefully. More will be revealed.

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