Boundaries & The Second Saturn Return

Saturn pinkIf people can’t see what you see, consistently, it makes sense to quit telling then what you see. This kind of boundary comes in with the second Saturn return.

You realize you’re older and people who are thirty years younger are operating in a different sphere for the most part.  You’ve got to work to find common ground. This used to be called, “bridging the generation gap”. I don’t know what it’s called today.

As an example, I heard of  someone lying about me. I told one the people who was lied to; a young person, that they had heard the lie and heard the truth.  “If you can’t discern between the two, this is your cognitive problem…”

That was more truth. But the point is to resolve conflicts like these, by accepting them.  There is no use in trying to get someone to understand something they have no will to understand!

Who can relate?

15 thoughts on “Boundaries & The Second Saturn Return”

  1. OMG YES YES YES! I can relate. I’m two years past second SR and it hit me like a ton of bricks, the awareness of this truth I mean. I stand back now. . . . if they ask – sure. if they don’t want to know, yes they are definitely on a different wave-length/sphere. Also those I’m encountering on the third SR! It’s the same deal with them also.
    Awesome truth here!

  2. Yes.
    I have a 4 year old son.
    I’m the oldest in majority of my college classes.
    There’s much I see that I don’t comment on unless it’s absolutely required like stuff on others faces, etcetera.
    Milan Kundera spoke about how people write partly because their family (or friends), won’t listen to them.

    But if someone cannot own the lesson, advice or knowledge, they typically refuse it, or it’s hard to ingest. Right?

    Also worth speaking about is one’s tactic upfront/blunt or an indirect method?

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      Southern Cross

      “Milan Kundera spoke about how people write partly because their family (or friends), won’t listen to them.” This is probably the reason why I’ve begun to write poetry. From beyond my boundary, which is like a great fortress, I can express myself how I like!

      1. Same.
        I used to write because I knew the stuff I had to say was rude and to the bone. So instead, I colored it up and daily in H.S. English class, would speak poetically about my fellow students who were bothersome, odd, funny, gross, or whatever I found amusing.

  3. I’ve only met a few people who recognized this while they were young, early teens. They were very different in manner and personal approach, easy to get along with, not conniving types but keen judgment. (Both died relatively young too… coincidence perhaps)

  4. Ive had better luck with making an attempt to understand the other person, as opposed to trying to make them understand me. I mustve met someone along the way that showed me how good it felt when someone took the time to see it from my point of view, and I recognized that there was power in that ability.

    That doesn’t mean Im going to let anyone treat me like a punk though.

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    Southern Cross

    Amazing; spot on! I’ve discovered, since the first inkling of my second Saturn return, that not only there were people who did see what I could see, but were determined to snuff me out in the process. They did not succeed!
    “If you can’t discern between the two, this is your cognitive problem…” Absolutely. It still amazes me the bs that people are willing to swallow.

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    Hildegardes Girl

    This is awesome heads up
    My saturn return is in 2020 in 5th house of Aquarius for me. Ive stopped trying to communicate what I see so much. When I do, I constantly preamble it saying that its only my perception based on what I see. Alot more humility…and I get tired of the fight anyway.

  7. I find the people who want to learn from people older and younger than themselves, find ways to communicate.

    I have always hung around with people of all ages so I don’t become narrow minded.

    For example, I visit, Mary in her 80’s and know many people of that age.

    But I also hand out with children, teaching a class, the kid band and before that, I had Quirk and Vid and their 50 friends, over at our house, to dance.

    This is a great way (for me) to live. But if you want to do it, you have to accept that people who are decades younger than you may not be even slightly curious about your personal beliefs or what you did when you were twenty! 🙂

  8. I’m right in midst of my 2d Sat return; when Saturn stations in Sept., it’s right on my natal Sat. This post resonates! I find my patterns of communicating with my ‘usual set’ around me (colleagues, etc) aren’t working for me any more. I feel like I’ve shifted and am working to get plugged in in new ways. It’s not that I don’t connect with any group or another, but that I’d fallen into a rut. Resetting myself has been work but refreshing. (Jupiter return probably helps me feel this way too).
    Great post! Puts words to what I’ve been just starting to become aware of.

  9. Yup. I work with a lot of young professionals, and they adore the era from when I was young – punk rock DIY rebellion – but don’t seem to realize I am one of the people who made that era what it was. They talk down to me, over-explain obvious concepts and assume “the olds” are boring and conservative. It bothered me a lot at first but I’ve come to realize they just can’t hear it yet and the bright ones do seem to notice eventually. Meanwhile I use my invisibility to observe their culture and opinions. Then we all have a pleasant surprise. I’m working harder on the second phase of my creative life, I think it speaks more than words. My 2nd Saturn return is coming up and I don’t want to be hit with regrets or find myself in a rut.

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    Mary Pat Kuppig

    My second Saturn return was 9 years ago. Yes, there was a huge slander issue — in my religious community, no less. At the time I took responsibility for my lack of tact in speaking my truth. A sage once said “Good advice grates on the ear”
    A couple months ago, I detached from the group and am now resettling myself. I feel lighter and free to be my authentic self!

  11. I’m having my second Saturn return and I am currently teaching preschool together with a young woman nearly half my age. I learn from her daily, but I know she has learned things from me, too. The generation gap is often amusing to both of us, though I try not ever to use the boredom-inducing phrase “When I was your age….” Guess I’m right on schedule and on point for this transit!

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