Help For Saturn’s Transit Through Your 12th House

I have a long term client; she stays on top of things. I watched her deal with Uranus and Pluto transiting her Moon. No small feat!

She contacted me yesterday because her total rug had just been pulled out from under her. I pulled up her chart to see what what was going on.  Saturn is headed into her 12th house.  This is not the the best or coolest thing to be facing, that’s for sure.

Astrologers have a hard time discussing this transit. It’s concrete (Saturn) value is hard to grasp (12th house).  The astrologer may not understand the transit themselves, never mind having the ability to communicate to the client.  This transit only comes around every 29 years. It’s hard to be all-knowing about something you’ve never gone through yourself.

This gal’s 12th house cusp is at zero degrees Capricorn. It’s an amazing moment, really.  She’s about  to fall into the abyss and there’s a real-life event to mark this.

I explained she was heading into this transit, briefly. The 12th house is endless, but in the process I told her I had this workshop that would help her at some point.  Time melts with Saturn in the 12th house. How else can it become, “divine”?  She wondered if the transcript could help her now.  Good question!

I responded…

“…It’s not too soon. If you get the workshop, it would be like buying a book.  You may read it right away, or pick it up later, or pick it up again and again.  I made the remark yesterday because if you’re actually spinning down, I am not sure it would be a hard thing you could grab onto.  You’re going to be dealing with the ethereal world. I think when people are in the transit, it’s immediately relatable and a great relief. Sort of like going to a doctor and getting a correct diagnosis.  You’re on the brink of this.” 

Here’s the description of the workshop:

How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs And Structure Dissolves

This workshop is designed to help people who have Saturn transiting their 12th house. A lot of people come undone during this transit. If this is happening to you, you’ll find a lot of support here.

The workshop is also relevant to people who have Saturn in Pisces, or in their 12th house natally.

If you have Saturn transiting Neptune in your chart or Neptune transiting Saturn, this workshop will help you as well. Same with Neptune in the 10th or Neptune in Capricorn.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to limit (Saturn) your suffering (Neptune) and benefit from this combination of energies.

If Saturn is transiting your 12th house…

  • You’ll learn exactly what challenges this transit will present.
  • You’ll be given remedies and coping strategies that have been tried and proven by my own experience. In other words, I didn’t learn this in a book.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of it all – this is inordinately important and will help you.
  • You’ll learn to swim, rather than sink, during this very stressful 2.5 year period of your life.

If you have these planets combined in your natal chart…

  • You’ll finish this workshop with a comprehensive understanding of your own fluid reality.
  • You’ll gain insight into the duality in your life.
  • You’ll learn how porous boundaries can for work for you.
  • You’ll learn to work with nuance.
  • You’ll learn how to transcend and avoid disability.

Addiction, confusion, faith and escapism are addressed, along with much more!

The workshop is sixty pages long. It’s delivered by email in pdf form.

Link – Staying Stable As Reality Morphs


“I would get it now, due to my personality. I like to see what’s out ahead. I just don’t want you to buy something from me that seems foreign to you while in a crisis, though I’m sure that eventually it will be helpful and relevant and spare you a lot of grief.

“Grief” in this case means the suffering that comes when the structures in your life erase; the rules as you understand them, no longer are. It’s frightening. The workshop is intended to help you navigate this transit which is trying by anyone’s standards. From where you are, this minute, today, you can see you’re on the brink of something. It’s obvious.  So yes. I would begin to prepare and acclimate to what’s ahead…”

Posting this for anyone else who may be on the precipice of this transit. I certainly understand it, to the nth degree, in every fiber of my being.

42 thoughts on “Help For Saturn’s Transit Through Your 12th House”

  1. I’m in the thick of this transit and Elsa’s advice on how to navigate it—through the workshop transcript and a few sessions with her—have helped me survive and stay sane (well, sort of). She’s given me tools that will last a lifetime, and I am so grateful.

    1. Thanks, Jean. It is a ROUGH transit. Self-undoing…ugh. But I have figured it out.

      I’m in the middle of this transit myself at this point, proving my own methods, lol. It only took me a lifetime to get good at this.

  2. The last time Saturn was in my 12th house, i felt trapped. I was in a relationship with someone who literally trapped me like I was some kind of prisoner. I felt very hopeless at the time. I remember wondering why no one seemed to notice….why no one was rescuing me. I was very young at the time. Only 21 years old.

    1. Feels like I’be been in a fog for the last few years! (Neptune transits don’t help either.) Saturn enters my 1st house for the last time early Wednesday morning. Don’t know whether to be happy or sad! LOL

  3. The transcript of this workshop is a MUST HAVE for anyone being impacted Saturn transiting the 12th house. If you have Saturn transiting Neptune in your chart or Neptune transiting Saturn, this workshop will help you as well. Same with Neptune in the 10th or Neptune in Capricorn. Elsa, as always, is so on point and to the point. She presents a range of excellent real-life examples, offering brilliant insights tempered with her signature humor. She knows it best to take your medicine with some honey. Thank you Elsa!!

    1. I’m here to second that recommendation, kendall. I bought the original transcript when Saturn was about to enter my 12th house … and then, forgot I had. The transit’s definitely one to wipe our memory and lots else!! I was ready to buy it again this morning, Elsa said, “check your hard drive first … you probably did buy it.” I had. I found it hidden in the fog(Neptune) … You’re all about integrity, Elsa. Thanks, I’m needing this transcript AGAIN, and it’s making more sense with Saturn coming up on Capricorn.

  4. Four years ago during this transit, I lost my Mom and it was conj. her ASC at the time of her death (the night before Halloween). Just like the client above, I felt the rug pulled out from under me. There are lingering triggers as well to this day.

  5. I think I need this workshop! Things have been unraveling lately. But I do not know if I’m experiencing this transit, how can I find out?

    1. I’d like to know too because I have this natally (Saturn in Pisces) and in transit (Neptune conjunct natal Saturn), but I don’t feel like I’m going through the stuff mentioned ik the article. Could I send you an email too?

  6. Saturn is about to transit my husbands 12th house in Capricorn. His ascendant is there as well. Saturn in sag will be on my moon Nov 26th, I also have a mars and Neptune in libra . We just found out my husband is being put on palliative care for end stage pulmonary fibrosis. He is my heart, my soul mate : I feel as if I am dying with him. So much for Jupiter in scorpio being a great year for this scorpy.

  7. Well, Saturn’s making its way through my 11th house, and Pluto is already well into my 12th (in early-orb opposition to my moon), so I have no doubt this workshop transcript will prove invaluable to me.

    I was waiting to see which way the Canadian dollar was gonna go, but its progress is not looking favorable, so I’m gonna snap the transcript now while $49 USD will cost me ‘only’ $62. CND. I know from having purchased Elsa’s various products and services before that it will be money well spent (invested).

  8. I have Saturn in the 12th natally, and survived Saturn transit thru my 12th about 7 years ago. My ex and I split and I foreclosed on our house (Capricorn 4th house) .. He had been cheating on me for years but I was too dumb to see it. When I got into a (bad) car accident and realized I could have died and he didn’t give 2 shits if I lived or died, I decided I was done with him. Being the Pluto 1st house that I am (in Libra) I started chatting with a new man, he saw me doing it and ended it. I moved out 2 days later with a roommate I found on Craigslist!! Life took a turn for the best after that!

  9. Hi,
    I went through it, it dissolved many structures I had set in place with saturn in Libra. It was very painful, but I can see that scenario at the time wasnt sustainable. It hurted a lot. It took me a long time to integrate all the lessons. Then saturn entered my first house and the “reality check” has not stopped. I have felt it like me having to grow up and wise up. Right now it is on top of my natal neptune, and I feel it like giving structure to my dreams.. in a way, manifesting them. The previous transits cleared the decks, now I am in Rebuilding work.. with a lot more of backbone and experience. I have also felt many limitations with this transit.. so it is ALL have been a huge mix of neptune and saturnian energies. I also felt grief intensely with 2 relationships that were not becoming “real”, the kind of relationship I want for myself. But I must admit they werent as neptunian in a Spiritual sense (not in scapist ways) as I was.. so better that I didnt end up committed to them. All in All loads of learning. They are indeed tough transits, specially for this pisces with neptune in the ascendant and a stellium in the sign. Blessings,

  10. This may sound choppy or disconnected …but here goes.
    From what I know, Saturn just entered Capricorn this past month. I have natal Cap moon (in 12th house) and Cap Ascendant. And now I heard that Saturn is moving into my natal 12th house. Before that I just knew that Saturn was entering Capricorn, and thought that was a good thing because it’s Saturns home. But now, with the 12th house Saturn/Cap/ my natal moon and Ascendant? I’m not totally clear. From what I’ve read it sounds scary! Last time Saturn was in Capricorn … about 1988/1990 (something close to those dates) I got Chronic Fatigue, had to leave a job, lost my car, had a hospital stay of 30+ days for Anxiety/Depression!! They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me or causing it and said ‘therapy’ wouldn’t help. Towards the end of that period, into it going into my 1st house, I left a good relationship of 8 years and it took me nearly 1 year to recover!! It was mutual, due to geographics! I am much older now, and not sure of my energy/stamina to go through this again … I was in a relationship this past year but looks like that already ended beginning of December, or that’s when the decision was made. So I am alone, mostly retired, live alone and not near family at this time. Only a few friends, not very available where I currently live. I stayed in this area, as I thought the ‘relationship’ was growing … and wanted to give it space to blossom. (Sigh ….)

    I also want to have clarity if Saturn in the 12th and Capricorn in the 12th are the same thing? As stated above, I have natal Cap moon in the 12th … so I’m already VERY sensitive! Thank you so much for any Light you can shed on this. I already feel very ALONE .. the break up has been very difficult as we were best friends and sweethearts 🙁

  11. PS. I am not in my Saturn return. I already had that about 9 years ago and did fine. My first one, I did go through some major life changes, divorce, etc but it wasn’t that bad either. I do feel like my life has been ‘stuck’ since about 1999. Like career and relationships. I left my last long term one (6 year relationship/more like a room mate) in 2005.

    I’m not at all sure what I’m supposed to be doing at this point in my life? I have really done so many things!! 5 years in my life previous to 1999 .. would be like someone else’s whole life!! lol!! I looked at the outline of your 12th house or Saturn in Cap. transcript, but the titles of Saturn Returns and the others didn’t feel like they would answer my questions.. Maybe I need something else or ?? Blessings and gratitude for any help, Elsa ~

  12. I have Pluto transiting the 12th with Saturn…

    Pluto is currently in a 5 hitter conjunction with my Asc
    & it’s also squaring my Sun.
    Chiron is also currently opposition my natal Pluto…

    Is there a workshop for that ?!

    Thanks ✨???


      1. Thanks Elsa.

        Is there a link (do excuse me if I missed it! Everything is being done on the fly at the moment) & what’s the cost?

        Oh… & so do you also have Sagittarius on the cusp of your 12th or are you a later Cappy 12th cusp?

        Muchos gracias!

  13. Saturn will be entering my 12th house in a couple of months. I don’t know if I’d benefit from this workshop. Or would the Saturn in Scorpio workshop be more useful? My natal Saturn is in Scorpio, in 8th house.

    1. The Saturn in Scorpio workshop is super interesting but in this case, I would go with Saturn in the 12th. It is an very challenging transit for almost everyone. That’s why I do these workshops. I have clients in trouble. I can define the problem in 30 minutes but that does not solve it. I needed this “add-on” to be available.

      That said, you can wait until the transit is actually in play and affecting you. With Saturn transiting the 12th (every 28.5 years), it’s a matter of time before you run into confusion, etc. X 50.

  14. Thanks Elsa. I will take your advice and buy the 12th transit workshop first. I was 4-6 during last Saturn transit in 12th so no memory of it. It might help to be prepared!

  15. Thanks for so many comments. I actually felt reliever that I’m not the only one who’s going through a really rough transit of my life. Yes, saturn’s transiting my 12th house and since the time it has entered my 12th house, life has been really dissolved upside down. It’s going terrible. Don’t know what I am doing with my life and where it is heading to. I had lost control over things and I am actually a lot opposite person from how I used to be but I am still nice and conscious haha. I hope this transit finishes soon and saturn hits my ascendent so my life can be better. Are you all feeling the same like me?

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