Using Projection & Programming To Understand & Defeat Your Enemy

Cat enemyI’m constantly gathering data with all of senses.  Eyes, ears, brain but I’m also in touch with my inner feelers, pretty much all the time.

It may sound as if I never relax, but to me this the way to relax.  It’s also the way to have fun and to smile and to laugh out loud.  I realize it may sound crazy but far from it. I’m just a hopped up, brainy seeker with spider-sense-fueled intuition. Bunnies are going to hop. Elsa is going to think.

I love it when things come together, especially when I am interested in all things involved.  This happened recently and I just hope I can explain this well enough to have it understood.

I have been interested in projection for forever.  I have been interested in programming, by the media, specifically, rather than by parents or other ways more routinely discussed.

I’ve also been interested in tactics, prowess and striving to prevail, for all long as I can remember. Case in point, I tried to get my mother to let me go to school with the older kids when I was three. If I were a dog, I’d be pulling on my chain all day.

As you may know, I tended to have to go around my mother, who also would not allow me to go to heaven.   You see how long it took me to decide to dodge her block. One second? This is because I was ten years old at that time. By then, I’d been going around her for years.

My goal was to learn to read and when she would not allow me to attend first grade, I was furious. I opted to teach myself which I managed to do by the time I was four, sheer will, as far as I know.

I appreciate this may be exhausting to read but I’m hoping you can feel how I am trying to put things together. I guess there are puzzle solvers in the world and I am one of them.

In the current day, I have a client who I have a lot in common with. She’s got a sharp mind and big mouth that easily trumps my own.  Still, two heads are better than one!  Further, she plays at such a high level, the small things she might miss can make a big a difference so I’m hired.

This gal has a very large stellium in Scorpio and an Aries moon so she is MARSY!  She’s a psych nurse and this is what this story is about.

I worked with another psych nurse for a number of years.  He was man; Charlie, who I really loved. Sadly, he died a couple of years ago, but he is also part of this story.

It may be worthwhile to stop and think about what this job entails. Charlie was often called to lift or move or restrain patients. They’d have worked him ’round the clock if had he allowed  it.

So the client is in the middle of a serious conflict.  My job is to help her mastermind the situation. If you imagine me licking my lips at this – yes!

We have to psychoanalyze the other players which is her forte.  She tends to go very deep… like it’s always sexual and hey!  She’s probably right.

I am more tactical and one my skills is to be able to see through the other person’s eyes… especially if they’re a criminal, because hey!  Look at my background. I have a very good bead on people in authority as well.  What that’s all about!

I’m also good at considering the effects of transits on an individual as well as the effects on the collective.
Last, I know endless way that energies can be used.

As an example, she is now using a Saturn in Pisces defense which is different from the Mars defense I plotted, two days earlier.  She’s defending as she simultaneously attacks.  Is this wonderful or what?

At the moment of my breakthrough, we were brainstorming the likely thought process and emotional state of the man who has emerged as her main foe at this time. If you want a good defense, best look at the person you’re trying to defend against!

Nurse RatchedI felt that he hadn’t yet figured out who he was dealing with yet. At this point in the game, he’s still thinks he can win and will win. In fact, I suggested he may even think he can’t lose.   She wanted me to explain this so I did.

“He’s got your information.  He knows you are a psych nurse…”

I explained that when a person of his age group thinks, “psych nurse”, they thing of Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoos’ Nest.

She did not like this because she is nothing like that, which was my point.  He’s got her misidentified, but my real point was that this man is in a higher position than Nurse Ratched.

Are you tracking this?  The real person, in their real life, looks at the other real person, projecting a persona on them. In this case, the man feels he has authority over the projected persona, so he’s safe.

This false sense of security is a very good thing if you’re on her side. For the record, her side is the righteous one.

I explained I had another client in her field and projected the the male orderly personalities from that movie, on to him. I can’t tell you how offensive the Ratched person is to my client, but I am aware of this phenomenon for two reasons.

First, I do it myself as I’ve mentioned, but also, what am I? An astrologer?  What does that conjure up? A shyster in in starry clothing waiting to ruin someone from behind a crystal ball?  Nice!

If you are going to use this technique, you have to check your generation.  Ratched = Psych Nurse in my reality. There was another psych movie, Girl Interrupted?

I never saw that movie but if there is a strong psych nurse character in that movie, the younger mind may track to that character, having never heard of my generation’s designated Psych Nurse character.

16 thoughts on “Using Projection & Programming To Understand & Defeat Your Enemy”

  1. The psych nurse in “Girl, Interrupted” is not a main character like Nurse Ratched in ‘Cuckoo”. She’s played by Whoopi Goldberg as a stern but kindly figure who calls Winona Ryder’s bluff by devising her not to “drop anchor” in the asylum (ie become institutionalised as the easy way out), and shrugs her shoulders at Ryder’s diagnosis telling her she is just a “spoilt girl.” There is an element of truth in this. Ryder is insulting and provocative in her manner to Goldberg, but does reflect on what she says. The most memorable character in the movie is Angelina Jolie playing a genuine psychopath. It was her break-out role.

    That little bit of film criticism aside, I agree if someone thinks you will behave in a certain way due to their personal expectations of your job/social position/ sex/religion/anything else, then you really are in a position of strength not weakness, once you recognise how they have misread you. You can blindside them very easily. They think they have your number and they are not even in the same area code. It all comes down to not actually looking at what you have in front of you, and instead studying your imaginary oppo. Wars have been lost because of this basic mistake.

    1. That’s the situation here and I am in a similar ongoing conflict, which I am expected to lose. Expected, not expecting.

      My foe is a liar who assumes everyone is like him. Therefore, when I tell him the truth, he thinks I am lying but I am not lying as he will realize at some point.

      It’s amazing how long a person can run with their delusion.

  2. If your gal’s boss is of that era it’s not only Nurse Ratchet, but the archetype she [partially] represents, a woman given power and sincerely believes she is doing good work, despite the [really horrific] realities. Let’s not mention how those ideals were formed within the system in the first place to be taken on. And I reckon so many jumped on that and threw it at the whole ‘females can’t be trusted with anything’ bollocks. Add the whole change in the industry away from this old fossil’s mindset, he’s setting himself up for an extinction burst. I dare say CJ Jung or RD Laing would be swear words to him!

    Notice how we rack our brains? There’s not really been that female character portrayed since [I may be wrong here].

    1. To clarify this is not a workplace thing.

      I am saying the man holds a higher position / has more authority in this world than the Nurse Ratched character, who does not ever remotely represent this gal in reality.

      Nurse Ratched has authority in the hospital. The foe has a larger group of people under his sphere so when he looks at the false image, he thinks, “I got this”. He’s got the bigger stick, but not really.

      1. oh dear, he *IS* really delusional! Personally, my feeling would be to give him enough rope and soon enough they macrame a gag for themselves. But as you said the delusion, Saturn Pisces. He’s the walking dead zombie. Feeeed myyyy deluuusioooons! It’s not personal, but is when they decide you’re the supposed meal. ha! fools.

        But I’ve noticed that these are so entrenched and deep, their *whole* persona and purpose in this world is/becomes devoted to prop them up. Otherwise they have to look at their inners. And that’s where the real monsters lie.

        All her responses, her energy, no matter how correct she is, is still food for him. It’s all about the [any type of] attention given, to validate his existance. Time to decide are they *really* worth this energy sacrifice?

        1. Avatar
          constance walsh

          Cannot see the inners without the outers.
          Thus, the movies, the world.
          What is that miraculous moment when a person gets that they’re creating their own story? that it has a purpose? that with every pointed index there are three fingers pointing right back at them, and the digit of intelligence (the thumb) toward heaven?
          I’m still waiting for that movie.

      2. re my above, glib comments on whatdo! are too easy to make, esp when there’s professional and community spheres, not just personal being dealt with.

        But I’m still thinking on those characters

    2. Avatar
      constance walsh

      If Nurse Ratchet has the bile rising in your throat, try Joan Crawford in any of her wicked-woman roles.
      This volley has me, a banquet for the restless brain.

  3. I asked the other half where DID all the strong psych nurses go on the screen? they said all the really good psychs became cops. Look at Clarice Starling etc, but also Soprano’s psychiatrist character Jennifer Melfi. I’m more relieved at that, but also sad.

    But *his* character is a poorly written reality of fifty shades of mr grey or whatever, but actually thinks himself heath ledger in “10 Things I hate about you”. Because it is all about his 14y/o dick negging the nerdy hot girl to wear her down to put up with him. Not just subdue, but subjugate. We wont even go into the whole women in uniform trope. Who has time for that shit?!! lol

    Masochist: Hit me! Sadist: no.

    The pair of you together frankly is dangerous 😀 we need more of it!

  4. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you and your client talked – damn, this is the reason misogynistic men fear women. Strong energy I am sure!

    Thanks for the reminder. It really is true what you write here. These people will only ever be wrong, and when they finally wake up, it’s too late. Scorpio will be miles ahead.

    *Strong Scorpio stellium here*

  5. I find that movie (girl, interrupted) was a role suited to them, considering Whoopi Goldberg and Winona Ryder are both Scorpios.

  6. Avatar
    constance walsh

    The word ‘generational’ perks me up, with Astrology scattered here and there.
    When drama is high the story is the only real.
    Emotional sobriety in between scenes allows for introspection, analysis, brilliant observations and dot-connecting. Actually, you young’uns lose me and I thought I was so quick.
    For illumination, generational and Astrology are inseparable, at individual and all levels, but the personal is more useful.

  7. I love this kind of post, Elsa! I find it so fascinating and want to know more. I wish I could contribute, but truly enjoy just “listening.”

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