Holy Progressed Stellium In Libra!

holy stellium in LibraI wrote about progressed charts in my newsletter today.  A gal bought a progressed chart report.

I found myself staring at this huge stellium in Libra, pictured.  Can you believe that? In the first house, no less!

This just goes to show you what can happen when you’re not paying attention.  Can you imagine how this might play out in a person’s like. They just slowly become…LEEEEEEEEEbra.

24 thoughts on “Holy Progressed Stellium In Libra!”

    1. this was mine and all I can tell you is that I want justice in our political system and I don’t want to fight with anyone,ever!!

  1. My 10th house in the progressed chart slowly became SCORPIO over the years and I never noticed. Just seemed like I became more guarded at work. My progressed Venus in Libra (also 10th house) may be the only reason I’m capable of doing the socially graceful dog-and-pony show my employer requires of me. (On the inside, I’m gagging, LOL Cause I know the show boils down to dollars and cents. Heads on beds. Whatever.)

  2. Wow. I just checked my Libra sons progressed chart. 5 planets in Scorpio. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter. Mostly 10th house.

  3. Mine are all in Sadge, I discovered when I got my report. Sun Moon Mercury Venus. Venue and moon same degree at the moment. What a hoot 🙂

  4. I can relate on the progressed Sun/Mercury. My Sun/Mercury is at 29 degrees Virgo right now and I’m currently transitioning from the shy, mutuable, practical, mundane, methodical, logical, practice-makes-perfect, natural/earthy way of self-expression and communication into a more of a cardinal roller coaster Libra way of life of scales tipping back and forth, fighting for justice, only doing things if its fair and no beating around the bush when it comes to relationships, getting rid of relationships that serve no purpose, saving relationships if they mean anything, mediating other relationships, etc. It’s a total new sense of self and its only Sun/Mercury. I can’t imagine dealing with any other additional Libra planets!!

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    windy harrison

    I am October8..LIBRA hear my roar!!! I don’t know if any one else has went three this fire with me but dam it’s been a change. Iv looked into hell and found a piece of heaven and brought it to earth..it’s been a hard year but good..I’m strong now..I will have my good life or else..this world needs to change..there r good people get n hurt and the heavens won’t allow it anymore..goodluck to all..but it gonna need more then luck. LIBRA RISING!!!!!!??

  6. I met a girl with a Libra first house stellium, very pretty and lithe but with very few boundaries but also twenty one

  7. Similar to my Father’s natal chart Libra Sun, Libra rising five planet stellium in Libra in the first house. He is very stereotypical Libra

  8. Are we supposed to look at the progressed chart in isolation, or against the natal? cos if I look at the progressed chart alone, everything falls in different houses, painting a completely different picture.

  9. My sister has Sun, Asc. and Merc. in Libra in the natal chart. She is extremely codependant, meaning she lives to tell others what they should be doing, thinking, saying. It’s as if her life didn’t suffice.

  10. Kate Middleton, married to Prince William has Libra stellium in the 1st. although, cap sun/cancer moon. I thought the libra stellium in 1st is very telling though, due to her needing to partner up.

  11. HI Elsa,

    I also have a stellium in Libra, in the second house though in my natal chart. I’m very Leeeeeeeebraaaaaaaa. If that makes any sense.

  12. I’ve got a packed first house stellium in libra in my natal chart. Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. The Uranus/Pluto square has been all over it.

  13. I know a guy with a Libra stellium (5 planets and 2 asteroids) in the 2nd house, including Moon and Venus and he’s a serial monogamist. And yes, he works for a living (2nd house) in diplomacy (Libra). Isn’t it funny how much insight astrology gives us into the biography of people? Lol

  14. I am just really learning to read my chart..and in comparison to others it’s magnigicent..
    I have 4 planets in my 12th House of LIBRA…
    I am a Sun Libra and Rising Libra…
    There is also a Grand Trine in my chart…
    I would really love to know how all of this energy can be advantageous to me…
    Anybody, Somebody..
    Insight Please!!!

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