Synastry: Can We Trust Each Other?

trust coupleWhat can we expect with exact aspects in synastry like this:

– Aqua Venus trine my Libra Pluto
– Virgo Pluto opposite my Venus
– Aries Mars opposite my Pluto
– Virgo Pluto trine my Capricorn Mars.

To me it sounds like we are equally on fire and equally on guard. Can we trust each other?

Gal in Slovenia

Hi, Slovenia.

I don’t think trustworthiness can be seen via cross-chart aspects and I’ll explain.  Let’s say a person is cheater. They like to cheat, they like to juggle relationships. No matter what the aspects say, this person is going follow their bliss if you will.

On the flip, a person can be a “never cheat in my life” type person.  Aspects won’t make a person like this cross lines they’re not interested in crossing, for whatever reason.

The fact these aspects are exact makes them very powerful.  What I’m left wondering is, why is she concerned? Does he have a history? Does she have a history?

I’m not asking you to answer this. I’m suggesting you answer it for yourself, because there is something to unearth there, for sure.

Now could the Pluto oppositions create jealousy and possessiveness? Of course. That’s a given!  But it has nothing to do with “betrayal”.

Case in point, my husband and I are jealous Italians. Either or both of us are fully capable of attacking you, should you insert yourself between us.  Till death do we part.

Can others weigh in?

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  1. Yes, this makes sense to me. I am a never-cheat type and there’s no synastry connection that’s gonna change this bull.

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