How I Use Astrology To Enhance My Performance In Life

double pinochleNotch wrote on Ruining Your Life With Astrology:

“I am really interested in how astrology has ruined these people’s life. I know there are bad practitioners like in any profession. From buendia’s. comment, it’s a fear thing? Scary? And yes like weather it’s always in motion so there is uncertainty?”

“Ruining” is the word I chose to describe the negative impact / outlook.

This is about reading charts (online) in person and observing how clients take a different view. Having the chart available during a consultation has a giant impact. I’m scrolling around with my mouse to identify what I’m looking at and why. I’m convinced this is a great way to raise your chart-reading skills, dramatically, in very short period of time. Thirty minutes!

If I were a pessimist; fearful or glass-half-empty type person, this would be a bad idea. But I am not that type person so what you get is POTENTIAL no matter what chart we’re dealing with.

I think this comes from my serious card-playing when I was a kid. It was life or death to me, but I did LOVE the game. Especially pinochle. But anyway, you’re dealt certain cards. It’s always exciting to pick them up and see what luck or not-luck you’ve been dealt. I get the same feeling when I flip to the next chart.

Cards in hand, you get to decide how you’re going to play them but the game is dynamic. Other people play their cards around you, so you’ve got to modify your plan for you hand as the game changes due to the actions (and luck and non-luck) of others.  This is exactly how life is lived, but if you use astrology, you get to see your hand in advance.


But it’s not a GIANT ADVANTAGE if your cards scare you.  So I’m very serious about what I’ve already stated. If astrology harms or cripples you in any way, I’d cut it out.

6 thoughts on “How I Use Astrology To Enhance My Performance In Life”

  1. If it hurts, for whatever reason, just stop. That seems reasonable. Unless one is masochistic. Or it’s an addiction. Then not that easy. Not that I am addictive personality or snythong like that. ?

  2. Oh boy! I bet that’s a barrier you hit!

    You know I can’t say that ‘“i believe’ in astrology like I can’t say I believe in anything. But it sure is a helpful tool. Am in a perspective shift at the moment. Yet another.

  3. I see a lot of folks in forums who seem like astrology does more harm than good. You know, people who are convinced they are doomed, their kids will grow up to hate them because of synastry, and so on. I’m glad you’re bringing this issue to light. Astrology is meant to be a helping tool, not to play up fear.

  4. Elsa, I love your saying “planetary energy is neutral until directed.” Aspects, that at first glance appear quite negative, can give you the initiative to get things done. These “negative” experiences inevitably offer invaluable life lessons.

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