Ruining Your Life With Astrology

moon lunarI’ve had a few people hire me to look at their Lunar Returns with them after I mentioned I’d discovered I have the ability to create a cohesive story using these monthly charts (see Speed Read). I’ve been looking at Lunar Return charts for so long (going on 30 years) that I don’t have to think about what I’m doing with them.

This works best if the client can see the chart. If they can pull them up – fine. Otherwise, I’ve been getting on Zoom and sharing my screen. Some interesting things have come out of this.

Most notably, I’m seeing that people don’t read a chart the way I do. It’s not that they read it wrong. They just scare themselves.

You can look at any chart, any time, anywhere, for anyone or anything and you’re going to see something problematic. If this is what you’re seeking, you will find it and if you run with it, you’re going to run yourself right over a cliff!

We do not have astrology so we can ruin our lives with it. It’s supposed to help.

Looking ahead at Lunar Returns is akin to going over the itinerary for a trip. Let’s say the trip is a cruise and you will be stopping in several ports. You don’t read something like that so you can expect to have a horrible time; you read it so you can choose what to pack, avoid stress, and maximize your enjoyment.

Even if you have a stack of harsh charts (which would be rare), running through them should still be a positive and worthwhile experience. If you do use astrology to ruin your life, I’d try to stop because it’s no different than any other form of self-harm.

If you’re interested in tracking your personal Lunar Returns, I sell the reports at a low cost, especially if you purchase the full year – thirteen months.   But how do you use astrology? Does it create angst in your life? Or does it benefit you?

7 thoughts on “Ruining Your Life With Astrology”

  1. I use a astrology as one uses a weather report. Sometimes there’s rain, sometimes shine. Sometimes it’s monsoon season, other times a brilliant Spring. Sometimes it’s a bitter winter or a hurricane. But in winter or a hurricane, you’ll learn who and what matters. And the monsoons bring incredible growth to even a barren desert. That beautiful Spring might leave you with some allergies, but that’s usually an easy trade. Knowing the weather allows you dress for the occasion, or prepare in other ways.

    I wonder if people would worry less if they began to view astrology as simply a weather report, instead of something that makes things occur in their lives. Planets don’t make things happen, they show things that happen. That’s been the most important distinction for me. Astrology doesn’t make things occur, in the same that a meteorology doesn’t make the weather, or a clock the time.

    When I meet someone who’s worried themselves sick with astrology, I remind them of life without astrology. Things are always happening and they’ve made it this far.

    1. Thinking more about the weather, there are usually breaks of Sun even in the coldest winters, or wettest monsoons. And there’s rain or a too hot sun in springtime. There are moments throughout that remind us that this winter will pass, or to enjoy this stretch of spring while it lasts. It’s helpful to know not to put the winter clothes into storage just yet (but to enjoy the mild week or month), or that it is definitely time for the summer dress.

  2. For me, it’s a clarifier. It explains what does not fit in the lines drawn by the norms and overall justifies my uniqueness, as we all are unique. It has been good for self acceptance and awareness of strategies I have developed to survive in physical existence.

  3. I am really interested in how astrology has ruined these people’s life. I know there are bad practitioners like in any profession. From buendia’s. comment, it’s a fear thing? Scary? And yes like weather it’s always in motion so there is uncertainty? One of my most interesting experiences was early on reading a used Virgo book where the previous owner had highlighted all the positive things about Virgo. But I would imagine the ruined want to know their future safe and secure, not how they navigate life?

  4. I learned to understand astrology, differently, over time. First, as a young woman I wanted someone to give me a lay of the landscape of the present, and the future (Buying charts for months at a time sort of approach). Heavily Scorpion and Saturn with dramatic Leo aspecting my natal chart became a learning thing … for decades.
    My level of understanding and using what I learned upgraded when I started coming here, to ElsaElsa. A major Neptune transit for both me and my husband washed us out. Two water signs later in life, the navigational character of astrology has become a daily tool I incorporate with my cultural practices to really be who I am in all the changeable weather conditions of spirit, heart, physicality and mother/grandmother. It all times together, and functions well when I see myself as a garden and not a machine.

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