How The Media Programs Your Life

We’re slowing becoming aware of the media’s power to program our lives via music, films, memes, pictures, ads, gaming, etc.  How hard is it buck this system? I’ve been wondering this.

Over the years, I’ve mentioned the profound affect that music and some movies have had on my life. With Venus square Neptune, I easily absorb whatever is being broadcast.

I grew up with men chasing women in movies and in song.  The men of my generation received similar programming. Relationships are considered important and worthwhile.  Love was thrilling and partnering was presented as a path to happiness.

I became the kind of woman, the male artists I admired, admired. It’s kind of funny and stupid but I  feel fortunate in this regard because there was a way to have it work out.

Younger generations have been inundated with doom and darker themes when it comes to love.  Someone is going to cut your throat ’round every corner.  If you fall in love, prepare to be ruined in every way imaginable.

I wrestle with this because some people I consult with can’t fathom how partnering would solve many of their problems.  It doesn’t even occur to them, there’s a true “better half” out there. A soul meant for their soul.

Recently, I’ve started listening to my old music. I came across another Nick Lowe song, “Mess Around With Love”.

Lowe is trying to fix a relationship. In trying to persuade the other, he mentions the knowledge theyr have in common. You can’t just go to the store and buy love. Love is precious so we best work this out…

I heard this song and many like it, many times.  There’s no doubt I was programmed by music and while I’m not thrilled with the idea, understanding this might offer a key.

Do you feel disempowered? Do you feel your life is off-track or messed up?

It’s possible you’re being programmed with messages that create these feelings and I’ll tell you (at least one of the reasons) why it happens: People who feel miserable spend money.  Yep. They go out and buy things.  That’s enough reason right there for marketers to put you and keep you in a miserable state.

If you can understand what I’m saying, you might want to consider what media and/or what messages you’re consuming.  If you’re being led, are you being led somewhere that will ultimately benefit you? Or is it the opposite?

You decide! But I suspect, if you listen to positive, encouraging, fun, happy or hopeful music, it’s good bet you’ll begin to morph into a person with these qualities.

It’s sort of like, “you are what you eat”. You’re also what you see and listen to. With enough repetitions, whatever is put out there becomes your beliefs and you don’t even notice. Once you believe something, it’s very hard to alter it unless it be your will.

Are you aware of being programmed?  How do you feel about the track you’re running on?  Have you made any effort to change your programming?

36 thoughts on “How The Media Programs Your Life”

  1. This made me smile. My parents were married over 65 years till death did they part. Although they were both hard working salt of the earth types there was an aura of those powerfully romantic 1940s movies about them. Can’t cut that with a knife.
    Myself I like the PBS mysteries and some of the older detective shows on the other channels. They always get the bad guy and everything is resolved in the end. And I find biography show interesting because they are always about interesting people. I tend to watch human interest movies because they can take me deep, give me something to ponder or open my eyes. As far as news, it goes round and round so it’s good to check in with the nighttime comedians for a fun take. I don’t know that I am programmed but feel I should read more. That is what I need to fix. Willa Cather and DH Lawrence collections are on deck after I read Primal Feast which I think is about foraging. Like how do squirrels remember where their nuts are. Jacket looks like she has done some work around cell memory. Anyway, need to unplug and read but that is still escape.

  2. Yes, inspite of the seemingly overwhelming amount of negative media, there is an abundance of positive media available to us to influence and affect one’s mentality. Once you start looking for it, the Universe shows you even more.??? This is not to bypass what is considered negative, but the feedback loop is very alive and real. Being mindful of the media we consume and being vigilant as much as possible is so important.?

  3. I quit watching all TV and listening to all radio 1/1/90. I was in 4 choirs prior to covid – and I do live in music – but I make it. Music was stolen from all people – we all have it within. Just because one person reads better, all people should only let the ‘stars’ read??? Once, if all people , by law, were forced to sing and dance (not meat market dancing) everyday – we’d have a better world for people would at least be happy and willing to work out their differences. I call the Mind consciously shaping humanity into their IDEA of a Farm Animal to raise DEMONIC.

      1. Thank you. I’ve been a fan of yours every since I learned of stelliums. A few years now. Ready to move to a red state…can’t mark time any more! I watched what they did to Seattle – almost all my friends escaped it before covid hit. We’re going to have to have a BC and AC – again. Before Covid/After Covid – how apropos! I hope your back is better. I had 8 vertebrae break after receiving a couple of bone growth shots..I know about pain. And joy. sigh. Abrupt Changes. That is the main theme in my life. always. Many. Thank you for all you do. I’ve learned alot and I love where you come from.

          1. Wow!!! that is good news. I am so glad to hear it. Seems as if everyone is having complications of something anymore.

  4. I remember hearing the song Lucille.You picked AFine time To Leave me Lucille. We considered these lyrics Shocking …reprehensible…. four hungry children and a crop in the field. It had an impact I couldn’t imagine how it could be. There was much discussion at the diner my mother ran.

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    James Slattery

    Loose square Venus 6th, Neptune 8th. I totally am programed when it comes to ideal romance and sex! Real life isn’t always smooth so I have to chalk that up to experience and live with it! I am human.

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    I internalize the messages in movies, which is why I stick with the old classics. I’d take 1950s brainwashing in movies – I don’t mind being told to have a wholesome nuclear family. 2021 brainwashing is a different story.

    Anyone remember the string of Zombie movies and shows in the last 10 years or so? And just movies with a common theme of pitting you against another group of person, or your neighbor, and whatnot. These movies teach us to fear one another. Hollywood and big govt seem to have the same motive.

      1. I understand how one’s first impression, (depending on which episode you land on) of The Walking Dead might lead you to think that it only pits you against the group. But the overarching theme of the series is the strength and triumph of human connection despite the zombies and the more destructive human tendency to splinter and take advantage of each other’s weakness. Through-out the series the idea that you only survive as a group and when people try to isolate themselves:

        “Everything is about people. Everything in this life that’s worth a damn. It couldn’t be just me. It shouldn’t be just you.” Character–Morgan

        1. I think it’s more manipulative. They stick a message like that in the middle of horrific violence that hits every few minutes, desensitizing you to such things… but also traumatizing you are on a deeper level.

          I don’t think people realize the overall impact of being inundated with murder and mayhem, ’round the clock. And it’s all made up!

          1. I can’t say what the intent of this show is in terms of Media Manipulation but do find it inspiring. Ironically several of the episodes focused on the children growing up in this zombie world and their violence de-sensitized state. I watch it because I find the human themes of self-sacrifice for the greater good, the qualities of effective leadership, forgiveness, and the perseverance of the human individuality and individual will in the face of horror exquisitly portrayed through out the show. There is a tremendous amount of violence. I don’t feel traumatised by it. Maybe because those other themes are so present for me.

            1. For example there was this one show that the phrase “my mercy prevails over my wrath” was woven throughout the show. The main character wants…needs to kill this epic villian type who killed two of people in front of them in a horrific way. Rick’s son, who has just died has been trying to get his father to see that there has to be some room left for redemption if they are ever going to rise above mere survival and really rebuild a civilization. That great battle of mercy/vengance/redemption was the dominant theme not the zombies.

  7. Yes indeed…9th house Neptune trine 4th house Venus here. As a child I soaked up a hollywood movie every Saturday afternoon. Consequently had ambition to live a romantic, glamour life gambling in Monte Carlo! Life crashed eventually when transiting Neptune squared natal Sun. No place to go but up and found a spiritual path. Still careful of the vibe in music as it can thrill me and pull me back. These days careful what movies I take in and even more careful of music. Actively avoid news broadcasts, radio, newspapers and folk who email dark happenings. My antenae alert me to what I need to know. I call it ‘ keeping my head above the sewerage.’

  8. Great article! I didn’t realize this had to do with Pluto-I thought it was more Neptuney. Is it a transformational thing, rather than illusion?

    Remember that old book from the 70’s, “Linda Goodman’s Sunsigns”? She asserted that however you wanted your Leo girlfriend to act, take her to a movie where she’ll copy the lead.
    I was shocked-because it was true!? I absorb movies and music, and became really picky about female leads and happy endings after that.

    I thought it was more about Neptune conjunct my ascendant, rather than Pluto conjunct my sun.
    Yes, my Spotify lists are mood based: Fun, Happy, Doodle, Road Trip, etc. Since I’ve done that, I’ve paid off my credit card.?

    With Mars and Venus both signaling in Leo, I’ve found it really helpful lately, to Intentionally counteract media with joyful,playful memories like remembering my Kid joy of summer vacation, to
    get adult stuff done today. I make myself switch to Christmas in July or Hopeful makeover shows, instead of my knee-jerk, beloved news and cop shows; because I get more done when I’m happy.
    Last night, feeling especially negative, “coincidentally” after back-to-back murder mysteries, I remembered that Bible passage, which really helped:
    “ whatsoever things are good, whatsoever things are true, pure, good report, etc…think on these things”
    Your article makes me see the potential for those of us with Leo Plutos to really help lift a whole generation by consistently posting or publishing strong, playful, solid joy content. Thanks!♥️

  9. Hey yanno my life was saved by Rock ‘n Roll… so many ideas and voices combine to communicate the personal reality of the Individual…Uranus in Leo … Thinking for yourself should be considered the gold standard for consciousness….The machinations directing us to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse have succeeded by a divide and conquer strategy with music and media, religion, politics, and consumerism. Look what a generation ( or seven) of Weinstein and Disneyians have done to our children. I am reconsidering my position on Manilow…..

  10. Great column, Elsa! I totally agree with your thesis. Just this weekend, I decided to listen to my old CD’s in an effort to brighten my mood. Happy, danceable music does the trick. And severely cut back on watching TV news.

  11. I stopped watching the news several years ago!
    Couldn’t stomach all the angst, the depression (it was during the financial crisis in 2008), and quite frankly – I read a sh*Tton of romance novels with a happy ending since I was a teenage girl.

    Maybe that’s why I kept a firm belief in my own happy endings. Believing that through pain came peace and blessings. I feel sometimes “rainbowy” and that’s when all my happy nerve endings are dancing jitterbug.
    Oh. I also listen to a lot of songs with good vibes – no rap and gangsta music for me thanks.

    I have come to the conclusion about life, that people are energy. Thus, SoMe is energy.
    I’m a Stellium Scorpio.
    I deal in energy and its transactions.
    When I sense that a medium is feeding me “bad” energy (negative vibes, discussions, sexist and rapist content, I shut it down and remove it from my phone. Protection of my energy as I call it. Your timeline is the energy that feeds you. If it’s happy energy,you feel good.
    If it’s negative, MeeToo-we-are-afraid-of-men and men-are-abusive vibes, I leave the app. Will not buy into this notion.
    You think like the content you read, your feelings are affected by the things other writes – and thus is your energy and mood.

    I protect my energy as good as possible. Otherwise my health WILL suffer!

    1. I agree with your perspective that everything is energy/vibration and that it’s a matter of discerning the energy within a person, thing, message, place, whatever it may be and choosing if we want to interact. A matter that complicates protecting our own energy in this way is that we have parts of our self that are deeply traumatised and resonate with what we might deem ‘negative’ energy and perversely are attracted to it (albeit often unconsciously), rather like an addiction.. we are attracted to it because we seek to understand that part of ourselves and integrate it into our sense of who we are more consciously, this is a step towards finding a more whole sense of self identity. Reflection about how negative energy relates to us inside is essential, accepting our own low vibration (anger, hurt, shame, guilt, etc). Over time, with healing, the attraction to this energy externally slowly dimishes as it resolves inside – at least by accepting how we truly are, I don’t know if we ever truly shed these emotions as they are part of being human. As an optimist I see the outpourings of negativity in the media as a sign of our attachment to negativity having the chance to be made conscious, especially human fear which we really should aim to rid ourselves of. I think we can turn this human self destructiveness around but it has to be done at the individual level to affect the collective. We have to believe through actual experience (rather than intellectually) that love is stronger than hate. These years are a testing ground for that hypothesis.

  12. Same is true with Vacations. I’ve been desiring to GO somewhere that will make me HAPPY. So many click-bait photographs that show the perfect sunset, the perfect view, the perfect moment the whale is leaping out of the water. The promise (or allure) is that I can have THAT perfect moment if I rent your hotel room or visit your beach.
    But in reality, there are many many many imperfect moments that come first before I even have a shot at THAT perfect moment…uncomfortable airline seats, sore feet, jet lag…all in the craving for a single perfect moment of happiness.
    Its kind of a lie. Or an exaggeration at least. Life (and vacations) are a mixed bag of relax and stress, beautiful and ugly,luxury and discomfort.
    But its the “Perfect Moment” that sells.
    True for relationships, too?
    “If only I had a partner, I’d never be lonely again!”
    The media sells this discontent and relieves it by selling us happy endings.

  13. I’ve always been a secret romantic. Love romance books where people live happily ever after. I like to think that things will work out right. (Neptune textile my Sun.)

    But today’s themes are very dark. Once upon a time good triumphed over evil in movies, now the movies are all dark and show utter hopelessness.

    People absorb this depressing atmosphere and take on the aspects of darkness and decay.

    Excellent post. ??

  14. One of the best stay-together songs, Sade’s Hang On To Your Love.

    Take time if you’re down on luck
    It’s so easy to walk out on love
    Take your time if the going gets tough
    It’s so precious
    So if you want it to get stronger
    You’d better not let go
    You gotta hold on longer
    If you want your love to grow

  15. This is profound, Elsa:
    “It’s possible you’re being programmed with messages that create these feelings and I’ll tell you (at least one of the reasons) why it happens: People who feel miserable spend money. Yep. They go out and buy things. That’s enough reason right there for marketers to put you and keep you in a miserable state.”

    Also maybe people who feel miserable tune into programs that encourage them to hate others who have worked hard and are doing well.

  16. I like this fine article!

    One evening, some years ago, I was looking for a detective to watch on the telly. Zapping around I saw women being abused on every channel. Kidnapped, hit, raped, yelled at, mutilated. I realized that if one was planning on hurting a woman this was the place to learn how. I realized that detective I was wanting to watch was about hurting women too. I realized I was being programmed. I quit watching.

    In 2020 when the governments press conferences came on, my mind could not stop thinking about masks, masks, masks etc. I realized I was being programmed. I shut down my television all together. I am happy!

  17. I’m becoming more and more sophisticated on this topic. I am aware of messages with double or even triple meanings. Really, you’re being groomed by whatever you watch or listen to. It’s always been the case but it’s blatant at this point.

    If you can’t see it and you want to, ask the universe to drop the veil for you – allow you to see what you’re missing.

  18. Also, don’t get your truth from a liar which means you have to learn how to spot a liar. That’s the key right there.

    If you do learn to spot a liar, you’ll realize you’re surrounded with them. But this is the only way to flip the script.

  19. It’s eight months later and my knowledge about these things now runs deep and wide. Unfortunately, this makes me even more of an outcast, however I have also come to understand my plight in that regard and I fully understand I will never be able to merge and go mainstream.

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